Violent video game

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Violent video game

Background Study

Nowadays, the video games had permeated into most of the teenager age between 13 to17 years old, and the amount of time they spend on the video game is getting longer. There are many high graphics video games have been created because the technology is getting good and the game industrial growth rapidly. The video games manufacturers such as SEGA, ROCKSTAR, and ELECTRONIC ART (EA) are trying their best to design the best video games to compete with other manufacturers.
Due to the high requirements of the video games, the manufacturers would like to attract more gamers to play their games so that violent features are added to fulfil the excitement of the gamers. When the underage teenagers are playing violent video games, they feel curious and finally they will ask themselves “Will this really happen in my real life?”
Violent video game has become a very big issue in china. According to an online newspaper article, “China has banned Web sites from advertising or linking to games that glamorize violence because they are promoted drug use, obscenities, gambling, or crimes such as rape, vandalism and theft are "against public morality and the nation's fine cultural traditions.”(The Age 2009)
As a result, the possible causes of violent games are the increasing number of criminal cases and affect the mental development of the teenagers that is the reason why china has banned the website which is linking to game that contains violent.

1.2 Statement of Problem

In the advanced technology world, violence computer games are being created and they are introduced significantly to teenager between ten to seventeen years old. Day after day, time passed away, it is getting more worried as the increasing of violence computer games and the effects of them to the teenager.
Most of the violence computer games bring negative impacts to teenager. According to Dr. Phil on children and violence computer games (Dr. Phil, n.d.), he claims that teenager will not learn moral values from those violence computer games. Furthermore, those violence computer games will totally change the behaviour of the teenager whom plays those computer games. For instance, for those who have stayed longer in playing violent game would become more aggressive because they may imitate the violent actions such as killing and fighting during their gaming time.
Violence computer games deliver bad messages to teenagers between ten to seventeen years old due to the game features and the aggressiveness of those games. Furthermore, violent games promote a serious threat to the moral standards of society causing vulnerable teenagers to be adversely affected. Some examples of the violence computer games are Warcraft III, Left for Dead, Fear and House of Dead. These games are brutal and aggressive.
Lastly, violent games also will make the teenagers more likely to commit violent act in real life so that the number of criminal cases committed by the teenagers are increased significantly.

1.3 Objective of Study

The purpose of this study is to understand the effects of the violent computer game to the teenagers between 13 to 17 years old. Second goal of this study is to examine how the violent game harms the teenager's mental development, school performance, and their behavior. Third goal is to reduce the crimes that committed by the teenagers. However, this study is only concentrated on the teenagers between 13 to 17 years old because this is the golden period of their growth and they might easily influenced by their friends and the media because of their immature thought and they usually like to oppose their parent to get more freedom. Therefore, it would be more effective for the research works.

1.4 Research Questions

1.4.1 What are the possible reasons make teenager between 13 to 17 years old play computer game?
1.4.2 What are the effects of violent games?
1.4.3 How the violent games affect the teenagers?
1.4.4 What action should parent and society do to avoid the chances of playing violent games?

1.5 Significant of the Study

This study is to awake the society to pay attention on this issue seriously and provide the solutions to overcome this issue in order to prevent the underage teenagers in committing crime and allowing their mental to develop positively.
On the other hand, this study is mainly addressed to teenagers between 10 -17 years old and their parents. Since parent plays a very important role to their children, they should spend more time on their children interests to ensure that their children do not play any video games have violent content and also teach their children to distinguish the fantasy and reality.
In addition, through the awareness of the effect of the violent and the proper advice from their parent, so that teenagers would select a proper game for themselves.
Lastly, this study is also important to call the enforcement body to ensure the video games adhere to new law because there is no laws were given to against the game manufacturers who produce violent game.
If this awareness is successfully delivered to the society and teenagers, crimes that committed by the teenagers will be reduced significantly. Also, this probably effective to stop the game manufacturers producing violent games because the society won't buy the violent game if they get know about the negative impact of the violent games or if there is law to prohibit the game producers produce the games which is contained violent.


There are many violent video game effects to teenagers. According to the Indiana University School of Medicine research (Kristin Kalning 2006), they were doing brain scan on the teenagers who playing the violent game, and the researcher found that their brains are affected by the violent game.
In this research, 44 underage teenagers were invited to join for the experiment. They were divided into 2 groups, each group has 22 people. During the experiment, two types of games were tested. The first tested game was the “Need for Speed Underground” which is a sporty vehemence racing game and does not contain any violent whereas the other game was “Medal of Honor Frontline”. It is a first-person shooting (FPS) video game and it contains extreme violent scenario.
Those teenagers who participated in this experiment were randomly chosen to play the selected games set by researchers, and the brain scanner was also assigned when they are playing the game.

