Food Court In Kampar Area Commerce Essay


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2.1.1 The name, logo, and location of the propose business


The business that we proposed is food court in Kampar area, namely as Spark Food Court. Spark Food Court is in its startup stage. A food court is a plaza or common area within a facility that is contiguous with the counters of multiple food vendors and provides a common area for self-serve dining.


Figure 2.1: Logo of Spark Food Court

Explanation of logo -


Spark Food Court is located at Jalan Hala Timah 3, Kampar, which is in new town Kampar. Besides, Spark Food Court is nearby Tunku Abdul Rahman College (KTAR) and Westlake Home. It is also surrounding by other housing-shops, such as restaurant, photocopy and printing shop, cybercafé, mini market, and others.

Figure 2.2: Location of Spark Food Court


The main reason of Spark Food Court sold the multi-choices of foods, which also include "HALAL" foods is that Kampar has a population of around 68,000 over a land mass of 39,000 hectares in the last 2009. The majority of the town's population is Chinese and other races such as Malays and Indians make up the rest of Kampar's population. There is an increasing of population due to Tunku Abdul Rahman College (KTAR) and University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) operating in new town and Kampar also served by various primary and secondary schools.

With an estimated combined capacity of more than 20,000 students, these two institutions are touting to be the two instruments that will restore the town to its former glory. Therefore, more restaurants and food centers are need due to the high demands in population. New food court center will cater for the population of Kampar and provides potential opportunities for part-time work for students living in the neighborhood.

Spark Food Court holds that achieving organizational goals depends on knowing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions to customers. In addition, people are always changing their taste or flavor in having meals. Therefore, Spark Food Court has the ability to satisfy customers' needs by serving them with more than 30 different choices of foods in one place.

2.1.2 Nature of business / product or services offer

It proposes that in order to satisfy the business's mission, Spark Food Court anticipate the needs and wants of consumers and satisfy these more effectively than its competitors. First, Spark Food Court rents the places to other vendors to sell their foods, while Spark Food Court itself sells beverages to customers. Meaning that, Spark Food Court provides services to vendors (rent the place) and at the same time provides products (beverage) to customers.

The product that Spark Food Court provides is beverages and foods. The foods that provide generally have different choices with "HALAL" foods, which Spark Food Court welcoming and serving all races of customers at the same time. Around the Kampar, we have found that the restaurants that only provided "HALAL" foods almost are Muslim-Indian restaurants, which is Mamak Stalls. Therefore, those customers who find for "HALAL" food have limited choices of food to choose in Kampar. Spark Food Court is able to serve all customers, neither Muslim nor non-Muslim. Muslim customers are one of Spark Food Court's potential customers because the foods include "HALAL" foods. "HALAL" food stalls and non-"HALAL" food stalls are separates in Spark Food Court. Consequently, even there are some non-"HALAL" food stalls in Spark Food Court, Muslim customers will feel safe and have the confidence to have their meal.

Besides that, price of the foods is reasonable, which it can simply be what exchanged for the product or services between Spark Food Court and customers. Spark Food Court also distributes a colorful catalog with menu and price listed that paste in front of the vendor's stall. The catalog with menu and price also share out to every house to let all potential customers know.

Thus, Spark Food Court provides good environment to customers. Spark Food Court is able to provide more than 30 different choices of foods in one place. There is a large place enough for customers with their friends and families gather to have a meal. Spark Food Court has free spaces that allow customers to park their car, bike, or motorcycle. This will make customers feel convenience when having meal in Spark Food Court.

2.1.3 Company mission and objectives

Spark Food Court's Mission:

Target to all customers, either Muslim or non-Muslim especially in new town Kampar

Provide multi-choices of foods, which include "HALAL" foods

Satisfy all customers in Kampar area with a reasonable price

Improve quality of products and outstanding in a hygienic and larger environment

Provide a friendly service environment compare to competitors

Spark Food Court's Objective:

Generate profitable investment return for investors or shareholders between year three and five.

Payback period within three to five years

The Opportunity

2.2.1 Problem to solve or need to be filled


Based on the research, the populations in Kampar were generally increasing every year, especially those students from different states and the retirement citizen. The main factor of increasing students in Kampar is due to the established of UTAR campus and the existing of KTAR in Kampar. When population of students increases, this will straightly followed by the demand of foods. As what we had observed from the Kampar area, the choices of food is rather limited compare to other places while the population is higher. Besides, some of the foods that provided from restaurants are not customer flavor or taste. Because of this reasons, students are only select patronize the few restaurants that they frequently go.

Different Choice of Food

Thus, customers are facing problem when they want to decide which restaurant they want to have their meal. This is because due to the choices of foods that the restaurants provided are limited. Around Kampar, it is difficult to find restaurants that can provide more choices of foods. Those potential customers feel bored to the same restaurants and their food taste. This is because human being always wants different things and many choices to choose.

