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My present leadership style is Participative or democratic. I have done two surveys online (completed surveys attached with this plan), and based on the outcome I got from the surveys, I can say that my recent leadership style is Participative.

My existing strengths based on the surveys are situational management, handing over of authority and two-way efforts. The major areas I have to develop are meeting of deadlines, communiqué and difficulty of managing. Participative style is the leadership style where a manager gives workers the opportunity to wholly take part in decision making process. It is used by a range of important leaders all over the world, making it one of the most broadly used leadership style. Participative style is a very helpful instrument to encourage employee happiness and employee spirits.

Leadership Theories:

Leadership is a key element in having valuable management. All forms of leadership are essential for the business, from top level management to lower level management. It does not matter we have small business or big business but having an effective leadership is necessary for all types of business. If the leader will effective then employees will commit, motivated and they will give their better performance (Consador, 2012).

According to "Contemporary Management" by Gareth R. Jones and Jennifer M. George, leadership is defined as "The process by which is an individual exerts persuade over other people and inspires, motivates, and directs their tricks to help attain group or organizational goals." (Consador, 2012).

Situational Leadership Theories:

The situational theory is a leadership theory which is made by Paul Hersey, who is the professor and author of the book "Situational Leader" and Ken Blanchard, who is the leadership guru and author of the "The One Minute Manager". The model shows that the board of human resources skills and work willingness of the individual member of staff and no one wants leadership style "better" to amend. This is the model of situational leadership theory; managers can change their path according to the needs of staff and accomplishment of valuable leadership based on the situational situation of Base. The strength of the model leaders should evaluate their supporters to maintain the promo on the basis of requirements and opportunities. In this way, developing their skills of their supporters, and of course, is more capable, established and self-sufficient. [1] 

Relationship Leadership Theory

Relationship theory is also known as a transformational leadership theory. The theory of Transformational Leadership on their way to an optimistic transform in the preview, where compassionate for others with welfare and act in the importance of creating a faction as a whole. James MacGregor Burns (1978) was the person who introduced the concept of this leadership theory in his expressive research on political leaders.

"In point of fact, the head of the mission of raising community consciousness on a huge level, to the head of the creation to make sure that people be acquainted with or conscious of what they think To feel their factual needs so powerfully, to describe their morals, considerable is the reality that they can be encouraged to the deliberate achievement. [2] 

Management Leadership Theory

Management Leadership Theory is also known as a Transactional leadership theory. This leadership theory is inspiring and directing his supporters to petition in exacting to their benefits. This transactional style of leadership was first introduced by Max Weber in 1947 and after that in 1981 by Bernard Bass. This theory is mostly use by the managers. This leadership theory is focus on the position of command, association and group performance. These theories stand leadership on a process of rewards and punishments. Managerial theories are often used in companies, when workers are winning, they are rewarded. When they failed they punished by the commander (Cherry, 2012). This style can be described as "narrative style."

If a child is essential because the reward and if not that will the operator, you have been a penalty. The swap among leaders and supporters are made to performance targets to attain schedule.

Relationship VS Management

The underneath table shows the deference between Relationship Leadership Theory and Management Leadership Theory.



Aim high honorable standards and thoughts.

An objective of the leader reaches the rewards and sanctions.

Positive management.


Entity treatment.

Exclusion behavior.

The inspiration is to encourage concerned of the interests of the faction and the group reached.

Inspiration to attain individual benefit by cheering.

Leadership Role Model

Leadership Profile

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam


My ideal leader is Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Abdul Kalam served as the 11th President of India. He had born on 15th of October 1931 at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu. He is well-known as an aerospace engineer professor (of Aerospace engineering) and first Chancellor of the Indian Institute Of Space Science and Technology Thiruvananthapuram (IIST). During his term as President, he was popularly known as the people's President. He was awarded the Bharat Ratna India's highest civilian honors in 1997. [3] 

Before becoming the President of India he was working as an aerospace engineer with the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He is widely famous as the Missile Man of India because of his work on the development of Ballistic Missile and Space Rocket Technology. At present he is a visiting professor at Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad. [4] 

In May 2011 Kalam launched his mission for the youth of the Nation called the 'What Can I Give Movement' with a central theme to defeat corruption. Kalam is well-known as a scientist but he also has a special interest writing Tamil poetry and also in playing the musical instrument Veenai. [5] 


Transforming the country into an urbanized country, five areas in arrangement have been identified based on India's core competency, natural resources and brilliant manpower for integrated action to twice the expansion rate of GDP and realize the Dream of Developed India. [6] 

