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Suspended Ceiling Construction

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Advise the client on the selection of the proposed ceiling to be installed in the public exhibition space on the second floor where the suspended aircraft exhibit will be display and the raised access floor solution will be constructed in the offices on the fourth floor.


1.2 Suspended ceiling

A suspended ceiling can be defined as a ceiling which are fixed to the framework and suspended from the main structure thus forming a void between the two components.

The functional requirements of the suspended ceiling are:-

  • Constructed on a construction grid preferably a 300mm dimensional system
  • Resistance to impact and wear
  • Durability to the change in climate and temperature
  • Conforms to the building regulation code and fire rating of internal products
  • Provide structural fire protection to steel beams supporting the concrete floor
  • Provide acoustic control as it relates to absorption and reverberation properties
  • Provide any sound and thermal insulation
  • Easily constructed, repair, clean and maintain

1.3 Arrangement showing a typical isometric drawing of the suspended ceiling grid.

1.4 Sound absorption

Acoustic control is a very important aspect of control for the museum of aviation building. The absorption of sound and the control of reverberation should be of heavy concern.

Decibels level in the exhibition hall can reach a high of approximately 41 decibels. However, the acceptable decibel levels for and indoor environment like the museum of aviation exhibition hall should be < 50.This level of control is acceptable .Acoustic material can reduce the decibels level up to 1 decibel which is and significant reduction in term of sound reduction. The following diagram shows the reduction in sound due to absortion

1.5 Design Aesthetics

Design aesthetics for the museum of aviation is normally with the client’s expectation of the requirements of the performance of the ceiling, and the client has three performance factors that they are expecting the ceiling to perform. The clients has indicated concerns in lighting, ventilation

The final appearance for this ceiling, and to allow integration of the clients requirement depends on the type of material used. Surface finish depends on texture and colors.

Cavities to allow the incorporation of the HVACs system and the accommodation of electrical and mechanical services.

1.6 Maintenance

So design that an adequate means of access is provided to the void space for maintenance of the suspended system, concealed services and or lighting fittings by maintenance personnel

1.7 Integration

For successful completion of this ceiling for the museum of aviation exhibition hall, interaction of the other building elements needs to be considered.

Element that need’s to be incorporated into the design of the suspended ceiling is lighting, sprinklers system, diffusers, column rings. Proper synchronization of these elements is very important

1.8 Sustainability

Due to the increase awareness of getting people to think green and increase attention is being given to green building and sustainable design, especially as it pertains to the quality of the indoor environment and the present of volatile organic components (voc’s) within it.

Without the use of air conditioning system to maintain the indoor air quality to a control temperature and comfortable surrounding ventilation systems must be used. The use of artificial ventilation system should be heavily discouraged. Cost benefits are highly achieved from the use of natural ventilation systems.

Being environmentally friendly for the client in this construction of the museum is a very important milestone in today’s working market

Armstrong ventilation system and the suspended ceiling will be used in the exhibition area of the museum building. This system allows the use of natural ventilation. Therefore reducing the use of artificial ventilation and the high cost associated with it.

2. Raised access Floor System

2.1 Introduction

Raised floor system were developed in response to the high-tech boom of the 1970s

The raised access floor system will be constructed in the offices of the museum of aviation building.

Generally floors are to provide a level surface with sufficient strength to support the imposed loads of people and furniture, provide resistance to fire and a correct finish type of surface to receive the chosen finish.

For the museum of aviation office space the Tate’s medium duty access floor system panels incorporated with a commercial fire proof carpet to integrate with the other parts of the building and office wall and ceiling finishes.

2.2 Design Aesthetics

Floor finishes are usually applied to a structural base but may form part of the floor structure as in the case of the floor for the museum of aviation offices , access floor system are non structural components. Most finishes are chosen to fulfill a particular function, and client’s taste and style such as

  • Appearance-mainly chosen base on there aesthetic appeal and effect but must have some wearing properties
  • High resistance-chosen mainly for their wearing and impact resistance properties and for high usage areas such as kitchens and offices.
  • Hygiene -chosen to provide an impervious easy to clean surface with a reasonable aesthetic appeal.