The brain scanned result was yielded after 30 minutes. Those teenagers who played “Medal of Honor Frontline” were resulted an increased in emotional arousal as compared to those who played “Need for Speed Underground”.
On the other hand, for those teenagers who played the “Medal of Honor Frontline”, their brain had shown excited effect because it contains violent contents. This would affect their emotional control and cause them inability to control themselves.
In conclusion, the parents and society have to take this issue seriously and practically in order to prevent the teenagers playing violent video games and reducing teenager crime.


3.1 Introduction

This chapter emphasizes on the methodology used in conducting a research. Research methodology can also be defined as a collection of procedures or methods used to gather information regarding a study. The intention of the research is to study the effects of the violent computer games to teenager between 13 to 17 years old. Therefore, the researchers would like to choose Sekolah Seri KDU as the population of the research. Sekolah Seri KDU is a private school which offers primary and secondary level studies which located in Kota Damansara. Due to the large population, a sample of 100 students from the secondary level will be chosen randomly. Several research methods are available to assist in this research. For instance, the research information can be obtained through observation, interview, experiment and questionnaire.

3.2 Research Instrument

There are several instruments used to collect information for a research. In order to gather user's opinions on the effects of violent computer games to teenager between 13 to 17 years old, this research will emphasize more on the questionnaire, interview and observation.
Questionnaires are one of the most popular methods in conducting a research. They provide an easy way to collect information from a targeted population. Besides that, “They are cost-effective when compare to face-to-face interview, mostly because of the cost of the travel time”. This is a statement from experts (David S. Walonick 1993)
Regarding the questionnaire, a set of twenty questions will be created based on the topic of violent game. For instance, the questionnaires contain of different kind of question such as Linkert-scale, ranking, category, scale, open-ended as well as yes/no question. As mention above, these questions will be distributed randomly to 100 secondary level students from Sekolah Sri KDU which will be the sample of this research. In conclusion, questionnaire method is important to gather information from a selected group of teenager and the responses are organized systematically.
Additionally, observation is a qualitative data collection method which involves in making observation on something like teenager interest regarding computer games. It is difficult to perform observation because researcher has to spend more time to collect information. Besides that, numbers of roles have to be taken to observe and study the teenager behavior and interest on their point of view regarding violent computer games. Moreover, the frequently of teenager playing violent computer game and its effects on them are observed. On the other hand, 3 percent of the students will be selected to the interview session. The interview date and time will be set later. Face-to-face interview will enable researchers to understand more details on the students regarding the ways they spend their time on video games.


3.3 Respondent of Study

The respondents of the study are the upper secondary level and lower secondary level students from Sekolah Sri KDU. The total questionnaire will be distributed is 100 copies which same as the amount of sample in this research. On the other hand, 3 percent of the students will be selected to the interview session. The interview date and time will be set at a time when both party is free. Face-to-face interview will enable researchers to understand more on the students regarding the ways they spend their time on video game.

3.4 Research Procedure

Validity and efficiency of the questionnaires will be examined one week before the actual data collection take place. This sample of questionnaires will be given to about 15 students from Sekolah Sri KDU when the classes are over. The results obtained from the experimental questionnaires will be observed.
There are various locations in Sekolah Sri KDU where the questionnaires can be distributed. In this case, the researchers would like to choose the recess time and canteen as the location. These time and location are chosen because it is the peak time where all the students will gather to have their food in the canteen. Furthermore, the researchers choose not the interrupt the precious time of the Sri KDU's students which is during the lecture time. Since Sekolah Sri KDU is a private school, permission letter will be designed and hand over to the authorized person or principle of the school one week before the actual data collection take place.


As stated earlier, the effects of the violent video games are quite jeopardizing to the teenagers. However, there are several methods such as questionnaire and interview have been adopted to find out the evidences to prove that whether violent game is really harmful to the teenagers or not.

