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I got selected in L&T power through campus placement after completing my Graduation from Nirma University, Ahmedabad. I worked in business development department of L&T power for 4 years and 11 months. My global exposure involves the interaction with global vendors of energy sectors, corporate partners, consultants and government agencies, which mainly involved SIEMENS, ABB, MHI, SKODA, Schneider, Wartsila, GE, NTPC, MAHEGENCO, GSECL, TCE, Fichtner, EIL, GMR etc. I was interacting and negotiating with different companies simultaneously for the techno commercial offers of different equipment of the power plant including Gas turbine and steam turbine. My position provided me the opportunities to interact with sales manager to managing director of the different companies. This experience helps me to be a confident individual while dealing with the people who are having experience equal to my age.

I managed to increase my vendor support portfolio for almost 5 times in business development department of L&T Power by developing more vendors and keeping fruitful relationship with every vendor. I had represented my companies in international market and created business relationship with many international vendors. I am confident that my experience and working philosophy will help me to bring many companies for placement and industrial experience sharing purpose in our college.

I maintained relationship with all the global vendors throughout the year during my professional period, which was more than just at professional level. This relationship helped me a lot to get the work done at critical point of time during submission. I am confident that I will create the fruitful interaction with all the companies while dealing with them for placement purpose.

I was part of a team, who were dealing with more than Rs. 1000 Cr bidding gas based power plant projects. My exposure in this team helped me to understand the criticality of the confidential matters and deadlines of the submission. My experience will help me to work under tremendous amounts of pressure and help me to take decisions in order to ensure a smooth recruitment process at Great Lakes IEMR.

I had organized various events for more than 500 people in my college period which helped me to be a good team member and event co-ordinator. I will use this rich experience to organized placement activities in our campus.

I believe in small initiatives to achieve larger goal. Working beyond the call of duty, I actively participated in Employee engagement initiatives at L&T power, an initiative to make L&T power a better place to work by incorporating hobbies of people in professional ambience. With this positive attitude, I hope to add value to placement committee.

2.If you were selected, what would be your action plan for the committee?

I will start with preparing placement brochure for the companies, whom we are approaching for the placements. This brochure involves the details of all students like academic background, experience, professional and personal achievements, faculty details, course provided, institute values, details of expert lectures etc.

I prepare pre placement interaction meeting with the companies on one to one basis to highlight the values of our institute and our expertise in energy sector.

I will arrange one workshop of CV building and GD/PI/Case, Personality development program for the students to sharpen their interview skills especially by professionals if possible.

I will arrange mock interviews to build up the confidence of the student and work on the area of improvements of all the students.

I will arrange alumni meet wherein our alumni not only shared their experiences vis -a-vis the realities of the corporate life but also help our juniors to make them understand the growing expectation of the corporate world so that students can mould themselves as per the recruiters expectations.

I will be in touch with all the companies throughout the year by sending development news, monthly address of the senior people and festival greetings.

I will try to help every student define his/her career interest through individual expert counselling. This will eventually help me to call companies from whom students get the maximum benefit.

3.Draft an official mail to a Senior HR Manager of one of our preferred recruiters (say XYZ corp) introducing Great Lakes IEMR (class of 2014, Institute, it's uniqueness etc) and thereby inviting the company for a student  interaction.

Great Lakes IEMR, Gurgaon

815, Udyog Vihar,

Phase V, Gurgaon,

India 122016

Tel: +91-124-4934000,

Fax: +91-124-4934001

Date: 27th July, 2012

SUBJECT: Invitation for the Student Interaction program at Great Lakes IEMR, Gurgaon

 Dear Sir,

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you for the Student Interaction program at Great Lakes Institute of Energy Management and Research (IEMR), Gurgaon. This is the time for us to expose the best talent in energy sector we have, to the industrial world that waits to apply and absorb the talent developed by each student. In spite of being the less experience of Great Lakes IEMR in educational sector, I am confident that your requirement will not just be met by Great Lakes IEMR students, but will be surpassed your requirement substantially.

