Investigating Recruitment And Selection At Starbucks Commerce Essay

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This report will imply on the discussion between internal and external recruitment, as well as the methods and sources being used generally which involves the advantages and disadvantages of having to recruit candidates either ways. Furthermore, discussions are made between two organizations that is chosen by our group on how they do their recruitment and what conflicts they face in doing so.

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is a process of identifying and hiring the best- qualified candidate for the job vacancy or for the right job, this may either come from within the organization or outside of the organization.

Why an organization does need to recruit?

Basically, an organization needs to recruit due to vacancies that will be needed to be occupied by new applicants or candidates with the right skill for the certain job available.

Why do vacancies occur within an organization?

In general, vacancies occur due to certain circumstances, firstly, when a person is being recruited for a vacancy, the most likely needed to work as, can be either, temporarily or permanently. Also, due to economical crisis which is currently happening in many organization, furthermore, applicants are needed to be newly recruited because of maternity leaves, paternity leaves or if one of the employees may be suffering from an illness for quite a long time, to do so, they will need someone to cover the vacant position in an organization. This will occur as part of a temporary contract. Sometimes, vacancies occur due expansions of organization where they will need additional employees provided with resources and trainings, as well as employees may suddenly change jobs for the better of salary, benefits being offered or just simply because of the extra work that are being handed to them. In addition to the reasons of vacancies, may include retirements.

Types of recruitments and its methods.

There are two main types on how to recruit an applicant, such as internal recruitment and external recruitment.

Internal recruitment is a method of hiring an employee from within the organization itself, which will include the knowing of the required skills that will be needed for the certain job they will be recruited for, and also they already know the organization that they are working for, particularly if its training and development program is effective. In other words, where existing employees are selected rather than employing from outside. Internal vacancies are usually advertised within the business via a variety of media, this consists, the use of verbal advertisement within the organization (word of mouth), staff notice boards, meetings, in-house magazine or newsletter or intranets.

External recruitment is a method of hiring candidates for the right job. It is when the new applicant comes from outside of the organization. Frequently, most business engages on this method of recruiting, particularly those that are growing strongly or that operate in industries with high turnovers. Fortunately, its sources enables them for recruiting a candidate from outside, like, referrals or existing contacts, career service which registers high number of applicants, employment or recruitment agencies who are specialized in recruitment and selection, helping candidates to look for a job and also be connected with a number of companies, which as well often supply interim employees. In particular, they even use the source on Headhunters or recruitment consultancies, who provides a more specialized approach to the recruitment of employees and or senior management, and rather approach on individuals with a good reputation instead of relying on long lists of applicants. However, this source is costly. Also, external recruitment includes the sources of using internet and advertisement, example, classified ads, magazines, posters, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment and external recruitment.

First of all, internal recruitment process is less time- consuming into recruiting and not expensive. Also, it'll be easier in such a way, that the organization will not have any difficulties to have a background check, and train the applicants as they are known on what capability they can present at the same time, they already know the organization they're working in. in addition, it gives the existing employees to advance their career in the business, helps to retain staff who might otherwise leave, reduces the risk of selecting an appropriate candidate and even have the chance of getting promoted. Also there will only be smaller number of applicants. However, there are likely to have a limited number of applicants for the job and another vacancy will be created that has to filled, therefore another recruitment plan has to be planned to fill another vacancy. Furthermore, there will also be a failure in generating new ideas.

In contrast, the advantages of external recruitment is that it has wider audience that can be reached out which also increases the chance that the business will be able to recruit applicants with the required skills for the job, and helps to generate new ideas. However, this process will likely to be time- consuming. This is as well expensive due to the sources that they will be using, example: employment and recruitment agencies - it is not a 100% ideal method because normally it will cost the organization money and even charge the candidate as well as the company that can be equal to the sum of his/her salary and another disadvantage, is not being definite with the qualifications that will be needed for the position that is applicable, lastly, they will not be considerate enough.

Starbucks coffee company

Starbucks coffee company is an international coffee and coffeehouse chain which was founded in Seattle, Washington on 1971. It is the largest coffeehouse in the world.

Recruitment methods of Starbucks- Internal and External

Internal Methods

Starbucks uses these methods of recruiting internally:


Starbucks announces its company vacancies through the website wherein only the staff and employees can access and look-up.

Staff meetings

These usually consist of the managers and supervisors organizing a meeting wherein they select the right employee for the right job internally.

Career Development

It is a method wherein staffs can get promoted to a higher level in the company. This usually uses the method of recommendation.

External Methods


Starbucks usually put up ads in the newspaper or posters in their shops to attract candidates to apply for the company.


With its world wide web, people all around the world would be a able to access Starbucks site and find if there are any vacancy available.

Word of mouth

As staffs from the company may refer the vacancies available through friends and peers which are legible to apply for the position.

RSA (Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Company)

Royal and Sun Alliance Group is an insurance company which was founded on 1996 in London, England, UK which is still their headquarters up to date. It is a joint venture of Royal Insurance and the other Sun alliance. It is Britain's leading insurance company.

Recruitment methods of RSA- Internal and External

Internal Methods

RSA uses these methods of recruiting internally:

Internal vacancy announcement

When vacancies occur managers or supervisors tend to announce the position that is available to the employees.

Promotions within department

An applicant from a certain department of a company may be promoted to a higher level of work.

Bulletin boards

Almost the same as the internal announcement, here vacancies are posted to bulletin boards for when employees pass by they would see the notice.

Internal emails

As for RSA they use internal email which they call "Lotus notes". Here every employee of the company receives emails as to which vacant positions are open or available.

External Methods

RSA uses the methods of recruiting externally:

Advertisement in paper

Advertising in the newspaper is one of the best recruitment methods there is. People read the news papers and would see the advertisement of the company and if interested they would send their application.


RSA also uses the method of contacting agencies.

Company website

In the company's website, people who visit this site would see what job vacancies those are available.


In our opinion, nowadays, recruitment plays a vital role in one's organization and company. Searching, Attracting, and employing may take a lot of process but all this hard work in searching for the best candidate may lead to the success of the organization. Recruiting internally and externally may have different ways, but both have the same goal, that is to fill the spot or vacancy that the company has put up. In other words, we have learned that it's a mandatory in every organizations. Furthermore, enabling us to know the possible outcomes and conflicts between internal and external recruitment. Henceforth, without this process in an organization, their organization will not be able to grow and produce high quality work.


Starbucks Coffee Company


RSA (Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Company)