4.1: Result of the questionnaire

Firstly, the survey was conducted on violent video games and teenagers. However, five important topics from 20 questions of the questionnaire shown in Appendix I have been selected to observe the impact of the violent video games.
42 percent of the respondents have admitted that they have played the video games more than 20 hours in a week. However, the percentages for those who have played video games less than 5 and 10 hour per week are 22 and 20 percent respectively.
After by adding the percentages of less than 5 and 10 hours, this adding result shows that it is actually equal to the percentage of more than 20 hours. This kind of situation happened probably a part of them are come from the advance class and a part of them are come from the normal class. Most of the advance class's student answered less than 5 and 10 hours is because they have no time to play video game. They have a lot of curriculum activities and tuition need to be attended.
On the contrary, the curriculum activities and tuition of the normal class's student probably is lesser than the advance class's student so that they may spend more time on the video games after their class.

On the other hand, 38 respondents answered that their parents did have limited their gaming time while the rest of the respondents can play the video games as long as they want.

Based on this result, it can conclude that most of the parents are paid attention to their children. One of the reasons they limit their children gaming time is because they realize that video game is very addictive and it would affect their children school performance and their behavior as well.
Besides that, 50 percent of the respondents have agreed that they have ability to differentiate the reality and friction while 16 percent of respondents answered that they do not have ability to differentiate the reality and friction. However, 10 percent of respondents answered neutral.

Respondents agree and disagree that they have ability to differentiate the reality and friction

According to result shown on the pie chart in Figure 4.1.3, most of the respondents have the ability to differentiate the reality and friction but 40% percent of them answered disagree and neutral. This is because the awareness of the effect of the violent video games to the public and society is still poor.
Moreover, there is a unclear result shown in the survey result because 24 respondents will not stop playing the video game which is contained violent while 25 respondents will stop playing the game if they get know the video games they were playing contain violent. However, it was hard to differentiate they will or will not in this situation.

Respondents who will stop or will not stop playing violent video games

One of the reasons, the respondents do not stop playing the video games which is contained violent is because the features of the violent game itself. As stated in earlier chapter, violent video is very addictive and it is able to make the gamer spends whole day staying in front the computer or other game consoles.
Lastly, 40 percent of respondents agree removing violent video games from our society will make people less aggressive and make life more peaceful that while 20 percent of the respondents disagree and 14 percent of respondent stay neutral in this question.

Based on this result, it can concluded that violent video games become more and more dangerous because majority of the respondents agreed that violent video games would make them become aggressive and it is better to remove the violent games to make life more peaceful.
However, violent video games not only affect the emotion of the respondents, but also change the behavior of the respondent. After a couple of time, it would cause the them committing crime easily when they are losing his/her control.

4.1.1: Result of the interview

As referring to result of the interview session between the researcher and a student of Sekolah Sri Kdu shown in Appendix II, this student does not play games everyday because of the insufficient time. According to the interview conversation, that student needs to attend the curriculum activities after his school time or tuitions and need to finish his daily homework at night time as well. Also, the student will stop playing the video games because his big examination which is Penilai Menengah Rendah (PMR) is coming soon.
However, this student still does not understanding the effect of the violent video games. Consequently, it can conclude that the public awareness of the effect of the violent games of this student is still poor.
Besides that, his parent did have limited his gaming time and act quite straight to him because his parent used to lock the computer before his examination. As a result, it can be seen that his parents are so take care and pay attention on him. In addition, the student also admitted that violent video game make him become aggressive after playing it.
In conclusion, the result of interview is quite effective to investigate the effect of the violent video games because through the interview conversation, the researcher can realize the situation of student more clearly.

4.2: Comparison of the findings

The methods used to collect data of this research are questionnaire and interview and they are totally different with method used by previous researcher. As stated in the literature review part, their data were collected by using the experiment methods and it was done by dividing the participants into two 2 groups and introduce different video games to them. Some advance equipments has been adopted to provide the results of the participants from these 2 groups.
In other word, this experimental method can be considered as scientific proof for the effect of the violent video games because it did show a sign of aggressive on the screen after playing the violent games.
However, their research was just specified in one field which is to find out the sign of aggressive after playing the violent video games. On the contrary, in this research the researcher able to understand the effect of violent video games clearly by asking questions and it certainly extent scope of the study. Not only to prove that whether the violent video games increase the aggressiveness, but also find out the positive and negative impact of the violent video games through these methods. For positive effect, sometimes violent games did help in releasing stress. While negative effects are likely to commit crime, and affect the school performance.

