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Management Responsibilities at Tesco

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In this study I try briefly to focus on the super market company, Tesco, with emphasis on the operational responsibility of a facility manager, legal, health and safety (H&S) obligations, administrative system, day to day responsibility of a facility manager.


Tesco is one of the largest food retailers in the world (the largest in the UK) and its objectives are to provide its staff with all the necessary training and equipment to perform their everyday jobs efficiently and provide their customers with a service that is second to none.

Tesco aims to deliver cheaper and the best available products for its customers, from the best suppliers and also long term reductions throughout the business. Tesco’s aim is to try and make their customers shopping trip as easy as possible and make sure they spend less per product and get the best value.

Tesco are now providing more and more non food products/services including Electrical, Car and Home insurance, Broadband etc. (http://www.tescoplc.com)

The responsibilities of the facilities manager for staff engaged in facilities operation (p1)

There is a lot of responsibility of a facility manager for the staff engaged in facility operation.

The responsibilities related staffs includes

Employment condition

Pay issue

Training and development

The wages


TUPE etc.

Arranging the appraisal includes


safety hand book

Keeping report of incident, inspection, H&S etc.

Legal issue includes

Working time regulation ( average 48 hour in a week for full time employee)

Rules of dismissal

Transfer of undertaking according to the law.

The facility manager needs to ensure all the facility according to the law .

Responsibility of a facility manager has to operational aspects of the building (p2)

Facility manager need to confirm

Building space allocated properly.

A safe, comfortable and productive environment for the entire employee and the customers visiting the building.

Ensure efficient use of building HAVAC, electrical and mechanical system.

Demountable walls for office and conference rooms are encouraged for greater flexibility.

Flexible modular etc.

Manager need follow some regulation –

The main requirement, workplace (health, safety and welfare) regulation 1992 and their associated approved code of practice (ACOP)

Health and safety (display screen equipment) regulations 1992

Building regulations 2000, approved document.

(www.HYPERLINK “http://www.buildingdesign.co.uk/mech/landisstaefa/landis.htm”buildingHYPERLINK “http://www.buildingdesign.co.uk/mech/landisstaefa/landis.htm”design.co.uk/mech/landisstaefa/landis.htm)

Responsibility of facility manager has towards customers using the facility (p3)

Customers are most important part for any supermarket. They should provide some facility for customers And facilities manager maintain all of these facilities which are using by the customers. The responsibilities of facility manager regarding this are-

Identify the customer and their need.

Provide product information to customer

Ensure customer service like customer care assistant, customer care department, complaint center etc.

Ensure health and safety issue for customer.

Good access for disabled customer.

Good security policy for customers. I.e. CCTV, security guard.

Information center.

Disable toilets

Wash room

Car parking

Sign board for identifying the product.

Self service till etc.

Impact of employers and funding agencies on facilities operations (P4)

The facility manager has to know about conditions and regulations of management board. Ownership of facilities, the employers, management board, local authorities and different funding agencies have important role on facility operation. The manager needs to ensure the facility for them as well as to follow the rule and regulation.

Time share programme

Car parking facility etc.

The demand of authorities

Their social tradition etc

Recruiting policy

Customer facility (car parking, security, health and safety policy)

Participate in different environmental and social activities (local club, cultural program) etc.

The statutory regulation that affects facility operation (P5)

Statutory regulations have important effect on facility operation of any organization. The ‘six-pack’ consists of six key sets of regulations introduced together in 1992. Some of them have been updated. They are –

* Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (Management Regulations)

-make a ‘suitable and sufficient’ assessment of the risks to employees (including, specifically, young people and pregnant women) and others affected by their work activities.

-plan, organize, control, monitor and review health and safety arrangements etc

* Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 (Workplace Regulations)

-These regulations govern much of the responsibility which facilities managers have for ensure that the work premises are clean, comfortable, well-lit, well-ventilated and well-organized.

* Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992

-Manual handling is the transporting or supporting of a load by hand or bodily force, including lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving.

* Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)

-Employers must ensure all work equipment (such as tools, photocopiers, vehicles, manufacturing plant) is safe to use, maintained in a safe condition and is inspected for safety by a competent person, used only by trained personnel etc.

* Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (PPE Regulations)

-assess whether PPE (such as face masks, gloves etc.) is suitable and provide it to employees exposed to risks, ensure items of PPE worn together are compatible etc.

* Health and safety (display screen equipment) regulation 1992

(DSE Regulation)

-Every employer shall ensure that any workstation which may be used for the purposes of his undertaking meets the requirements laid down in the Schedule to these Regulations.

There are some other key statutory regulations the employer and facility management need to know.

  • Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 (CDM Regulations)
  • Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002 (CAW Regulations)
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)
  • Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996
  • Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1989
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)
  • Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations 1989
  • Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996
  • Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR)
  • Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977

All regulations effects the facilities operations of Sainsbury’s and the management system need to be care full about this regulations.

In every supermarket they have some legal issues that never been changed or broken. These legal issues sometimes affect in different way in business. These legal issues are most important for customer staff. These issues probably made by the government and under the company. As following

  • Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995
  • Sexual Discrimination (Gender Reassignment) 1999
  • Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) 2003

Facilities manager responsibility is to maintain all of these legal issues. They never did any differentiate between all of these categories peoples.

Health and safety measures implemented by a facility manager (P6)

Health and safety in work is one of the most important issues. The facility manager needed to follow the rules and regulation of health and safety issues and should have a nice risk assessment procedure.

There are two types of risk

Pure risk like fire, storm, theft, violence etc.

Business risk such as change of customer expectation, Government policy, Economic impact (credit crunch) etc.

Organization needs to follows HSE’s five steps for risk assessment-

  1. Look for the hazards.
  2. Decide who might be harmed and how.
  3. Weigh up the risks and decide whether existing precautions are adequate or more needs to be done.
  4. Record your findings 5.Review your assessment and revise it if necessary.

Tesco follow the regulations given below to maintain health and safety in their organization.

* Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)

According this regulation the employer must follow these criteria-

  • Make a suitable and sufficient assessment of health risks to employees exposed to hazardous substances.
  • In order of preference, prevent exposure, control exposure or provide PPE
  • provide health surveillance for exposed employees
  • keep exposed employees’ health records for 40 years
  • attach safety data sheets to COSHH assessments.

* Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR)

According this law tacos’ health and safety executive (HSE) need to make all the reports of injuries, disease of employees and dangerous occurrence in workplace.

These health and safety rules are provided for customers and staffs for keep them safe from any unexpected accident. The health and safety measures that implemented by a facility manager, is

  • Ventilation
  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • Floor space
  • Sanitation
  • Cleanness and waste materials
  • Fire exit
  • Risk assessment
  • First aid
  • Health and safety training


The documentation required to statutory regulations and health and safety measure (p7)

Tesco follow a proper documentation system and paper work regarding the statutory regulations and health and safety measures.

By keeping the paperwork of their annual health and safety reports. This report provides all the data about serious injuries, facility change, controlling health and safety risks etc.

Always keep the HSE posters to maintain control the health and safety of employees.

Follow the regulations of fire authority by fulfilling their expectation.

By ensuring that the stores have enough fire exits, fire alarms, fire blanket, first aid kit, fire exit sign and train the employees about fire risk

Employers liability (compulsory insurance) Act1969 is maintained by Sainsbury to ensure the value of employees.

Sainsbury’s supermarkets have active monitoring system and they take proper reaction regarding the results.

In the case of safety representatives, the information must also be sufficient to enable them to carry out their functions under the Regulations. These include:

  • investigation of potential hazards and dangerous occurrences and examine the causes of accidents
  • investigation of members’ complaints
  • making representations to the employer
  • consulting and receiving information from HSE inspectors and other enforcement officers on behalf of members
  • attending meetings of the safety committee

The Facility manager must ensure that each safety representative is provided with reasonable training, in respect of that representative’s functions under the Regulations, for which the employer must pay.

System processing information and maintaining communications (p8)

Before setting the system we need to think some criteria. The system need to cover all data and information of customers and its employees. i.e.,

For ‘management information’ there should be information on planning, benchmarking and performance measurement.