The students of 2014 mix in the batch have come under one roof from the most diverse milestone of industries. This diversity in student's profile like business development, Consultancies, EPC, Project management, Software development etc. helped students to understand varied backgrounds of business and culture. The domain specific curriculum here has been specifically aligned to the needs and aspirations of the energy industry through an extensive case-study based pedagogy simulating real-life decision-making to ensure that students not just imbibe academic concepts but develop the analytical and decision‑making skills to be the leaders in the ever‑changing world of business. Their diversity and specialization will give you varied options as you look forward for bright young men and women to be a part of your industry.

The master key amongst the best organizations of today is Knowledge and domain expertise. In line with this requirement, we have guided Students to developed their expertise in functional areas like Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour and given them a unique opportunity to choose an area of specialization from a set of fast growing industry domains both in India and globally like Power, Oil & Gas, Renewable energy and Sustainability & Environmental Management.

"Domain Expertise" - this word itself has a lot of meaning and purpose for all of us at Great Lakes IEMR. It is the premise on which the academic programs are developed. The distinguished faculty at Great Lakes IEMR and session of industry interface, which forms the most dynamic part in academic and consulting circles, have taken the pains to make sure that the student of today is constantly acclimatised to the dynamics of change and takes his rightful place amongst the future prime movers of the Energy industry.

I welcome you to experience this domain specialization. Having stamped its class in academic and corporate circles, the alumni of Great Lakes IEMR today are doing the most challenging and demanding roles in power industry. This is testimony to the trust and belief that the power industry has bestowed in us for the initiative taken by Great Lakes IEMR to develop the best minds in Energy Sector with domain specialization. This journey from darkness to light for the students would not be possible but for the strong believe that Great Lakes IEMR shares with the energy sector.

I feel privileged to invite you to be a part of student interaction process this year. I am confident that your organization and the industry will benefit immensely from your choice of domain specialized graduates at Great Lakes IEMR.

With best regards and good wishes,

Placement Co coordinator

Great Lakes IEMR

4.Prepare a SWOT( Strengths , Weakness , Opportunity , Threats ) analysis for GLIEMR as an institution wrt placements .


Domain specialization (Flexibility to specialize and gain domain knowledge in key emerging sectors)

Industrial exposure (Almost 26 Domain specific industrial lectures and site visits)

Outstanding placement response by industry players in first year itself

Prestigious brand of "Great Lakes Institute of Management"

Location of the college (In Corporate hub)

Unique and proprietary Conscientious Leadership Development Program

Distinguished Faculty with PhDs or MBAs from top business schools

Leadership initiatives taken by students to develop different committees

Energy sector provides enough entrepreneur opportunities


Lack of institute experience in educational sector, past record

Lack of international footprints

AICTE, government approval is not available for the course which is necessary for the government companies to take part in placement process

Energy domain is highly policy driven market, Government policies may affect the market in negative way

Concentration of the people on renewable energies may affect the future scope of Oil&Gas sector and thermal power plants

Past placement record is not strong enough

Lack of alumni team

Not well established network with energy sector companies

No tie up with global educational energy centres, energy research institutes (ECN, Nanyang Technological University Energy Research Institute, CERI)

Our course structure is design for the Indian market, which doesn't provide international opportunities


Lack of best education institute which provides PGPM domain specialization courses in India. This provide us the opportunity to develop ourselves and become number one in domain specific courses

Demand growth is exponential in energy sector. Approx. 1,00,000 MW is planning to get added in 12th year plan, which provides tremendous growth opportunities for the energy sector

Energy trading is gearing up in India, specialization in energy trading provides tremendous growth opportunities in India

Our campus is located in Gurgaon, Corporate Hub of India. This provides us enough opportunities to bring maximum multi-national companies located in Gurgaon for the campus placement


Government interference in Energy Sector. Energy sector is highly policy driven market. Change in government policy may affect the sector badly

Lack of fuel resources affect the market in negative manner because of force major activities

Chinese equipment may affect the Indian power sector negatively, which will reduce the employment opportunities in energy sector of India