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Defining The Input And Output Devices Computer Science Essay

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Wordcount: 1456 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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In the Airline, input and output devices are significant equipment to operate the information system. Input devices are hardware components that enable users to interact with the computer and used to transfer data from outside world to computer system. Without input devices, you would not able to feed instructions to a computer. The most common input devices are mouse, keyboard, scanner, webcam, touch screen, microphone and so on. Another input devices are not apply on Airline. Output devices are any peripheral that receives or displays output from a computer. It is also data processing carried out by information in either visual or auditory format to show at equipment. The most common output devices are monitor, printer and speaker.

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2.2 The input and output devices communicate with computer

Nowadays, the Airlines Company uses the advanced technology to operate with smoothly. Input devices can divide up to pointing devices, pen-based computing, voice recognition and optical scanning. In pointing devices, keyboards are a most commonly devices for entering data and text to the computer system. Pointing devices benefits have issuing commands, making decision and responding immediately display on monitor screen or printer (MBA Knowledge Base, 2010). For example, counter girl make use of keyboard to input the passengers personal information and confirm the passengers seats. It can manipulate simply and reduce the wrong information. Besides that, electronic mouse is the most popular pointing devices to move the cursor on the screen, likewise make icon and menu selections (MBA Knowledge Base, 2010). Passengers can use the mouse to activate various activities selected to check the information they needs. Touch screen also a device can use the computer to touch the surface to display on the screen. The computer senses the point in the grid where break occur and respond with propriety feedback. There are many touch screen system set up in the waiting hall for passengers use.

Pen-based computing are most being used in many personal digital assistants. The PDA has fast processers and software that recognizes of handwriting. It can substitute of writing on paper to the screen seem send e-mail, make selections and enter hand written data into the main computer (MBA Knowledge Base, 2010). For example, the Airlines Company’s supervisor can send some minor and emergency message to inform headquarters.

Voice recognition is the easiest way for data entry, world processing and conversational computing. It is most natural method to communicate with computer. Voice input has become a new trend and convenience technology to use. Voice recognition systems analyze and classify speech or vocal tract patterns and convert them into digital codes for entry into the computer system. Basically, voice recognition system is being require training recognize the voice to differentiate and achieve high degree accuracy. So the voice recognize system have huge vocabularies to provide help to support the system. Another, speaker-independent voice recognition systems also enable understand few word from the voice it has never heard before (MBA Knowledge Base, 2010). For illustration, telemarketing surveys, stock quotations services, airlines ticket-booking systems and account balance inquiries. The advantages of using voice recognition system is permit operators entry data without using hands to key in data and write down data in paper, they can provide the data as fast as possible and more exact input.

Optical scanning devices read text or graphics and convent them into digital input to the computer. There are many types of optical scanners; they are use photoelectric devices to scan the characters. Compact desktop scanners have cheaper and ease for personal computer so they are more popularize. In addition, flatbed scanners are faster and provide higher revolution color scanning but it is larger and more expensive than another optical scanner (MBA Knowledge Base, 2010)s. For example, airport use the optical scanners to scanning the passengers airlines tickets to confirm the passengers personal data. It also can make sure passengers check in to the passengers compartment.

Other that, output devices is most information from the computer to export visual or auditory format such as printer, speaker, monitors and other wise. The purpose of the output devices is to translate the data to information for computer user. There include visual response, sound and media devices.

Monitor is hardware to display visual output for the user. The images use video card processes to shows as monitor. Monitor and video card quality is identify how the definition of images. Video card just affect the images not related with word and office work (Lysis, 2010). The airlines companies set up the monitor on every seat for passenger’s entertainment and inquire about location of flying. It is customer services and facilities to passengers on the way.

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Speaker is hardware to output the sound for the user. Speaker and sound card are use at the same time, there are depend quality of this two component to give determine the detail. This type of sound setup is used by multimedia creators (Lysis, 2010). For example, airport have many speaker set up in anywhere, they can utilize the facilities to inform importance message to all the people in airport.

Printers are an external hardware device to taking computer data and generating a hard copy data. There have matrix ribbon printers, matrix ink-jet printers and laser printers. Laser printers are the most common use in Airlines Company (Lysis, 2010). For example, they are using printers to print out some news or airline tickets. Owing to the world goes on the green campaign, so there are many company apply the technology to reduce in paper and globosity resources.

2.3 Input and output devices provide a high-level implemental environment in customer services

Nowadays, Input and output devices provide a high-level implemental environment for the airlines company services. Competition in the airlines industry is at all-time high, challenging providers to reduce costs while improving quality (Nelson publishing, 2000). In this environment, airline companies strive for attractive customers and carry though exist customers. It is more challenging and arduous works. National Airlines has experienced tremendous success meeting the high demand for air travel to and from Las Vegas (Fred Crescente, 2000). They use cost- effective interactive voice response (IVR) to advance the customers services and growing the support system for customers. IVR offers National Airlines the flexibility to leverage in-house Web- development staff to speedy develop and response new voice application as soon as possible. This tool is increase the customers demand and enhance the competitive promotions. Input and output devices have increased overall sufficiency though lower costs. Callers requiring immediate and timely flight information can now access data instantly, with virtually no time spent waiting for an agent (Crescente, 2000). Input devices can provide the customers booking airlines ticket faster than service counters. Besides that, customers also can use the internet to booking tickets and get a new promotion. Output devices is perform to company understand the customer demand. They can satisfy the customer’s request to achieve the target of company. In between, input and output devices need to balance the company supply and customer demand. Customer services is important part of Airline Company, it can represent the airlines image.

2.4 Conclusion

In conclusion, we understand the input and output devices perform a significant role in information system. It can help the users to communicate with the internet. The internet can share the new information to whole country people. Input devices are tools to input the data into the computer to make process. Output devices are passing by the data processed to display the information for reference. Base on my understanding, airline companies are using the technology devices to improve the implement and speed. Airline Company interacts with the airport to achieve the best customer services. Customers will be enjoys the flies from the beginning and the end. No matter the any problem was occur, they also can manage it by information system. In my opinion, Airline Company may increase the internet customer services because can reduce the paper work to reach go green on the world. The information system with technology is more modernize in this era.


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