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"For over 200 years, the Young's name has been associated with great seafood. Now that heritage is combined with our global sourcing, technical, marketing and chef skills, confirming Young's as a world class independent food company and fish specialist". Young's Seafood 2010

In 1805 Elizabeth Martha started to sell fish in Greenwich, by 1811 she had met and married a man named William Timothy Young of whom was a member of a fish family. Coupled with Elizabeth's selling and Williams's love of fish Young's was created. Young's quickly established themselves as one of the fastest growing businesses of their time. Today Young's boasts a turnover of over £300 million employs over 4000 staff. "Sales of fish currently growing at 2% a year, whilst both meat and poultry sales are in decline (Source AC Nielsen 26.1.08)". Young's case study 2010.


On reflection of the dataflow diagrams, I have noted that Young's Seafood do not have a Project Tracking System.

An automated system could save time badly used. As the proposed project could be up loaded onto a bespoke projects website for Young's Seafood. This could be viewed by the Projects Department and electronically emailed to the correct personnel.

Included within this automated system there should be the ability to assign tasks to the correct personnel, organise meetings, and manage meetings. Send out invitations to invite clients into the project workspace to further increase communications. Simplify project communications using online documents and discussions. Enable easy and secure access 24 hours a day to view real time project information. Assign teams timescales to ensure properly directed resources are used appropriately. Cutting down the loss of time on a staff level. Valuable time can be lost due to tasks not being organised appropriately enough. This system should give staff a concise work schedule and a project development plan. Message boards for any problems or general discussion should also be added. File storage space and e-mail notifications should be available to team members as and when they are sent out. Reports which are generated from existing default templates. Giving Young's the option to create their own custom fields affording the opportunity to add user-defined data to their projects, any requests, issues that may arise during the process and tasks.

Automatic electronic mail could be issued to the person who sent the idea and they could be given a unique id which is automatically generated so that they could see easily what stage their proposed plan is at, thus affording them the ability to view the project from start to finish. This would be a good idea as it lessens the amount of time Young's staff spend on a current project as they do at the moment due to this all being submitted electronically. Not only does this idea save a considerable amount of time is also saves paperwork as everything could be generated electronically. The whole process could be made electronic. Using this process money may be saved as well due to the fact that there wouldn't have to be so many people involved. There is less organising to do as it is automatically done because of using the automatic Project Tracking System.

Using this approach, not only does it give Young's Seafood Limited an overall professional look. It also allows up to date project information to be available to everyone involved as it's as up to date as the project is. This in turn eliminates the need to chase people up for information. Projects can be organised so much better because the process is automated and reduces human error. It also reduces the necessity for paper work to be generated. By using the automated approach this can reduce the Project Manager's workload by terminating the need to watch over his/her employees. It's automated, and it reduces the expenditure, to any future projects that Young's may have.

I have learnt during the course of this analysis the key purposes of the Data Flow Diagrams, with also the knowledge that if the correct planning and software is not used it can make the whole process difficult.

"Data Flow Modeling is a widely used and mature analysis technique, and can be found in most structured methods. (Weaver, Lambrou, Walkley 1998 Page 3)

Systems analysis is an essential part to any planning within any company. Data flow diagrams are a useful tool for giving an abstract and have useful organisation details, giving critical information about things such as processes, data entities, and system boundaries for Young's Seafood or any business that requires this type of system analysis. This has provided me with a useful map of Young's system. It has also provided good documentation of the system and its boundaries via the use of data flow diagrams, helping me to view the company's everyday running. Therefore being able to analysis the many processes Young's already have in place

Everything that is incorporated into the data flow diagrams can lead to a physical design. Processes have pointed to new programs and possible procedures, with some data flow diagrams indicating components and data stores which in turn indicate data entities, databases and files, such as a Project Tracking System. Whilst trying to balance any logical data flow diagram without correct software, for example the Computer Aided Software Engineering software (CASE) it may lead to misleading results and makes the task extremely difficult. This is why I have used Microsoft Visio in order for me to accurately look at the data and to try and provide Young's Seafood with an appropriate Project Tracking System.


In conclusion to my report I have learnt that it is extremely useful to use data flow diagrams. Helping in analysing the business from the very bottom level upwards. It is critical that appropriate planning and correct usage of software is carried out. Things can always be improved upon no matter how well a business whether it is big or small is running. New processes can be implemented with good use of data flow diagrams.


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