"HALAL" Food

The population of Kampar is around 68,000 people that mix with Chinese, Malays, and Indians. Somehow, we have found that those restaurants that provided "HALAL" foods almost are Muslim-Indian restaurants, which is Mamak Stalls. Therefore, those customers who find for "HALAL" food have limited choices of foods to choose in Kampar because those restaurants that provide "HALAL" food are few. Muslim customers are feeling bored when they always went to the same restaurants.


Because of the increasing of students in Kampar, this will straightly followed by the increase of vehicles in Kampar area. However, the parking places are not enough to satisfy all the vehicles in Kampar area. Customers feel inconvenience to find parking place for their vehicles. Besides, some students who have no vehicles are inconvenient to walk long to find restaurant that suit their taste.

How the proposed business solves the problem or fills the need


To satisfy the demand of the customers, Spark Court Food rents stalls to vendors and provides many choices of foods with reasonable price to customers. Therefore, Spark Food Court can fulfill customers' basic of need. As we know that, food is the basic need of human being therefore, how can we attract new customers actually is from the special and quality of food itself. Therefore, more restaurants and food centers are need due to the high demands in population.

Different Choice of Food

The product that Spark Food Court provides is beverages and foods. The foods that provide generally have different choices and "HALAL" foods, which Spark Food Court welcoming and serving all races at the same time. Price of the foods is reasonable, which it can simply be what exchanged for the products or services between Spark Food Court and customers. More than 30 different choices of foods can obtain by customers at a same place. Spark Food Court provides different choices of food, which include Japanese food, Thai food, Western food, Economic rice, "HALAL" foods, and others to satisfy customers' needs and wants.

"HALAL" Food

The reason of Spark Food Court sold the "HALAL" food is to satisfy the need for Muslim customers. This is because Spark Food Court is able to serve all races of customers at the same time. Spark Food Court rents the stall to vendors who sell "HALAL" foods. Besides, "HALAL" and non-"HALAL" food stalls is separates. Therefore, Muslim customers will feel safe and have the confidence to have their meal in Spark Food Court. Even Chinese market in Kampar is huge, but Muslim customers are also one of Spark Food Court's potential customers.


Thus, the place of Spark Food Court located is strategic because it target to all customers in new town Kampar area, especially students. Spark Food Court provides free spaces that allow customers to park their car, bike, or motorcycle. Spark Food Court is near to KTAR and other housing area, which students and others customers can reach food court center even they have no car or bike.

Competitive Advantages

2.3.1 Description of the Business Model

Figure 2.3: Business Model

Source: Developed for the research.

Core Strategy

Spark Food Court mission is to provide a comfortable and variety choice of foods as eating point to customers. The difference between Spark Food Court and competitors is the clean and hygiene environment and trendy building structure. Customers are enjoyable when having meal in Spark Food Court and the turnover rate is high. Beside, the quality of food and services are also a main core strategy to attract new customers. Every three months, Spark Food Court will review the customers like and dislike by survey and interview session to overcome weakness and continue sustainable in future. For any improvement and changes, there will be a small meeting with all management team members, workers, and vendors.

Strategy Resources

The strategy location at Jalan Hala Timah 3, Kampar is main core competency as it is located in between the potential customers, which are University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), and Tunku Abdul Rahman College (KTAR) students. Spark Food Court is situated near to the main customers including UTAR, KTAR, Sekolah Kebangsaan Sentosa, Sekolah Menengah Sentosa, SMJK(C) Pei Yuen, SRJK(C) Chung Hua, Kampar Clock Tower, SMK Sri Kampar, SMJK(T) Kampar, Kampar river, Kampar Recreation Park, SRK Methodist ACS Kampar, Kampar Central Wet Market. Nevertheless, it is accessible by modes of transportation, such as motorbike, bicycle, bus, taxi, and car. This has given an opportunity great advantage to compete with other rivals outside.

Customer Interface

The core target market of Spark Food Court is students and staffs at two nearby privacy institutions and the residents from all the Kampar. There are several channels of interactions with the target market, which include the situated location at Jalan Hala Timah 3, Kampar, distributed with flyers before the opening of Spark Food Court, through word of mouth by customers, and online information from websites.

Partnership Network

A good and trustful supplier is a very important factor in order to provide the quality and effective products and services to the customers itself. Therefore, reliable supplier will result in reducing wastage cost and increase growth of profit.

