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In the recent times there has been a significant change in the relationship between the theory and practice. In real, there is a transparency has been constructed around the theory and practice in the management work. A strategic move has been developed in the theory and practice in the management application (Ehrhart and Ziegert, 2005). However this is still some gap present in the management theory and practice due to the cultural difference within the companies. The relationship between the theory and practice is diversified into the education theory and actual management practice in the real corporate world. It is the time gap which created the difference between the management theory and practice (Byham, 2006).

In the relevant decision, the stakeholder relation ship and other professions are closely related which can be understand only through the actual management practice. In this way the gap between the theory and management practice can not be bridged however it can be filled over a period of time (Ryan and Polyhart, 2000). At present the management colleges are emphasizing on the actual management practice through case study discussions in the class rooms so that they can bridge the gap between the theory and practice (Wilk and Cappelli, 2003). Since earlier when the management colleges were providing only the theoretical education, there has been created a big chaos in the companies where the newly developed mangers were unable to solve the actual management problem due to the gap between theory and practice. These managers could correlate the actual management problem with the theoretical aspect. The actual management situation is completely different from the bookish knowledge (Benderr et al, 2005). Therefore to bridge this gap it is essential to provide the actual knowledge through discussion related to actual management problem and case study discussion. Apart from this the workshop, lectures from the industry personnel and visit to the companies also help the newly developing managers to bridge the gap between the theory and practice. The managers would be able to capture the insight knowledge for the management and handling the issues within the company (Gupta, 2007). It will be a critical development between the management theories and management issues to resolve the management problem. There must be the relevant development required to

To clearly understand the difference between theory into practice and practice into theory, this is necessary that they make the suitable application according their business and administration related subjects (Dipboye, 2004). The current notion related relevance can be seen all over the historical growth of the tools and accoutrement for the main intention of administration related research and good information about the area of education which is totally depended and creates good level of social production related knowledge (Pulakos and Schmitt, 2005). In case of generating the good information about administration functionalities, the procedures and institutional system is the best way and these tools are also described as the governing body and furthermore these tools developed by them in an equal time periods (Bernthal and Wellins, 2008). This was also argued in the last times by the authors that there is a lot of pressure in case of establishing the great relation with the administration functionalities, the recent views about the relevance plan is need more efforts from their side and doing more effort for getting the level of demand if ease of access and responsibility both this are suits to their pledge (Ferrell and Skinner, 1988).

2. Explain the main difficulties in studying personality; how is this of importance to organizations?

The personality of an individual is an important aspect of his look. In the view of Jarzabkowski (2004), the personality make the person feel that he is better and personality build the great level of attitude within the person and make the person determine about getting all the desired objectives and goals which are related to the organization thus it is the very essential part of the situational factors. We can describe the term personality as the stable set of bodily features and this features have the strong influences when someone face the all kind of communication otherwise in interaction with others.

According to Rafaeli and Revelle (2006), for reducing the gap between practice and theory effectively, they have to the applying the following two strategies. In the first method they must try to develop the knowledge level simply and in the second method they must try to present the statement of the applicability for finalizing the practice related issues (Fields and Blum, 1997). This indicates that this issue is compelling in nature and this issue is related to obvious silence and peak administration journals for the administrative allegations. This also indicates the all solution about the working issues, practice, time and quality of theory and practice (Hough and Oswald, 2004). There is a deep relationship between the personality of an individual and respective knowledge. The root of the personality is emerged from the gene of the human which is encoded into the gene and also it is difficult to change. On the other hand few researches stated that the personality is dynamic and flexible in nature despite being these are encoded into the human gene (Wilk and Cappelli, 2003). The personality can be change at desired level over a period of time however the personality can be sharpen and take the shape through the lifetime experience of the individual.

According to Wallace and Vodanovich (2004), the personality of an individual is developed through the nature and surroundings however the mental representation of the individual is reflected in its behavior. Some of the theorist believes that the human development of personality is acclaimed by the belief and behavior of the individual, though these factors are critical to study and hence difficult to understand (Blanchar and Onton, 2005).

Some findings of authors indicate that some kind of pattern and nature, behavior includes the normal manners and considerably makes better the view in the direction of the personality. In against the above finding this is described by the Jack Block who is a theorist, the self relationship related model and system for describe you self has a great role in finding the all necessary personality issues (Shadish et al, 2002). This can also be modified by using the terms such as organizing, motivation and knowledge about life defining because these terms have an important role in case of personality development. This is necessary in case of personality development that they must fix into the plans, models, assertion system and interior models from their knowledge about social life. Personality is the very important part of the organization because this is the thing that makes the people in the organization according to the organizational values, emotion, manner, stress, capability and inspiration (Revelle and Anderson, 1992).

3. In what ways can an understanding of motivation theory contribute to successful organizational working? Illustrate your key arguments with organizationally based examples.

The view of organization Blanchar and Onton (2005) described that the term motivation consist purpose, aims and values related to organization and this is very essential aspect of motivation. And integrate these factors with motivation successfully works for the organization positively and this can support organization to increase its workers efficiency. But sometimes this is very difficult for them in case of perform this action successfully, and finally the result is that the motivation creates obstacles in the way of growth of the organization. In case of management of human resource in, motivation plays the very important role and taking care of the people needs in the organization is the key role of HR department of that organization, the level of satisfaction about job, and employee motivation and employee engagement into all the organization processes. The motivation of the employees completely connected with the organizational goals and objectives. So if the organization wants to increase working efficiency level of their people they must try to increase their motivation level (Ryan and Polyhart, 2000).