For ‘property management’ there needs to be information on property, portfolio control, estate diary and real estate development.

For ‘maintaining communication’ there need to effective IT system. Where customers can get all the information. Also communicate with the customers using media like advertisements, promotions and the website. An effective IT systems is using in the organization to keep the records of customers.

Control system required for effective facilities operations (p9)

The term “control system” may be applied to the essentially manual controls that allow operating internal facilities operation. An effective and efficient planning system is important for long-term economic progress. In this sector it includes company’s financial issues. In this sectors it is include

  • accounting department
  • store lease cost
  • suppliers payment
  • Stores internal wages
  • staff salary
  • sick pay
  • maternity pay
  • paternity cost
  • store maintenance cost
  • Yearly bonus
  • Pensions
  • Training and development cost
  • Customer facilities cost
  • A good recruiting process need to be controlled by their human resource department.
  • Advertising the vacancies through their website.
  • Receive the applications
  • Consider the applications and calling for interview
  • Choose the right person

A good control system is being applied in giving salaries and wages. They also expense money for staff training, new technology development etc.

System needed by a facilities manager to support effective building management (p10)

A building management system (BMS) is a computer based control system installed in building which normally comprises-

  • Power systems
  • Illumination System
  • Electric Power control system
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning HVAC System
  • Security & Observation system
  • Magnetic card and access system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Lifts, Elevators etc.
  • Plumbing system

Operational benefits like as low operating cost, high productivity and efficient use of building etc.

Maintenance companies benefits are effective use of maintenance staff, ease of information, detecting problems etc.

The communication maintained by Ethernet and internet both guest and employee.

Appropriate criteria to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of facility operation (P11)

Facility management department need to follow appropriate criteria to keep the quality and effectiveness of facility operations in a good level.

This is involves the relation of the cost and level of performance. For that we need to know about the resource drivers which help in deployment of resource. Tesco’s resource drivers can be classified as –

  • Quantitative: the floor area of stores, number of stores etc.
  • Qualitative: geographic location of Tesco’s, their product quality etc.
  • Economic: tax and interest rates, market condition etc.
  • Operating condition: specific lease condition of buildings.

Then the facility manager needs to think about their market targets and current performance data. To ensure the performance data FM can use CAFM facility and helpdesk software. The FM should have clear concern about the facility system of competitor. Moreover, Facility manager need to think about sustainable property idea which is based on the principle that the construction and operation of buildings do not lead to any environmental deterioration of natural world resources. FM should consider following to achieve the objective;

  • pollution: reduction in emissions from service vehicles
  • Waste: recycling of waste material where possible, e.g., paper, batteries.

Implement evaluation and review procedures to analyse the quality and effectiveness of facility operation (P12)

Tesco aims to deliver cheaper and the best available products for their customer. The FM try to make their customers shopping trip as easy as possible and make sure they spends less per product and get the best value. A proper implementation of facility operation will help Tesco to,

  • Keep the operational cost to a minimum
  • Make a safe and healthy place to work
  • follow all the regulations
  • Make all the systems effective etc.

Tesco always collect information and data of their competitors, bench marketing, and share market and to comparing data from different organizations. All written documents and feedback of previous operations make it easy to make the quality and effectiveness of facility operation high. Tesco created different facility like as

  • good customer service
  • good access facility(disabled access, space for wheelchair)
  • Enough information facility for of their products
  • Easy to shop (online shopping, free home delivery) etc.

Overall a quality and effective facility operation brings these key benefits for Tesco –

  • Effective management of organisation’s assets
  • Enhance staff skills
  • Enables new working styles and process
  • Enhances an Sainsbury’s identity and image

Delivers business continuity and workforce protection in an era of heightened market turbulence and security threats

Conclusion and recommendation:

As we have seen the responsibility of a facility manager in terms of facility operation, Tesco has mastered and exploited all the concept of facility operation and become the market leader. As a facility manager would like to recommend my managing director to ensure the IT facility and self service till facility at all the store.


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