Furniture and fitting

Spark Food Court purchases the furniture and fitting at IKEA retail shop. IKEA is offering dynamic designed and functional Home Furnishing product with reasonable price which is afford by every of its customers. (APPENDIX A)

Spark Food Court chooses Elmod Enterprise as seller network for furniture and fitting. Elmod Enterprise is selling its products constructed with highest-grade material and built in exact standards. Besides, it also focuses on the style, quality and value of the products to customers. (APPENDIX A)

Electrical appliances

As for electrical appliances, Spark Food Court is very confident with buying the electrical appliances with Haier. Haier is a globally brand of goods manufacturing and official home appliances. It is typically manufacturing products such as refrigerators, air conditioners, kitchen appliances and so on, which titled as "Top Brands" in China. (APPENDIX A)

Kitchen equipment

The good reputation of GH Stainless Steel has leaded Spark Food Court to choose it kitchen equipment. GH Stainless Steel started in middle year of 1960's and today it is recognizing as a leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel industry. (APPENDIX A)

Building construction

The entire building project of Spark Food Court will take over by He-Con Sdn Bhd who is familiar with the infrastructure and building construction. Besides, by applying HC precast building system given customers with cost effectiveness, high quality finish and easy standardization construction. (APPENDIX A)

Interior and exterior design

Gukawe Resources is going to analyze and plan for Spark Food Court interior and exterior design in term of it deeply experienced in design industry and knowledgeable employees. Likewise, the company also provides the design service for digital brochures, flyers, catalogs and so forth. (APPENDIX A)

As Sunshine Granite Sdn Bhd is one of the experts of renovation and design company in Malaysia, therefore it will handle the interior and exterior design of Spark Food Court as whole. The manufacturer of the Sunshine Granite Sdn Bhd products is imported from the renowned countries like Span, China, Turkey and others. (APPENDIX A)

2.3.2 How the Business will create a sustainable competitive advantage

Figure 2.4: Competitive Advantage

Source: Developed for the research.


The perfect location at Jalan Hala Timah 3, Kampar create a sustainable competitive advantage for Spark Food Court because of the established of UTAR and KTAR mainly play an important role to attract the customers. In addition, from Bidor Tol to Jalan Hala Timah 3, Kampar is only taken 30 minutes time per kilometer per hour by car. Somehow, the strategic location of Spark Food Court was surrounding by all the potential customers that can take as granted to open such an ideal food business.

Variety of Food Choice

By providing multiple of food vendors including "HALAL" food enable every religion to have meal at Spark Food Court. In order to satisfy the need and desire of customers, Spark Food Court established as a first standardized Food Court at Jalan Hala Timah 3, Kampar, which consists of 30 different food stalls. It provides food, such as Thai food, Western food, Chinese food, Malay food, Indian food, and so on. Therefore, the different type of foods that sells at Spark Food Court can be a huge competitive advantage compares other competitors because of the variety of food choices. This is because customers can obtain the food they want in one place. Customers can choose their favorable food rather than others places that only offered a limited choice of food to them.


Spark Food Court generally provides a safety and hygiene environment including the cleanliness of the food court, proper attire by workers, facilities in good condition and the safety of food to consume which as a value added to their customers. It operate to ensure the customer is being treated as good enough in order to keep them as loyal customers in the future. Spark Food Court concern with the environment matter, so the facilities provided is being review occasionally to ensure in the safety mode. Besides, workers will immediately clean the table after customers leave, thus next customers will not have to wait and have a clean environment to have meal.

Food Court Design

The Spark Food Court will be design in a unique style of food court, which creatively use of all spaces and attractive interior design. Spark Food Court will design slightly same like the food court in major Shopping Complex and the uniqueness is it build as standalone building in rural area Kampar. As we are concern with the interior and exterior of the food court design, so the Food Court is prioritize in trendy outlook, which including the fitting and furniture, building structure, kitchen component and others. Apart from that, "HALAL" and non-"HALAL" food stalls will be separated. Therefore, Muslim customers will feel that they are respected of what kind of food they cannot take.

Management Team

Our enthusiastic leader, Miss Ho Lib Jiun will guide the overall process of preparing the Spark Food Court business plan. The Food Court Operation management will be fully managed by Mr. Vince Pang Von Khong. Miss Ng Chai Siah who is familiar in promotion strategy and tools as well manages the Sales and Marketing Department. Finally, Miss Toh Su Ling who has several training experience in accounting and financing field will manage the Finance Department. However, the management team will undergo with some training and development skills to maintain the business sustainable in the food industry

Current Status and Requirement

Description of the business stands today and what the business needs to move forward (Projected milestones is required)

Table 2.1: Projected Milestones for Pre-Commencement

Task Activities


Starting Date

Finish Date

Project Presentation

1 day



Project Approval

14 days



Receives Funding

14 days



Acquire Location

7 days



Obtain Required License and Permits

30 days



Commence Renovation and Retrofit Building

150 days



Search Suppliers for Ordering and Purchasing

21 days



Arrangement for Equipments

5 days



Application for Vendors

30 days



Application for Service Workers

21 days



Promotional Action

21 days



Ordering Uniforms for Vendors and Workers

21 days



Wireless Registration

5 days



Training Workers

7 days



Create Awareness on Workers and Vendors

3 days



Start Business Operation


(Refer Gantt Chart) APPENDIX B

Table 2.2: Projected Milestone

Time Frame



Commence of business.

Achieve total revenue of RM ______in the end of the year.


Achieve total revenue of RM ______and making profit of RM _____in the end of year.


Achieve total revenue of RM ______and making profit of RM _____in the end of year


Achieve total revenue of RM ______and making profit of RM _____in the end of year


Payback the start-up capital within ______

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