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Apple Code Of Ethics Supplier Responsibility Commerce Essay

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Wordcount: 1365 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Organizations are composed of physical resources and human resources. There is always an interaction between the two and these interactions are done to meet the objectives of the organization. There are always set policies and procedures to come up with the desired results. These policies and procedures are products of the management of the organization in as much as they are the ones in-charge of how the company would be run. The main objective of the organization is to maximize profit because with profit maximization, surely there will be benefits that will redound to its human force and the community it serves. There are always activities and tasks that need manipulation of resources to the best advantage of the organization. It is however, mandated by laws and regulations and also of ethics and morality that the activities and moves of the human force be in consonance with the norms of society. Thus, it is understood that in an organization, there is in most cases a set of conducts and behavior which is normally called Code of Ethics. Apple Computer is not an exception. As it thrives in its business in the field of technology, the company and all its workforce is expected to be in compliance with its code of ethics. As it goes through its expansion and success in its chosen field, Apple has required its suppliers to commit with heart and soul to the Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure that they conform to what are expected of them. The Apple Supplier Code of Conduct discussed here is taken from the website of Apple.com and is intended to all those companies that supply materials and good which later become part of the products sold and manufactured by Apple.

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More probably in the field of technology, there is no person who doesn’t know the founder of Apple. Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak were the founders of Apple and this company was incorporated in the state of California in the year 1977. Just like any other companies, Apple is its mission. A mission statement is the guiding principle of a business. It explains why the business exists, what it does and how it do business (Holston, 2011). Apple has the mission of bringing the best computing experience to the world. Its intended users are the students, educators, professionals, business men and all those people who are technology-enthusiasts. This explains why apple exists. What it does is to create changes in the world through modern technology like computers, iPad, systems and structures like the software and hardware it produces. Today, Apple does not only cater their products to their intended users when they first had it invented, it has expanded its usage to almost everybody from all walks of life regardless of social and economic status.


Apple as mentioned in the earlier paragraph requires its suppliers to comply with its code of conducts or code of ethics. Its code embodies the ideals and principles by which the company goes. The code is inclusive of the standard norms of conduct which cover labor standards, health and safety, environmental responsibility, ethics and management commitment. Adherence to labor laws and regulations is mandated by Apple to its suppliers in a way that Apple, Inc. itself does business. It does not want to do business with companies that are not in compliance with laws. Discrimination of employees based on origin, races, culture, ages and other demographic characteristics as well as religion is not allowed. This form of discrimination and employment policy does not have a place in the company of Apple. Fair treatment of employees especially in terms of fringe benefits and working condition are some of those principles embedded in the code. Employees should be in a workplace free from physical harm and should always be under safe working conditions. Also part of the code is the freedom of association. Of course, it is understood here that the association should be a healthy one and not for the purpose of creating lawlessness and instability in the workplace. Environmental responsibility is one of the primary responsibilities that Apple requires its suppliers to have. This means corporate responsibility and by this, the company’s suppliers must commit to improve environmental condition. The world is not getting any bigger and cleaner primarily because of the scarcity of resources that people can’t help but take advantage of them for their sustenance. The suppliers must give back to the community it serves. This can be done by being environment-friendly. Being green and paperless is one way of giving back to the community. Ethics is always conceived to be an integral part of an organization and companies. This code of ethics have been found to be useful in the conduct and behavior of managers and employees especially in avoiding harm to customers and others (Goodwin, 2002). Apple adheres to behavior that are considered by majority to be correct and ethical. For this reason, its suppliers must be ethical also in the conduct of its business. To come up with what are in the Supplier Code of Conduct, the use of management system is a good tool.

The management system of implementing the code is with Apple, Inc. itself monitoring compliance of its suppliers with the requisites of the code. It would sometimes designate an outside company to visit the site of the suppliers for monitoring purposes. Inspection and audit of documents and papers like payroll, timecards, workers’ records and practices are considered to see, verify and confirm compliance. A supplier found not in compliance is further investigated and later discharged as a supplier if investigation turns out unfavorable. In this case, the suppliers are warned of the consequence of not following the dictates of the code. Apple has been following the ethical system of ends-driven. The existence of Apple is based on its mission to provide an experience in computers to its users, an experience that they have never had before. This is the purpose or the goal of the founders which has been extended to its employees and management. To achieve this goal, the company has to offer products that are best in quality and usage. Quality products are produced and manufactured by happy and satisfied employees and these employees thrive in a company where their interests are preserved and protected.


The Supplier Code of Conduct is useful not only to the employees but to all the members in the organization. The rights and interests of the employees are to be protected because they not only comprise the main bulk of the human force but they are the ones who turn the raw materials into finished products for delivery to Apple. They should receive fringe and benefits commensurate to their skills and qualifications. The managers on the other hand are also benefitting from the code because the care and protection they give the employees radiate to them in terms of quality work and commitment. To the board of directors, the code is the guide on how it will strategize policies and procedures to make the company an enticing place to work.

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The Supplier Code of Conduct for the suppliers of Apple is an example of how a business should do business with others. A company does not need only resources, physical and human. There is a need for rules, standards and norms on how business should be conducted. Apple is one among those businesses that is not afraid to enforce some requirements to its suppliers. If only other companies would follow Apple, there could be certainty that all the supplies delivered by companies to other companies for their use will be of quality. This is because excellent products are manufactured by excellent people. Excellent people exist in excellent companies whose codes of conduct are followed. There is no doubt, this is one of the factors that spell success of Apple, Inc., the company that has provided mankind a legacy of technology beyond compare.


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