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The Important Of Maintenance In Every Building Construction Essay

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This topic of study which is assuring efficiency in building maintenance practice is to make a several research on how the management want to achieve its goal in every building that has been manage by them. As we know, the important of maintenance in every building can be proving because without a well maintenance of the building, it may decrease the value of it building. That is why, we can see the need of the building maintenance nowadays. It is also because, in the new technology era, tenants were much demanded and as a management corporation, they must fulfil the need of every tenant. Tenant will choose the building that can give them the high security, so they can live in the building safely. From the report of committee on Building Maintenance (British), we get that there are several significant in building maintenance which is 1/3 of output of the construction industry is based on the maintenance work. Then, 40% of labour cost in the construction industry is based on the maintenance work. It is also important to ensure that the nation’s stock of building, production and accommodation was used as effectively as possible. It can be classified that there are three strategies that must have followed by maintenance Management Corporation to bring efficiency in the building which is preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance and predictive maintenance. The three strategies must be executed regarding the problem in the building so that the management corporation will use the suitable strategy of maintenance.

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Maintenance is the process that has been done to prevent the deterioration in the building whilst also to repair the damages in happen in the building. The damages happen in the building when some part of the building cannot functional well. There are many types of damages in the building such as the electric system, water supply, floor, roof, the drainage system and wall. This problem might be solving by doing the building maintenance to repair or to restore the equipment that cannot functional well. The problem occurs in the building will affect the tenant in the building, that why the maintenance process is very important to make sure the tenants feel convenience and safe to use the building.

Building maintenance usually practice in every countries and it is very important in every development to have maintenance management. In general the meaning of building maintenance is the work done by someone who expertise to keep the building maintain and to make sure that every part of building is well improve. In order to maintain the building, it also wan too keeps the value of the building and to upgrade its services and surrounds. The building maintenance also necessary in this country because by carried out the maintenance in the building it will maintain the value of the building, safe for resident who live in the building and the building can be used for extended period of time.

The process of efficiency in building maintenance practices must be concern because building maintenance is very important to make sure that the building is well maintenance. The process of maintenance of building is to make sure that the all the facilities in the building is functional and give convenience to the users in the building.


Assuring efficiency in building maintenance practice is very important every because without efficiency in building maintenance, the operation of the building cannot be functional well. There are many advantages of efficiency in building maintenance such as many problems will be avoided if all the work done by the building management is efficient and follow the standard and the guideline provided.

Firstly, in efficiency of the building maintenance, to make sure that the building maintenance is efficiency, the management can use the planned management. There are two type of planned maintenance which is preventive and corrective. Planned preventive maintenance is the work done directly to prevent the failure of the facility and amenities in the building in order to make sure that the facilities can continue operation. We can schedule all planned work so that the maintenance work will go smoothly and can ensure the damages can be monitored by the anticipate staff. This type of strategies is referring to the planned maintenance and it is perform with a predetermined plan at regular. By using this he preventive maintenance, the maintenance can be planned and perform when it convenience to the building users. Then, the advantages use this type of strategy maintenance is can reduce the maintenance cost by avoid the cost of consequential damage. The health and the safety of user can be improved by using preventive maintenance (Raymon and Joan, 1991).

Secondly, to assuring the efficiency in building maintenance practice, the management of the building should perform the accurate cost estimating to certify the lowest cost for the building maintenance. In determining the low cost for the building maintenance, the management of the building should accurately track the costs of all maintenance work. The maintenance management also can use the in house resources like to do the maintenance work so that the cost can be minimize. It may cause higher cost if use the external resources to solve the problem of damages in the buildings and it may take a long time to resolve the entire problem. Then, to make the building maintenance is done efficiently, we must maintain a proper level of material and spare parts to make easier to repair the damages equipment.

Then, the maintenance of building also can perform in daily operation. It can be very efficiently building maintenance practice because it will maintain a proper presentable facility. The external parts of the building will be done every day by the staff in charge in that time. The cleaning service of floor for example, must be clean every day in order to bring a good image to the building itself. Furthermore, the regular inspection also and maintenance also can be practice to detect the deteriorated building element. By practice the daily operation, it will overcome the inadequate maintenance in the building. So that the building will be efficiently maintain in daily operation by the building management.

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Besides, to assure the efficient building maintenance, the management should monitor the progress of all maintenance work done in the building. With the monitoring by the top management, the employee who was responsible to done the maintenance will focuses on their work. When the worker are very committed to the heir work, the facilities and the security in that building will be maintain and the user in the building feel comfortable to use the building safely. Every building want to maintain it value, that is why the needed of efficient building maintenance practice in every building. The image and design of the building is the one important characteristic that must be concern because the building can be differentiating by the design itself. The role of building maintenance is to support the operation of the building. It may cause many problems if the building is not well maintenance.

Furthermore, in order to bring efficiency in building maintenance practice, the management should concern about the tenant in the building. There are four categories that must be concern by management which is in term of tenant impact, tenant need and tenant participation. The management must spend the money in ways that give advantages to the number of tenant who live in that building. By spend the money in a good ways the tenant will participate in building improvement effort. In maintenance the building, the need of tenant is very important because if there any damages happen in the building if may burden tenant who in the building. For example, if there are problem such as crack of the floor, the management of building maintenance should be able to manage this problem quickly because want to satisfy the tenant needs. When the management of the building can satisfy the tenant need, it may affect the tenant to pay the service charge to make easier to the management to execute the maintenance work.

In addition to keep the building in efficiency building maintenance, the management should keep all the record for the previous record of the maintenance. It is to make easier to the management to refer and there will be easy to detect the problem happen in that building. The building management department also must develop checklist of a task of the work done, so that it will be more efficiency to maintain the building. Besides that, the management should find the right maintenance mix. The maintenance mix is usually practice in strata corporation and the management was adopted the three type of maintenance strategies and it will distinguish the percentage for every type of building maintenance. For example, for the corrective management they assume that it 40% of the assets, then for the preventative maintenance is 50% of the assets and lastly, for the predictive maintenance is 10% of the assets.


As a conclusion, maintenance and repair is very crucial part in every life of the building. The building maintenance practice is needed in every development. It is because the building needs to be well maintained in order to retain the value of the property itself. Furthermore, the building also will continues fulfill it function and will give the convenience to the tenant and occupant in the building.


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