India's Vision 2020 is a plan proposed by former Indian President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam to make India an urbanized country by 2020. India's Vision 2020 of transforming the India into a developed country can become a reality if every student and youth will be independently inventive. It involves putting the nation before oneself, former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said. [7] 

The vision for the country should be based on strong pillars of development. It should focus on reducing the rural-urban split, impartial division of earth and water, providing value-based culture, access to best health care, ensuring responsive and corruption free governance, improvement of scarcity, and a secure and terrorism-free nation. [8] 

It is really a challenge to originate a vision for India in 2020. Therefore, we thought it suitable to look for motivation from one who had a clear vision and motivated the hearts and minds of numerous Indians. [9] 


Abdul Kalam's Mission is PURA Mission (providing urban Amenities in Rural Areas) "Providing connectivity's to rural complexes is a vital need to overpass the rural to urban partition, create employment and improve rural success. These are the included methods which will bring opulence to rural India through PURA." [10] 

A.P.J Abdul Kalam's leadership style is Creative leadership  

He believes in Creative Leadership for Nationwide Progress. His main attribute was his strength of mind to attain the goals of the mission's in-time .Creative leadership means exercising the vision to alter the traditional role from the commandant to the coach, manager to mentor, from administrator to delegator and from one who demands respect to one who facilitates self-respect. Creative Leader will have a mission to do work with honesty and be successful with honor.  To get goals three things vision, mission and realization are most important for leaders. Kalam is a creative leader. He creates a mission for future of the India 2020. He worked for this land as a scientist and as a president.

As Scientist

His researches and educational leadership brought him great place in 1980s, which provoked the government to initiate an advanced missile program under his directorship. He was the Chief Scientific counselor to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of Defense Research and Development Organization from July 1992 to December 1999. Media reputed Kalam as the country's top nuclear scientist. (Dipti, 2012)

As President

To get the distinguishing outline of India, He has the mission of transforming India into an urban nation. A country that is one of the best places to exist in and is proud of its leadership. He had got the knowledge about the five areas where India has a core competence for integrated act: (1) Farming and foodstuff processing (2) Schooling and Healthcare (3) Information and communiqué Machinery (4) Trustworthy and Excellence Electric power, Exterior transportation, road and rail network for all parts of the country. (5) Self-sufficiency in serious technologies. These five areas are closely interconnected and if progressed in a coordinated way, will guide to foodstuff, financial and nationalized defense.

"Transforming the country into a developed nation state, five areas in arrangement have been identified based on India's core proficiency, ordinary resources and gifted manpower for integrated action to twice the expansion rate of GDP and become conscious the Vision of Developed India.

John Key


John key is the Prime Minister of the New Zealand. He has a democratic leadership style. He became the prime minister of NZ on the 8th November 2008. He has led the NZ National Party. His most recent plan is that it civil services is more well-organized, by ten exact goals he want to get in the next three to five years and wants to inferior the threshold the number of officials. He also announced that four departments of the together to make a new ministry for industry development and create vacancies for people. The Ministry will make it easier to do work with the government.

Key also said that these issues will be assessed against a set of ten goals; such has 85% of the 18-year-old with NCEA level 2 or the same in 5 years. He also identified at-risk children to help their skills and develop employ decrease offense and get better alignment with other than govt. These are the major areas which have to develop for the departments. Key believes that global warming is a fact and that the government to initiate techniques in order to reduce the human input to global warming. Main work is devoted to National Party decreases of greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in New Zealand the next 5 years.

In current times, as in 2005, commentators note of that key Prepared Statement represented that he doubts about the effects and consequences of climate alteration had be changed. Key has a varied record on social issues: he voted in opponent Bill provides for public unions, arguing that he represented his constituents' opinion, but he supports it individually. Also the major part of a huge block votes of the delegates to a bill that defines wedding as among a male and conquer a female. Key also clear in his mind that he cannot refuse to accept, gay implementation.

Benchmarking criteria

Benchmarking Tools

Leadership is an enormous range that has no limits none can fundamentally explain its area, process, qualities or other terms. For instance a housewife can be a leader for her own house and a learner can be a leader of his own group or class etc. leadership styles are dissimilar as there are democratic, charismatic, autocratic etc. (Leadership New Zealand, 2011)

Here are some My Qualities given below:


Motivator: - Leader should be a good motivator if he can-not motivate to his coordinators then he can-not be a good leader.

Communication: - According to me if a leader have not the ability to communicate with anybody then he can-not be a good leader and also a good motivator.

Creativity: - Leader should be a creative mind if he would have a creative mind then he can give his better to the company.