In the view of Blanchar and Onton (2005), motivation is when an employee is eager to do something new and he has a desire to do his all efforts towards getting all the desired objectives and goals. There are many factors which have great effect on employee motivation such as pay level, working conditions, organizational nature, individual needs and leadership style. Employees feel better when he is working in friendly environment and its superiors and executives assist him in all conditions. If the organization deals with its each employee equally only then the organization motivate them and make them faithful (Wilk and Cappelli, 2003). They can increase motivation level of their employees through giving cash incentives, rewards and recognitions, try to find out their employee’s problem with the working environment and then try to resolve these problems as soon as possible. When people feel better and they realize that they got success in achieving something than they are motivated. The organization motivates its persons to increase their working efficiency because if the organization got success in case of motivate its person only than the organization leads its business to the great height. Fire-walking and outward-bound are two type of powerful things which have great motivational effect on employees. By using these strategies companies can motivate its people. The employee motivation is all about the contribution of the company to the employee in case of supporting the employee for getting the desired working level from them. If organization give importance to its employees only then the organization make the employee feel good. The organizations always take a discussion with its employees to know their needs and requirements. This is also the effective strategy in case of employee motivation. The organization also engage employee in their management planning process or take their suggestion for improvement. This action of organization works positively for their business performance (Wallace and Vodanovich, 2004).

This contribution from the company to their employees performs as a temptation and implicit and this also described by the X and Y theory of the motivation. Dipboye (2004) argued that motivation increasing methods have the great extent of use and this is totally depended on the knowledge of worker and all important values of organization. The term motivation run by the worker and the management of that organization assisted this term in many ways. Motivation is the very essential thing for organizational performance. If the employees are successfully motivated in the organization only then they work with more efficiency towards increasing the profitability in the business (Bernthal and Wellins, 2008). The organization can not take work from his labor as a machine. Providing money and incentives is not working all the times effectively, sometimes company do some thing new in case of motivates its employees. They try to make better relationship with their employees and provide them better working condition. The increased level of motivation of employee forces them to do work with great working efficiency and follow the expected values in making the working environment better in the company. In case of getting the expected objectives and goals motivation is the very essential thing for the organization and takes the business towards the great level of heights (Pulakos and Schmitt, 2005). However, according to the above words it can be said that if the employees in the organization highly motivated it means that the organization is working properly in this direction and according to the corporation devotion. This also works in the direction of employee’s expansion and growth with the average speed. The both incentive and prizes works differently because these both things have their own potentials and importance in case of generate motivation among employees (Bernthal and Wellins, 2008). In case of increasing employee’s performance level and get the success into the work, motivation has the important role. The above statement is true and we can prove this by taking the different industry examples (Fields and Blum, 1997).

We present the first example of Samsung; in 2004 the company made some promotions of its persons. But they have done mistake in this process, at that time the company was ignored some of its employees which also performed well at that time and which were working also on the same profile in the organization. When those ignored employees got information that their associates which were working with them on the same job profile was promoted and the company ignored them in this matter. So the result was that these employees were highly de-motivated by this action of the organization. And this de-motivation made them feel insecure in the organization (Bernthal and Wellins, 2008). They also not feel good and they started taking tension after this incident. These things were highly influenced their working efficiency. They do all the times mistakes in their work and cause of this the company have suffered huge loses in their business. The employees were also trying to leave the company and trying to get the new job with increased salary package. This was also working negatively for the organization. So when organization realized that they were suffering from loses in their business deals than they decide to find out the reason behind these loses. They want to know that what is going wrong inside the organization (Blanchar and Onton, 2005). They had given the responsibility of identifying the problem to its human resource department. So finally the human resource department found that recently they have done some promotions inside the organization. But they found that they ignored some capable employees in the organization. After that the HR department arranged a meeting with those ignored employees. During the discussion period with those employees they found that those employees were not happy with the promotional scheme of the organization. So in the last the organization was successfully resolved the problem by promoting those employees who were ignored last time. And now the company is running its business successfully in consumer electronic products industry. Also the company is getting all the desired level of sales and trying to making its business stronger in the marketplace.(Fields and Blum, 1997).

The second example of Starbucks we are presenting here. In 2006 the company was launched his new scheme regarding bonus and job promotion. In this scheme they introduce new rules and regulations for getting job promotion and bonus. According to this scheme the employee can get bonus only when if he do something profitable for the company. In another sense if the employee bring some profit for the company only then he can get promotion or bonus (Nanda, 2007). But if in another situation the employees is not successful in doing this then organization will not promote them and provide them any king of bonus. So this plan of the organization forces the employees to do something new and profitable. Under this pressure employees in the organization starting doing mistakes in his jobs (Dipboye, 2004). They always give their focus on doing profitable things and because of this they completely forget their current job responsibilities. And in the last the result is that the company has suffered for huge loses because of these actions of employees. The company was also losing his customers at that time because the employees of the company were not able to deal with customers properly (Byham, 2006). They made the customer unhappy because they deal with customer with bad behavior. And all we know that every business is totally depend on its customers. Customer is the valuable asset of the business. So due to this the company’s business was getting down day by day. The executives of the company were also being pressurized by this condition. They are trying to find out the reason behind these loses. Finally the company decided to review all his actions which he has done in previous days (Ehrhart and Ziegert, 2005). And then the company found that he recently launched a scheme about employee promotion and bonus. Then company realizes that this scheme is not working in the right direction for their business. So finally the organization has done some essential changes in this scheme. Now the promotion and bonus will be given at every year basis but the performance of employee must be considered during the promotional process (Wilk and Cappelli, 2003).