2.3 Integration

Integration of the floor system and other supporting elements of the office such as ceiling, furniture’s and wall finishes need to be coordinated to enhance a constant and pleasing aesthetic look throughout the museum. Material selection should be closely coordinated with the client’s expectation and the required final finishes. Tate’s floor solution provides a wide variety of colours and finishes to fit any design solution.

2.4 Sound Insulation

Noise is produce by vibrating object which cause tiny particles of air around it to move in unison. These displace air particles collide with adjacent air particles setting them into motion and in unison with the vibrating object. This continuous chain reaction creates a sound wave which travels through the air until at some distance the air particle movement is so small that it is inaudible to the human air.

Taking this into consideration transmission of noise and improvement the acoustic comfort in the office and other parts of the building can be achieved by the reduction of vibration.

Vibration can be reduced or eliminated by adhering to the following

Selection of the adequate flooring panels and thickness

Distances between the floor joists

2.5 Fire protection

Fire is every one business, just as safety is every ones concerned. Interior finish is subject to a wide range of building code requirements pertaining to fire. The combustibility of an interior finish material is rated by testing the flame spread of the surface of the material. Therefore the combustion rating for the museum of aviation internal finish should be rated zero (0) on the combustion of materials scale. Tate’s floor solution is zero combustible hence our selection of it use.

2.6 Durability

Strengths of material is and important part in the durability of any material. As it applies to the floor panels, the durability depends on a number of factors which is as follows.

Size of the floor joist

Thickness of the floor panels

Composition of the floor material

Distance between the supporting pedestals

All these factors will determine the dead load, imposed load and the superimposed load that the floor can carry; Tate’s medium duty or heavy duty panels selected for the museum of aviation office floors have these performing characteristics.

2.7 Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance in general to any component or system is surely the life span of it. Raised access floor systems maintenance is limited to cleaning of the floor surface on a schedule maintenance plan.

In the construction phase of the raised access floor system, maintenance should be incorporated from the design phase to allow service technician the ability to access their cables and all other data or telecommunication line, via access panels non-destructively to the floor system.

2.8 Recommendation and Conclusion

Appraisals of various raised access floor systems were conducted, but after careful consideration the Tate’s raise access floor system is the most suited solution for the office of the proposed museum of aviation building. Tate’s floor system is light weight and ease to handle. The panel is also 100% interchangeable and the frame on which these panels are constructed has an excellent grounding and electrical continuity.

Tate’s floor system is also completely non-combustible and has very good anti-static properties. Load bearings capabilities for various load requirements

Manufacturers’ portfolio

This manufactures’ portfolio contains information on the products and components that are incorporated into the raised access floor on the fourth floor and suspended ceiling systems on the second floor in the proposals for the museum of aviation building

1. Raised access floor system

Your clients and tenants expect your guidance to design and spec workspaces that accommodate today’s technology and environmental issues as well as tomorrows. An under floor service distribution system provides a state-of-the-art solution to the complexities of HVAC, power, voice and data cabling systems, and the customary limitations these systems present to building owners and architects charged with meeting the ever-changing needs of building inhabitants.

With Tate’s Interiors as your trusted partner, you can demonstrate to your clients that you bring expertise to the table to:

  • reduce construction cost;
  • provide flexibility in future re-configuration
  • save unnecessary costs involved in moving walls and internal wiring, cabling and HVAC systems;
  • reduce lost productivity and speed revenue generation as tenants and work teams more quickly move into upgraded space
  • provide high-technology solutions utilized by the world’s leading technology brands and most sophisticated companies;
  • introduce underfloor systems that enhance the beauty of the work environment;
  • expand floor-to-floor space for more attractive and up-to-date interiors;
  • provide “green” office environments for better air quality;
  • improve the comfort level of individuals as they work; and,
  • allow tenants to adapt cost-effectively as technological advances change the ways in which they must work.