Responsible: - Leader should be responsible for his work if he will responsible for his work then he can do his work before the deadline and can make easy for the company and his reputation as well.

Intelligence: - Leader should also have the more knowledge about his work and he should have the inelegance for difficult moments during his work.

Proper Judgment: - He should have the proper judgments of the work if will have then he can make the difficult work to easy for his staff.

The main plan of leadership is to


Section 2: Self-assessment

2.1. Benchmarking

Here I am rating my leadership skills with above leadership criteria. I am using 5 standards rate scale that is as follows:

5: Outstanding

4: Very Good

3: Good

2: Poor

1: Very Poor

My Ranking

S. No

Leadership Quality

Rating Scale

















Proper Judgment



Motivator: - According to me rank 4 is suitable for motivator to me. I am working in a liquor store and I handle the stock of the store. I handle two coworkers and they do work as I tell them that's why I think that rank for is suitable for me because I motivated them in a good way.

Communication: - I gave rank 3 to this quality because I think if I have good communication skills then my coworker do their work properly.

Creativity: - I have not good creativity so I gave it to rank 2. I am not a creative at my workplace some time I got puzzle because of lot stock. And I do not have the idea how to place these things in order.

Responsible: - I am responsible for my work. So I gave it to rank 3. I think I am good in this criteria and I do my work with responsibility.

Intelligence: - I have the knowledge of my work and I can do my work properly and in a easy way. So I gave it to rank 3. I think this rank is suitable for me.

Proper Judgment: - I am not good in this criterion so I gave it to rank 2. Because some time I did my work wrong because of improper judgments.

2.2. Reflection:

My leadership style preference is Participative style as I am able to do work with the team where everybody is mixed up with each other and can give their better performances; I can direct them to attain our goals as a team.

The vision in my life is to become a winning man and be a person who will be contributing to the betterment of the civilization. At present I am working in a Liquor store as a Supervisor. After few years I will start my own business which will not do any damage to the surroundings and will be atmosphere friendly. Out of all the profit which I will make, I will donate some part of my income to those organisations that help poor students who can-not afford their studies and they help them to complete their studies.

Section 3: Personal Development Plan


Short Term Opportunities:

Self-Development management

1. Try to handle my emotions: -

Everybody is able of same emotions and it's excellent you express your emotions. Who is in this planet telling you that you are so emotional? But at the similar time if you do not want people in a row for cover, you need to find out how to state them. I have also some emotions and I show my emotional feelings to any person too early. That thing is not good but I will struggle to first pay attention and then understand the real condition before expressing out my emotions.

Aptitude Development Management

2. Want to get better my communiqué skills: -

I think my communiqué skills are not much superior which is necessary to be a good leader. Well communication is essential to understand others information and opinion in an appropriate way. So in order to become a good leader I have to improve my communication skill. Without this skill I can-not do explain the things to my subordinates correctly.

Talent Development Management

3. Handle my Annoyance: -

Occasionally I feel very anxious while communicating others and get short tempered, which impact on my communication unenthusiastically. So it is very essential for me to control my temper.

Situations Existing

4. To get the Diploma in Management level 5

I am in New Zealand to achieve my goal and my goal is to be a good and successful business man. That's why I am doing diploma in business management. It will help me to achieve my goal. Because this is related to my goal and by this study I get the more information about the business. In this study I done my 5 subjects like Accounting, Computing, Organization Management, and Business Communication and right now I am doing my Applied Management and Leadership. These studies helped me lot to attain my goal.

5. To get my liquor licence

I am working in liquor store as a supervisor and now I want to my liquor licence to become a manager there because without liquor licence I can-not sell liquor and also can-not be the manager of the store.

6. My Workplace

I am working at a Super Liquor as a supervisor. I handle the all stock there and provide the liquor to the customer. This thing develops my personal skills. And I improve my-self a lot.

Long-Term Opportunities:

1. Evaluating Leadership Efficiency:

In all organizations and business groups they have leaders, but all leaders are not effective. Two usually used factors are devotee sustain and objective attainment. The leader can have instant or postponed influence on the outcomes of both factors. Supporters play a key role in evaluating the efficiency of leaders. Supporters also suppose the leader to show inventiveness by helping resolve significant troubles. Leaders who take no action will drop their position and authority.

2. Rising Efficient Leadership Behaviours

Leadership behaviors are mainly academic and are frequently categorize as task-oriented, relations-oriented and participative. The task-orientation of effective managers is paying attention on preparation, coordinating and providing resources rather than doing the same kind of work as their coworkers. Effective managers showed relations-oriented behaviors that are sympathetic and thoughtful.

