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WSH Management System with Legal Compliance

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Coordinate WSH Management System with Legal Compliance

Background of My organization



GREATLAND(S)ENGINEERING PTE, LTD work with main-con SK Engineering & construction In the Company was prequalified by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore to undertake all major mass transit rail (MRT) system developments with undisclosed contract value. Within half a year, the Company has been awarded MRT contracts with total value exceeding 350Million Singapore Dollars by LTA. The company is also currently in the stage of participating in new and coming tenders for MRT projects East-West cable tunnel by LTA in Singapore.

We boast a tradition of integrated project Company and technical expertise in the railway construction industry. Our unique blend of corporate culture, sound business strategies, experience, strong financial status and advance technology contributes to excellent results and the dynamism of the Company. Confidently offers the most cost-effective and efficient integral design and construction solutions to all our customers.

Project name: East-West cable tunnel




Project name: East-West cable tunnel and project value 350 million dollars. Starting on December 2012 and complition on dec 2016.

1) Explain the WSH roles, responsibilities and authorities for any four (4) of employees that should be defined in the WSH Management System.

(i) Project Manager/Senior Deputy Project Manager

  • To Chair the Project Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) committee
  • To lead, execute and implement the SHEMS (SHE Management System)
  • To implement Company’s corporate safety programs and procedures
  • To ensure the provision of safe and healthy working environment for all staff
  • To ensure that all statutory requirement, codes of practice and company’s safety rules and regulations are complied with
  • To oversee performance of sub-contractors and ensure that they comply with legal requirements and safety standards
  • To review safety issues and recommendations for improvement on safety
  • To develop and maintain close liaison and regular communication with relevant statutory authorities
  • To conduct regular inspection and audit on the safety provisions on site
  • To establish and maintain a positive safety climate on the project site
  • To ensure the WSH Committee carries out investigations & recommendations for any incident, accident, near miss or dangerous occurrence & that such actions are recorded

(ii) WSH Officer

  • Assist in the implementation of the site’s workplace safety and health & environmental programmes
  • Assist in identifying and assessing any foreseeable risk arising from the workplace or work processes therein
  • To recommend reasonably practicable measures to eliminate, minimize or control any foreseeable risk to any person who is at work in the workplace or may be affected by other work processes in the workplace
  • Assist to implement the approved Safe Work Method Statement and Risk Assessment
  • Exercise general supervision and inspection of the observance of the provisions of the WSH Act and any regulations made thereafter
  • Advise site management on legal environment, health and safety requirement and company safety procedures
  • To monitor performance of sub-contractors & ensure their compliance with legal requirements & safety standards
  • To update management on new & changes in legal requirements relating to workplace safety and health
  • Organise safety programme and activities to promote safe conduct of workers
  • To investigate all incidents/accidents or dangerous occurrences & recommend means to prevent recurrences
  • Report and liaise with the management, relevant authorities on inspection, audit and other safety, health and environment issues
  • Serve as the secretary in the site WSH committee

(iii) WSH Coordinator/WSH supervisors

  • Conduct daily inspection and act on unsafe acts and conditions
  • Train and monitor workers safe work practices
  • Maintain and monitor safety records and checklist
  • To assist in the investigation of accidents/incident/dangerous occurrences & recommend remedial actions, if necessary
  • To liaise with authorities & subcontractors on WSH matters
  • Assist in identifying any unsafe condition / unsafe act & recommend / implement reasonable practicable measures to correct the situation
  • Monitor the conduct of daily toolbox meetings and Job Safety Analysis briefings
  • Act as assistant secretary of the site WSH committee

(iv) Engineers

  • To be in-charge of overall structural work and inspection
  • To comply with all legal safety requirements and company safe work procedures
  • To conduct regular inspection and audits on the safety provisions on site
  • Supervise and ensure subcontractors comply with legal safety requirements and safety standards
  • Ensure that the approved Safe Work Method Statement and Risk Assessment are implemented by subcontractors and all employees.
  • To participate in safety talks, toolbox meetings and briefings
  • To report any incidents, assist in investigation.
  • Rectify unsafe conditions and correct unsafe act promptly on site.
  • Attend safety meetings to contribute to a safe working environment

2) Identify at least three (3) stakeholders relevant to the chosen work and explain how the WSH roles, responsibility and authorities would be communicated to the stakeholders.



Ways of Communication


Project Manager

  • Email
  • SHE Committee Meeting
  • Notice Board
  • Mass Tool Box Meeting
  • Appointment letters


WSH Officer



3) Describe three WSH management system in used in workplace and explain any five (5)elemaents of theWSH management system in detail and how your organization implement it.

