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A Critical Evaluation Of Nestle

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Commerce
Wordcount: 2211 words Published: 18th May 2017

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Introduction of Company (Nestle)

The company Nestle is recognised as a famous and leading food manufacturing company in the world over 130 from its establishment. It deals with the business of food and Agriculture raw material. These two parts are very important and are indispensible part of each community in the world. At present time the company has been enjoying the privilege of being world’s largest and diversified company in the sector of food and agriculture Raw materials and it possesses about 500 factories all over the world in 80 countries.

Company profile

Nestle has it’s headquarter in Switzerland, Vevey and it was founded in 1866 by Sir Henri Nestle and at present this has been recognised as the biggest beverages and food company. At the end of the year 2004 were 87 bn. this had net profit of 6.7 bn. The company has around 247,000 employees.

The company undergoes many guding principle for the better outputs. Nestlé’s obtainable products rise from beginning to end with novelty and renewal at the same time as uphold a equilibrium in geographic behavior and manufactured goods lines. Long-standing potential is by no means sacrificed for temporary or short range feat. The Company’s main concern is to convey the most excellent and most appropriate foodstuffs to populace, where on earth they are, what on earth their requirements, all through their existences.(www.nestle.com)

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Corporate Communication Strategy of Nestle

The corporate communication strategy is an important part of any business. In any business good communication has to be established for the effective running of the business (Oliver, et al 2007). There must be good communication between the staff, management and customers. This strategy has to be adopted from the bottom to up which covers employees, customer’s suppliers, investors and management as the area of corporate communication strategy is important for the consideration of change management and corporate governance. This strategy has been developed by keep in mind the mission, policies, vision, corporate culture and strategies which exists in the internal environment of the organization but this must has center of attention over external communication environment assessment.

In nestle communication management is the result of planning and implementations of strategies set by the senior practitioners in relation with the top management of the company. The company decides that how and which kind of relationship they need for the business with regards to the stakeholders and management. As the success and failure of the company depends upon the planning and setting up of this corporate communication strategy and its effective implementation. For the Nestle as studies there are following strategy followed for the getting up in the market.

Mission of the Company

The Nestle has believed in the research criteria and these results in the understanding of the people or customers needs from the company and products. As the hygienic and good food is the main source of the life and good health, the company has concentration to make and provide a good food for the customers and people. For the fulfillment of their aim to provide good and fresh food to the consumers the company has introduced a policy named SHE i.e. Safety, Health and Environment polity in order to protect the health and to keep the environment clean for all.

Vision of Company

Vision of Nestle Company is based on the expansion of their business appropriate to the rising demands of marketplace.

As per the vision of the company it has the target in 2020 production capacity of all plants to be increased at the higher level. 

Aims of the company

The main aims of the company Nestle are as follow:

To be spirited for the competition as they looked for many years that customers are drifted towards the pricing strategy and also have move towards the promotions.

To obtain a cost-effective growth

To privileged the UK trades and not stops thinking about other countries in the world that pay money for Nestle products.

To bring up on getting better their marketplace shares.

To put up for sale more than competitors similar to well known and appreciated corporations like Mars and Cadbury.


The main objectives of the company are as follow:

To put together enhancement and developments to their goods and manufacturers in order to make the customer happy and satisfied.

To bring on manufacturing new products to go on customers pleased.

To do well in implementation their aims and objectives, company Nestle knows that it is not easy to do so. So in to maintain them Nestle will carry on giving lots of commitment to the companies’ principles in preparation, development and employ practices, which will then expectantly formulate them a constant superior corporation!

Corporate Issues in Nestle Communication management

a) External and Internal communication 

External Communication

The nestle is very much conscious about the external communication in which the company deals with its customers and suppliers and also it related to the promotions by external means like advertisements, publicity etc. The external communication in nestle (www.nestle.com , 2003) is based on the following principles:

The communication in nestle consumer relation is based on the reflection that there is moderation of food consumption so that to avoid the problem of overeating. Especially with relation to children

The communication ensures the healthy and balanced diet. The advertising strategy for the company must not imply just replacement of food items with pleasure or snack food instead of heavy food and snacking.

The advertising by nestle is such that it dedicated children that does not destabilize the authority and responsibility of the parents. The advertising is away from the unsafe situations.

The communication is based on the health benefits and products provide sound nutrition basis.

Communication is away from the violence, profanity and bad manners.

Avoid the dangerous consumption of the products.