3. Leadership and Management

In ordinary words, leadership describes the qualities and behaviors of people whom we respect Because of their capacity to convey people together to attain a common goal. Leadership is also used to classify official positions of power and the casual power that seems to logically take place in any kind of social group by any one at any time. Attempts to generate a more scientific meaning have formed as many definitions as there are approaches used to investigate this topic.

4. KITE My Institute

I am studying in KITE from March 2012. I am doing my Diploma Business Management Level 5. I choose this as my long term opportunity as well, because this is also my long term opportunity. My study will finish at 20th of December.


It's true that we should have authentic and sensible basis for selecting the given opportunities and it's key to get achievement in certain industry. As I have both existing finances and skill in management and mainly in handling liquor shop. So I am going to start a liquor Business named as Super Liquor for handling of shop Power and Telecommunication through face to face and online Services. As a Business owner i can get my short term leads to long term goals with my leadership skills (by following my ideal leader ABDUL KALAM). The short term objective is to set up my shop and appoint best staff for outstanding client services to attain long term targets to become famous business Province.

Short Term Opportunities

1. Self-Development management

I require to study about controlling the emotions and belief. I wish for to manage my emotions and sentiment because I don't want other people to know about my private opinion. It will assist me to develop my communiqué and I can gossip to others state forward on the factual matters.

2. Talent Development Management

I have to gain skills and study how to commune with different people in different situations. I want to recover my communication skills because it is a most essential skill of a superior leader, which in a straight line reflects our character to the people with whom we are communicating. It is my observation that by recovering this skill I can understand others and state my opinion in superior way.

3. Skill Development Management

I have to do meditation to build up calm mind and manage anger. I need to control my anger because it makes very terrible effect on our brain and character as well. Anybody who get short tempered, people do not even like to talk with him/her. So by recovering this I can catch the attention of more people towards me and make my image better than before.

4. To get the Diploma in Management level 5

I have to get my diploma in business management level 5. It will help me to develop my personality and business skills, because this is related to business. It will increase my knowledge about the trade. It will help me to running my own liquor store when I will open.

5. To get my liquor licence

I need to get my liquor license also. Right now I am working in super liquor store and this is the NZ rule that without liquor license no one can serve liquor to the client. So I have to attain the liquor license so I can run my own business.

Long-Term Opportunities:

1. Evaluating Leadership Efficiency:

I have to evaluating leadership efficiency. In any industry this is very important to be an effective and efficient for all the leaders. So I have to also be this type of leader so I can do my work easily and effectively.

2. Rising Efficient Leadership Behaviours:

I have to need increase my effective behavior to be a superior leader. This is also a quality of good leader. I have not an efficient behavior at my work place that's why I think that I have to need improvement in this area also.


According to my leadership style, I prepared the strategies in two terms, which is:

Short term strategies

Long term Strategies

Short Term Strategies

1. How I Can Change My Behaviour

Each self-improvement characteristic requires modify in behavior. There are a lot of ways to alter it, but the simple way is by starting to monitor my own thinking process. How to manage your brain I can be found that thing by my intellectual power. Also, at the same time as trying to change my behavior, I will be very cautious in dealing with negative people. They are capable to get me into unenthusiastic state of mind very hastily. It is very essential to stay optimistic, no matter what situation I am facing, because my well being depends on it. Therefore even if I faced by negative people, I have to try my best to stay in a positive state of brain. I can also change my behavior by changing my actions first rather than paying attention to my present frame of mind. This personal development strategy is very useful to me and people.

2. Personal Development Strategy on learning new skills

If I have low confidence then first I would need to get better my self-confidence level. I can obtain the latest skills by these methods:

I can go to the networking actions with present public speakers they will give me guidelines that could not be found in the books.

People who have been there, done that are more than happy to share information about what they know.

A number of people believe that experts are not willing to disclose the secrets and guidelines of their business. This is false. If I will show my attention to know about that thing then they will be happier to give me precious information. This personal development strategy works if I will show to the experts that I respect and like them.

3. Personal Development Strategy on Completely Changing Personality

To absolutely change my character it requires more work than any other personal development strategy. I will need to completely change my thoughts about life. I have to understand that I am caught in a dead end job and see no way out. I need to realize that the relationship I am in simply does not work. However, years pass by before I actually faced such actuality. This is because I have finally realized that I have exhausted years of my life. Now I really understand that every minute of my life is valuable.