  • Safety training – it is necessary to equip workers at all level with knowledge, skills and attitude so that they can perform their job in a safely manner. Its is also necessary to establish procedures to identify traning needs and provide adequate safety training to all levels. Records of training should also be documented and maintained at all times.
  • In- house safety rules and regulations – it needs to be established and enforced to ensure all working personnel know their roles and responsibilities in safety that they need to comply e.g. proper use of PPE, operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment, proper handling and storage of hazardous materials and reporting of hazards and incident.
  • Incident investigation and analysis – it is to establish the cause of incidents and to prevent recurrence of the incidents. Procedures to identify, record, investigate and analyse incidents should be established and maintained so that corrective actions can be implemented to prevent recurrence of incidents.

Five (5) Elements of theWSH management system

  • Risk Assessment /Hazards analysis
  • Safe work practices
  • Safety promotion
  • Safety inspctions
  • Emergency preparedness

4) Identify resources required for the implementation of WSH management.

Resources required for implementation of WSH management may include;

  • Human resources (manpower)
  • Financial resources
  • Equipment and tools allocation
  • Space allocation
  • Specialised skills
  • Scheduling of implementation

5) By means of a flow chat, explain how You coordinate and document a management review on WSH Management System and illustrate types of record to be documented for Management review

  • Management meeting – during the meeting, all the relevant stakeholders will be issued a copy of the WSH management system for review.
  • Pre start meeting – during the pre start meeting, the WSH personnal would present the slides on the respective elements of the WSH Management System to all the stakeholders involved.
  • Safety induction course – during the SIC, all stakeholders would be briefed on the implementation of the WSH Management System on site.

Toolbox Meeting Record:

6) Prepare all legal register for your workplace


Title of Act /Regulation

Application (Location)

Application (Process/ Activity)



WSH act

Entire factory

Entire factory




WSH (noise) regulation

Production floor and workshop

Use of stamping, Grinding and cutting processes



WSH(confined space) regulation

AHU room, workshop

Spray painting within workshop



Radiation protection act


NDT in workshop



Code of practice for working at height

Production floor, AHU room, workshop

Various processes/ activities



Code of practice for scaffolds 1996

Production floor, AHU room, work shop

Various processes/ activities



WSH (General provision) Regulation

Entire factory

Entire factory




Title of Act /Regulation

Application (Location)

Application (Process/ Activity)


WSH (Risk management) Regulation

Entire factory

Entire factory



WSH (First Aid) Regulation

Entire factory

Entire factory



Fire safety act and its subsidiary legislation

Entire factory

Entire factory



The environmental pollution control regulations

Work shop

Use of toluene spray painting


WSH (operation of crane) Regulation

Production floor and loading bay

Use of overhead crane


Code of practice for risk management

Entire factory

Entire factory



SS548 code of practice for selection, use, and maintenance of respiratory protective devices

Work shop

Use of toluene spray painting


SS510 code of practice for safety in welding and cutting (and other operations involving the use of heat)

Work shop

Minor fabrication work

7) Explain how your workplace procedure for checking organizational compliance with applicable WSH legal and other requirement.

Organization should document and maintain records of safety training provided for all working personnel in the organisation.

Training records may include;

  • Personnel who are provided with training. These include employees as well as sub – contractor’s employees.
  • Duration of training
  • Schedule of training including date and time of training, topics, trainers and details of assessments.
  • Sequence of training includes the order in which training content, activities and how assessment is conducted.
  • Type of training include skills based, knowledge based and target of training whether for workers, supervisor or managers.
  • Trainer’s particulars including their competency and experience in the training topics

8) List of Communication channels at your workplace to reach out to Stakeholders

Communication channels

  • Toolbox meeting
  • WSH committee meeting
  • Work progress meeting
  • Management meeting
  • Technical meeting
  • WSH training
  • WSH Inspection
  • Repots
  • Feedback
  • Email
  • Safety poster
  • Newsletters
  • Phone calls

9) Explain how you Coordinate compliance audit for your workplace

  • Arranging the schedule

e.g. date of audit, duration of audit, start time of the audit, plant to conduct the audit and scope of the audit.

  • Engaging a competent auditor

e.g consultant or Auditing Agencies.

  • Conducting the meeting

e.g. opening the meeting, discuss the audit programme with the introduction of auditor and auditees, familiarisation tour at the site process and site utilization plan, verification of effective implementation SHMS involving reviewing of documents, procedures and records, interviewing of personnel and phyisical inspection, evaluation of audits findings and exit the meeting.


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