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Master Bill Software: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Definition of Master Bill Software


The surrounding environment construction industry has changed a lot in the past ten years. They are looking for new ways to compete effectively. Enterprise one of the key factors in success is the ability to quickly adapt to changing environmental conditions, continuous innovation, achieves the goal. Organizational knowledge provides this functionality. More specifically, the knowledge of the organization to provide the ability to understand markets and evaluate customer demand, and put them into products and services by integrating various resources organization. When we move from the industrial age into the era of intelligence, knowledge has become the company’s core competitive success. The importance of organizational knowledge and the role it increase in km, choose appropriate different km strategy is crucial. IN the process of project management, it is widely used. Construction is slow; however, admit it as a major tool of benefits beyond communication. Transfer of knowledge and information across projects for the construction industry is a major challenge. Most of the work is based on the project construction, as short-term and task oriented, promote culture, continuous learning is suppressed. Subsequently, experts and technical knowledge can be lost from one project to another place.(2000), and it can assist the project team between the transfer of knowledge and information, make the development of new knowledge innovation.

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Master bill software

Was established in 1981, the number from the practice of investigation, a Master bill always set construction software should be a judgment standard. Since our first microcomputer BQ system, by introducing the world’s first truly Windows 32-bit BQ system in 1997, and a complete e – Tendering solution development in 2001, Master bill always tried to transcend products and contains the entire solutions.

Master bill in recent years has become the market based on the evaluation, to make our customer service quantity measurement and construction company, which in turn led to the development including CAD survey, combined with field measurement and modeling work. 2005 of Master bill again have the opportunity to go beyond product launch Master bill elite to provide complete solution through the planning and the feasibility of the BQ production cost final account in a product with a database.

A is the most popular products and Master bill after. Master bill after complete BQ production system, the function is all ready, including pricing, cost analysis and bid on more routine.Masterbill3 use project structure; Part I), 2) element, iii) reference & iv) cost code; The classification results with complete bill in almost any sequence.

Project structure is usually based on the start of the project list, although can be revised later. Create the dimension is assigned to a reference, part of the elements and the cost code combination (dim store) using drop from measuring the window list

Masterbill3 allows users to store 15 sets of bidding rate may be as a percentage of the unit, lump, PC, “including”, “rule out”, star rates or “rate”. Price matching characteristics also provides the opportunity to choose another gentle before a project using the current estimated as the basis of pricing. Once the definition and standard of BQ pricing through cost analysis can be immediately available, when there are multiple tender bidding more routine.

Masterbill3 compatible is not only a reference but also includes all of the tools allow the user to make full use of Master bill XML e – Tendering standards include track and distribution of soft amendment.

Explain the procedure on “how to use Master Bill” software.

Master bill is a complete BQ Production System with fully feathered and including Pricing, Cost Analysis and Tender Comparison routines. Master bill uses as Project Structure which is combined together with full categories results in the function to produce bill of quantities in a series of sequence. Parts, Elements, Reference and Cost Codes are included in the Project Structure. Project Structure should be set up at the beginning of a project using the lists existed and it can be corrected later.

In the Master bill software, time sings, side casts, sub-totals, deductions and signposting or annotations are the benefits in order to allow the user to use the traditional dim sheet to enter all the dimensions and information. In this software, there is a function that used to dynamically link dimensions by ‘adding on’ and ‘key dimensions’. Since the dimension is dynamically linked, if any correction to the original dimension will be automatically be connected in any dimensions linked on it.

Master bill software also provides an effective dim management function. The function of dim management can allow the user to reprocess the data in several ways. For example, copy and paste within the project, copy and paste from others project, apply multiplication factor and set all quantities to become zero.

In the measurement process, Master bill software enables the user to form Bill of Quantities on it. In generating a bill of quantities the user can fixed in some part in BQ. For example,

  1. The sequence of Bill of Quantities

The user can choose the sequences available in the software to allow the bill of quantities to be arranged to suit the specific requirements.

  1. The selection of measurement

The user can select the component of measurement, such as Parts, Cost codes, Elements and others.

  1. Layout

The layout of bill of quantities can be decided by the user by adding the header, footer, page number, column widths and so on.

Master bill software also provide a flexible editing function, for example, by double clicking on bill of quantities item to see its abstract from here the users can select and jump to an indivual dimension sheet for amendment or choose multiple dim sheet to correct their description respectively.

Master bill software enables the user to save up to 15 sets of tender rates which including as lumps ums, PC sums, star rates, unit rates and other pricing analysis facilities.

The function of ‘Matching Price’ function also offers the opportunity to choose and alternative tender on a former project to use as a reference for pricing the current estimation.

Since the bill of quantities is priced user-defined and standard BCIS cost analysis could be obtained properly and when more than one tender is exist tender comparison steps into composition.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Master Bill


  • Consignee does not need to wait or give up in order securing the release of the original, because if this is a bill, it is so, so the goods are released directly.
  • The shipper can save delivery or postage fees, because he can send a copy of the express bill through electronic means
  • The most useful group company office in pol and pod and trust business partner.
  • Save the bill of lading stationery.


  • It is not the transfer of the bank or other institution can’t change my money. Its just a receipt of the goods.
  • Release without security as an original bill of lading and there may be a fraud From the point of view of liner, entertainment agent does not need to look for any original bill or wait for any document in order to release the goods, this can be problematic in some cases, if any reason to stop release loading port

Justify other software to be used by QS in preparing a Bills of Quantities (BQ)

Build soft

Modeling of the global estimation is commercial software construction and construction. It produces the bill of quantity or detailed cost estimate and plan. Commercial building contractors and it is the main purpose of surveyors, the software success around the world, and constantly improve and upgrade, usually the customer requests and Suggestions. Initial estimates can be used in its original form or divided into group is more suitable. Estimate the potential of the subcontractor, can be sent to all the necessary reference and quantity. The subcontractor can even publish and build software price items. Subcontractor electronic item price is the purpose of reducing the time required to enter the information the main contractor’s computer. It also eliminates the input errors caused by the possibility of error. Revised at the end of the process, estimate the total available. Each group the difference between the original and revised group always always displayed in the column of “add” or “omit” leadership. Management can review to compare and measure the effect of any changes; they may want to let the subcontractor construction project group, or method. This is an important part of evaluation and management of a function. Build with soft software provides a clear analysis and comparison, can be combined with the assessment team skills and experience, to speed up the job – winning submissions, will create the largest profit.

CATO Suite

Causeway technology was established in 1998 for the whole of the clients with a series of software products and services competitive. This is a fast growing organization currently use in the region of 200 people, the construction industry is the leading software developers. From feasibility to the final accounts, cost management faces are more stringent than any time before a deadline, to provide accurate cost information.

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Cato suite development closely involved in vocational and professional QS provides powerful support. Cato the introduction of the enterprise is an opportunity to implement the step change in their business processes to provide staff with effective QS desktop.BQ and cost plan created in a controlled environment can rely on and provide information for building a database for future projects and important report in a consistent manor production for the customer.

Project Cost Control

Cost control at the beginning of the inception, show that in guiding price or cost need phase when a price estimate is an early by the contractor in preparation and bidding process through the completion of project final account and agreement. The architect or engineer will need to consider alternative solutions, meet customer at different stages of the design of the overall goals and objectives. Recommended construction technicians will provide cost comparison of design scheme using alternative materials, also suggested that the design form and the influence of the purchasing cost. Cost control is not stay in the bidding stage, but the last final account and the agreement of the final certificate. Therefore, cash flow estimation software makes the construction technician records and accurate and faster calculation date drivers. It also provides a better supervision and construction process.



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