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What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated set of capabilities that can help an organization in improving content management, enterprise search, easy and effective knowledge sharing and effective monitoring of the workflow of a process. It also provides IT experts and developers Web Browser based collaboration functions to enhance and customize the features required by providing them with the required platform and tools needed for application enhancement and extensibility.

What does SharePoint offer?

SharePoint's Document Center

Document center provides a site for maintaining large number of files. It employs a very common tree view as a navigation element to browse through files in different folders. It also features a versioning capability which tracks changes in the documents stored and help manage contents in a document. It also provides different templates that can be used according to the type of content of the document. There is also a possibility for a user to have a personalized view of the documents that he often updates making navigation easier.

SharePoint's Document Management

This service helps employees of an organization to share information among themselves. All documents can be maintained at a central site and are available to all those who require them and are authorized to view them. Many employees working on the same document can cause synchronization problems which are eliminated by the versioning feature provided by the document center.

SharePoint's Enterprise Search

Having all the data available is not all, devising an effective and efficient way to search through them becomes a key issue when dealing with a huge set of files and documents. SharePoint offers a very effective search feature which helps the users to browse through people, experts, documents, records, corporate information and content in business application across the organization. The enterprise search engine searches through data spanned across multiple sites and produces an aggregated search result. It even has the capabilities to search for a person with an expertise in a particular field. It also adheres to the security aspect which providing the search results, where in it displays only those resulting links that the query user has permissions for.

SharePoint's Enterprise Search

This service helps the employees of an organization to search for required information across the organization spanning through multiple data sites. The search can be customized to search for various contents through different hierarchies across different security filters. This search tool is very effective and saves a lot of time for the employee. The employee is not shown results that he is not authorized to view and hence adheres to the security features implemented across the organization. Searching for experts in a particular field across the organization also becomes a simple task and hence benefits the organization in maximizing its resource usage.

SharePoint's Project Task List

SharePoint offers a task list where a user can add tasks, allocate it to a resource and examine its advancement.

Microsoft SharePoint Products and technologies is a collection of software elements that includes several server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing Web Browser based collaboration functions, Document Management Platform, Search modules, Information Sharing across boundaries and Shared Business Process Management Modules.

Microsoft Office Share Point Server helps reduce cost, manage and protect data in document repositories and portals across the enterprise. SharePoint Server helps maximize business solutions, enabling people in the enterprise to collaborate and share information whenever needed to perform jobs more efficiently.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server provides a single and integrated location where employees of an organization can effectively collaborate with their team members, search for experts and corporate information and manage content and workflow of the organizations documents.

Microsoft Office Share Point Services is a tool to share and store information that provides companies all the benefits of a customized intranet without costing thousands of dollars to set up or months to implement the tool. This tool helps companies to manage group activities, work together with team members effectively and progress towards shared goals. Microsoft Office Share Point creates a fully functional web portal that can be managed from within a web browser.

The Services provided by Microsoft SharePoint Technology includes


This service allows employees and their team work together, collaborate and publish documents, share information across organization, implement workflows to maintain content of documents and create and maintain task lists to carry out corporate functions effectively.


This service enables employees to create their own personal site to share information with other employees and to personalize content of enterprise Web site based on their profile.

Enterprise Content Management

This service includes features that let employees control the life cycles of a Document, Record and Web Content in the organization as to how they are created, reviewed, published, and consumed.

Enterprise Search

It enables employees to quickly find people, experts, documents, records, corporate information and content in business application across the organization.

Business Process and forms

This service enables creation of Workflows and Electronic form to automate business processes.

Business Intelligence

This service allows employees to access critical business information, analyze, publish and view data across organization to improve performance efficiently.

Office SharePoint Server is designed to work effectively with other programs and technologies in Microsoft Office 2007.

Microsoft Office SharePoint consists of several applications and services based on Windows Server which can be used in many ways ranging from simple intranets to customized multi-tiered extranets. Below mentioned are few benefits an organization can attain by implementing Office SharePoint

  • Documents can be stored in a central location(document center)
  • Search Navigation is quicker and easier(enterprise search)
  • Project Status can be tracked by using tasks lists.(task list)
  • Images can be stored in galleries(image galleries)
  • Discussion Forums and Announcements
  • Business Process can be automated(workflow)

Sharept can be integrated with ms office

Can create intranet n extranet

Work flow

Can be customized

Security (only certain members can view n things like tat)

Employee can hav your own profile,calendar,page, mysite portal...share files