Advertising Strategy

Advertising is a power tool for the communication in the market. This help to increase the sale of the products. This creates image of the products in the mind of the customers and they intend to buy them. The ways used for the advertising by nestle are television, radio, newspaper, bill boards, hoardings etc.

Internal communication

For the internal communication the nestle follow the appropriate strategy in which there is effective communication between the top management and their parts of the management (Jaine, 2002). In internal communication the ICT technology is used to transfer the information across the various departments of the company. There is provision of meetings and conferences to discuss the matters with the staff and employees. The company has effective internal communication.

Corporation communication


The identity of the company is taken as the food and beverages and is recognised by the images and its products. Image and identity both are in the category of information.


Reputation is considered as the total assessment of the company admired by the customers. Nestle has good reputation in this relation in the market and is enjoying the top position in the market due to its reputation.


Image is very useful in the process of communication. This serves as the tool for the marketing. For Nestle it has its own brand images. There are some images are shown here for the company.

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTitCJKrMR8srkmvBy4CN-zecX7gitNhR2ghUAiREgxEp32CaB8 http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTZSirRl5_PrLhaFwz7oNQ9Ku-10n9n2AGUnucKwrGjvmNOc8aN http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR5bicPv6dFHOCS0l0FTQtJkUZrzxsqXmuO4qfIyUoEMmi-qjbR0g http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSJBV1oQBcFdHG4Wcpwf-tBDv-D-9E-sE_N9lHDxKwVo1tQInMJ

Organisational Culture of the company

The organisational culture is consists of the representative performance outlines and principles that symbolize the company (Edger, 2010). Organisational culture of any organisation can be experienced by only spending little time with the organisation and in its environment. The communication is that source in the organisation that reflects the organisation culture of that company.

There are number of aspects that Nestle has in context to values and this results in the working practice and their relationship with the employees. This includes the showing or presenting respect for different culture and encourage the employees of the nestle to work according to the company strategy and course i.e. fairness, honesty and concern of the people.

The organisational culture during the work response to the various changes both in the external as well as internal environment in the Nestle. The international meetings and conferences that lead to the thinking process regarding the various government regulation and other investors and their activities for the business. in the present time the company Nestle has developed a system called environment Management System and system of environment auditing. In this there is concentration pay on the sustainable developments of the values and principles into the organisational culture of the company that reflects the good communication among all the departments of the company (www.nestle.com).

The following diagram shows the organisational structure of the company Nestle in detail.


Role of Technology

The technology in nestle is so designed that it provide accurate and consistent information over the various activities of the groups. The technology is set according to the environment friendly concept and the communication is secured by the available means from the inside and outside of the company and group. Nestle also considered its responsibility to create awareness, provide training and motivation by the means of use of technology with regards to the effective communication at external and internal level.

PTC (Product technology centre) in Nestle is the part of worldwide network and this has focus on the excellence of the quality. This help to get lead in the way or methods to develop, process and packaged. At this place there is interface between the creativity and practical ideas.

Role of HR in Nestle Communication

The value of the HR functions is widely accepted in the companies and Nestle is a Human Company and it has good impact of HR over its communication corporation. This would help the company to protect against moving downward in the hard competition. Effective management of human resources in Nestle involves the recruiting, training and maintain of the staff according to the needs of the company. This reflects the good level of communication among the staff and employees of the company. The employees are trained to handle the various tasks like to motivate the people, address them about the various issues they had, their culture benefits and other friendly communication with them.

It is the responsibility of the HR to create the climate for the technology innovations and to see outside of the environment. This also helps in the accepting the changes.


It is here concluded that nestle is leading company in the sector of food and beverages. The success of company is depending upon the strategies and implementation of those strategies in the company. In this relation corporate communication is the most important part of the management as this provides the interface between the various departments of the company. If there is good implementation of communication strategy at internal and external level of the company then there is more change to get the success for the company. Nestle pays more emphasis over the communication strategy of the company.


There are some suggestions for the company regarding its communication management in order to get more advantages from this.

First of all the company has to put new techniques for the internal implementation of communication. Regarding the receiving and transporting the information.

Secondly regarding the advertisement the company has good strategy but due to globalisation and technology advancement there is need timely change to convey the messages to the consumers.

For the suppliers and other investor the healthy way of communication is recommended. There should be encouragement of bottom up ideas rather than the top down ideas it will explore more ideas for the better communication.

Media is very powerful tool in relation to the communication with customers and suppliers and even for the investors. This part should be considered importantly by the company.


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