Our access floor systems assure strength, stability and efficiency, which substantially contribute to a building’s structural integrity and value. Every system component has been designed, developed and rigorously tested to ensure that overall performance exceeds even the most stringent international standards.

Architects and building owners have relied on tate’s Interiors since 1975 to assist in their client needs assessment, design cost-effective custom solutions, provide the highest quality installation that doesn’t result in a call-back, and maintain their raised access floors to maximize its wear-life. Excellent project management and scheduling enhance you and your clients’ experience of the world’s most renown high quality access floor systems.

And you’ll appreciate the broad range of choices you can provide your clients with Tate Access Floors. You’ll find high-end finishes for executive offices and boardrooms, attractive design choices for lobbies and other public spaces, as well as highly functional options for call centers and telecom and computer rooms, including:

  • Steel
  • Carpet tile
  • Wood laminate
  • Marble
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl laminate
  • Glass
  • PosiTile

Additionally we work with architects and building owners to bring their computer rooms and other areas into ADA and OSHA compliance, from consulting and planning to retrofit and installation of new flooring systems.

The pressure is on you from all directions, a reality we understand. We know that as general contractor, you’re expected to bring design concepts into reality within time constraints and engineering limitations, not to mention tight budgets. So every supplier you select must get it right the first time, from delivery of goods to picture-perfect installation and clean up.

You’ll appreciate our track record for performance excellence, from a thorough needs analysis that prevents work interruptions and change orders that cause costly delays for you, to highly trained and experience crews that know how to work safely and productively to install underfloor systems that create the look and high functionality your clients expect. Of the 7,000-plus jobs we’ve installed, less than 2 percent of those required a single call back to make adjustments, a client service record of which we are extremely proud.

You’ll find a broad range of choices you can provide your clients with Tate Access Floors, from high-end finishes for executive offices and boardrooms, and attractive design choices for lobbies and other public spaces, to highly functional options for call centers and telecom and computer rooms, including:

  • Steel
  • Carpet tile
  • Wood laminate
  • Marble

Raised Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Tate’s Interiors has installed and maintained computer floors and office for close to 30 years. We know that it takes specially trained individuals and a full line of computer floor components to get the job done right the first time. We have full service capabilities including manpower and a complete inventory of components in Houston, Dallas and Uk. We can offer immediate response to your needs for service on computer room floors or raised floors in your office areas.

To maximize your investment in your raised access floor, regular maintenance is a must. No one understands the Tate Access Floor product better than our trained personnels. We can help you extend the wear-life of your raised flooring with:

  • Panel rotation for even wear
  • Understructure adjustments
  • Replacement of broken edge trim
  • Replacement of warped panels
  • Refurbish delaminated panels
  • Sub-micron filter vacuuming
  • Sealant applied to subflooring
  • Spot cleaning to remove stains
  • Professional surface cleaning
  • Detail cleaning of entry points

Tate’s under floor cleaning service helps protect your employees from airborne contaminants which can also clog circuitry, increase the risk of fire, lead to accidental halon discharge and contribute to a range of health problems and increased employee absenteeism.

A regular maintenance program will keep your computer floor looking like new, and create a pleasant and professional environment staff, management, and clients will appreciate and respect. Our cleaning also satisfies many insurance audits, which may help reduce the cost of insurance.

You can opt for an annual, semi-annual or quarterly cleaning and maintenance contract for both surface and under floors, as well as order spot cleaning as needed.


  • Dust and dirt are abrasive to floor surface and harmful to sensitive equipment.
  • Wax build-up inhibits static dissipation
  • Loose edge trim or rocking panels can lead to a trip hazard and increased liability.
  • The following details are showing the versatility of the tate’s access floor system and it’s access panels for maintenance and easy installation of services


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