Long Term Strategies

Strategies for reaching long-term career goals

The actuality of my existing job, market requires people to turn out to be more strategic and practical in scheduling and managing their careers. Although aggravated has some short-term issues to consider connected to my recent condition, like whether to faith my supervisor or start to look for other opportunities, my booming career development will necessitate longer-term ideas and preparation. Here are several suggestions for aggravated to consider in reaching my objectives of becoming a manager:

Have to control my own destiny

I need to take control of my career planning. Evaluate and reevaluate where I want my career to go and what I need to do to achieve this. This is a dynamic method that requires sympathy to trends in my selected and linked fields as well as the ability to take benefit of the opportunities and challenges that will take place as time passes.

Have to identify specific skills which requires

I am working with my supervisor, human resource team or other senior employees to identify exact working out or education required to reach my career goals. Many organizations recommend such training and education to workers who want to go forward. If my organization does not offer such opportunities, I can look at local colleges and universities or professional organizations for certificate programs. Many are now obtainable on the Internet and can be finished at my own speed.

Have to advertise my goals

Let supervisors, higher-level managers, and others who could manipulate my capability to do well in an organization know that I am dedicated to the organization and want to help it succeed. Prioritize the expansion of affirmative affairs with people and make a reputation as being somebody who is supportive and encouraging of others.

Expand Network for opportunities within my organization

Make an effort to find ways to network with others in the association by volunteering for projects that absorb other areas of the association or looking for people who can serve as trainer. Many organizations have formal instructor programs that match senior managers or technicians with younger workers who have feasible. If my organization does not have a formal training program, I will look for opportunities to work with senior employees that do my respect and who show an interest in me. I can also consider technical, trained or community organizations that might offer some opportunities for networking with people who can help me.

1. Self-Development management

I can maintain my sentiment and feelings on away while handling business responsibilities.

2. Talent Development Management

In future, I will be a successful leader with good communication skills and encourage my co-worker as well.

3. Skill Development Management

I have to stay calm no matter what happens and have tried to never lose my temper.

Time Frame

Triumph is forever more likely when targets are written. Putting all jointly, for example,

SMART Goals: - My objective is to attain my target of 10,000 clients both in telecommunication and power leads to get my big idea "satisfied consumers" in one year.

Mission: - To give superiority of outstanding client service to satisfy our clients to keep them for long time.

Vision: - I want to open a biggest and top level's super liquor store in New Zealand.

I will make a Time Frame on the basis of my leadership skills and information. I will check time to time whether my Sale Reps are achieving the targets or not, if they are not hitting the targets then I will find out the reasons. Then I will make strategies or hire more skilled sales Rep or provide the individual training programmers from professional.

1. Self-Development management

I read books about controlling the emotions

4 hours per week

Tuesday and Wednesday

Night Time

7pm to 9pm

2. Talent Development Management

I read books about communication

3 hours per week

Thursday to Saturday

Night Time

8pm to 9pm

I attend the communication class

2 hours per week

Friday and Sunday

Evening Time

6 pm to 7pm

3. Skill Development Management

I do Yoga

5 hours per week

Monday to Friday

Morning Time

6am to 7am

I attend the anger management classes

1 hour per week


5pm to 6pm


We will use special methods to evaluate our company performances so that we will straightforwardly know any backblocks and will work on client advices. For example:



Group meetings and group focus

Surveys: - It is very essential to survey clients because if clients become frustrated then they will not bond with us. But if we find out something is going incorrect then we can correct it and maintain them for a long time and develop client happiness level.

There are several reasons to conduct client surveys to get better services.

In this way client get a chance to think and gossip about what I am doing for them.

In this way I will get chances to classify strengths and spirited differences.

Here are three steps to generate successful consumer surveys.

Select the correct timing for surveys. 

Ask the accurate questions. 

Plan the right summarizes (Krotz, 2011).

Comments: - I will organize to generate a page on community sites for the consumers so they will put in comments and give their views about the business and this is the way to find out the trouble of consumers.

Group Meetings and Group focus: - I have to arrange usual meetings weekly and monthly. I will call to all sale supervisors, sale representatives for the meeting which is following by monthly meetings of CEO and Directors with managers and supervisors. By this way I will find out client troubles and find suitable solutions to sort out these problems by essential improvement in staff or company polices if there is any. I will have to make sure that the same thing will not happen another time in the future to keep clients for a long time.


The Specific Resources which will help to attain my expansion goals are: Funds, Position, Family support, Truth, Knowledge about the good site for the liquor store, Brilliant employees, knowledge and skills etc. The role of leader is to ensure that business resources are prearranged to effectively and efficiently deliver against business strategy and business goals.

Read the books about the resolution of this dilemma and see the suggestions of experts from the internet.

Go for communiqué development classes and watch videos on you tube about it.

Need do yoga and go for annoy management classes.

Section 4: References