4.3: Evaluation of finding

Based on the results of both methods, the results made sense because most of answers of the selected topic are similar as the forecasting result of the researcher and also the result that produced by previous researchers.
Similarly, the researchers have hypothesized that violent games have multiple risk factor to the teenagers and it is likely to exhibit aggressive behavior, and commit the crime easily. This present results are matched to the statistical results that provided by the previous researchers and also support this hypothesis.
In addition, another hypothesis regarding the amount of play also has been made. As referring to the survey result, it shown that the amount of violent video games plays would affect the school performance. Hence, the second hypothesis is also supported by the above results.
In conclusion, the results getting from the survey and interview are consistent with substantial amount of other violence media research and violent game research.


These findings indicate how the violent video games bring effects to teenagers. Based on the findings, violent video games cause most of the teenagers to be more addicted to them due to their features. Therefore teenagers willing to spend more time and perhaps stay longer with violent games. However, it would be less worried because teenagers able to differentiate between reality and friction. This is to assure that teenagers are conscious to what they are doing and will lead to any unwanted crimes.
Generally, violent video games can be played anywhere such as home and cyber cafes. This finding found that most of the students are influenced by their friends to play violent video games. However, the rest of them love the violent game feature and the games really entertain them. Parents do play their role by limiting their children gaming time. This action is able to assure that their children are less addictive to violent video games.
There are some limitations faced by the researchers when conducting these findings. They faced insufficient of time to collect data. The data collection duration was one week. It would be better to extend the period of the data collection to increase the chances of finding more opinions on the violent video games.
Another limitation was insufficient of respondents. Since there are only 100 respondents in this study, there are insufficient of evidence to conclude that violent video games will produce a negative effect to the teenagers.
In the light of the results, it is suggested that awareness campaign regarding the negative effects of violent video game should be launched to provide information and knowledge to teenagers. Besides that, schools must play an important role to make the co-curriculum activities compulsory to ensure all students spend their time with useful activities.







1. Have you played video games before?
Not Interested Neutral Very Interested
How interested you are in video games



3. What kind of consoles do you own?
PC X-Box
Sega Game Boy
PSP Game Cube
PS III Other, please specify .

4. How much do you spend for your video game?
RM 50 RM 101 -RM 150
RM 51 - RM 100 RM 151 -RM 200


5. Please name five of your favourite games?

6. How many hours do you spend for gaming in a week?
< 5 hours > 15 hours
> 10 hours > 20 hours

7. Do your parents limit your gaming time?

8. Have you ever played violent video games?

9. Do your parents pay attention about the video games that you were playing?

10. Would your parents get angry, if they get know that you were playing a violent video game?

11. Do you think there is a positive of violence?
Yes No
If yes, please specify some benefit of violence .

12. Would you imitate the violent actions that you experienced during your gaming time?

13. Are you preferred to play violent games than non-violent games?

14. In your opinion, violent video games are good or bad?

Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
15. It would be easy for you to commit crime after playing violent video game.



16. Removing violent video games from our society will make people less aggressive and make life more peaceful.



17. Playing violent video games is a good way to release stresses that you face in your school



18. It would be easy for to accept violent in reality after playing violent video games



19. You have the ability to differentiate between friction and reality.



20. The violent is prevalent in our society is due to violent video games




Section 2: Please tell us about yourself


Researcher : Hello!
Thomas : Hello!
Researcher : Nice to meet you.
Thomas : Me too.
Researcher : I'm the student from Segi University College and I am currently doing a research regarding the violent video games. Could I ask some questions about the violent video games?
Thomas : Sure.
Researcher : Have you ever played the video games?
Thomas : Yes.
Researcher : What kind of video games you usually play?
Thomas : Soccer, counter strike, and warcraft.
Researcher : All right. How many hours do you normally spend for gaming per day?
Thomas : Sorry, I don't play games every day. Normally I spent 2 hours for games when I really free. But I will stop playing video games.

Researcher : Why?
Thomas : Because I need to sit for my PMR examination soon.
Researcher : I see. Do you notice that you become aggressive after playing violent games?
Thomas : No
Researcher : Do you agree that playing violent video game is the good way to release the stress.
Thomas : Yes. I used to play games for several hours when I was unhappy and full of stress.
Researcher : Do your parent pay attention on what you play?
Thomas : Yes.
Researcher : Are they limited your gaming time?
Thomas : Yes, they did limit my gaming time. Not only that, they also have tried to lock the computer before my examination.
Researcher : Based on your opinion, do you think violent video game is good or bad?
Thomas : Bad, because there are many violent action on the screen while playing this kind of game.
Researcher : Do you know the effect of the violent video games?
Thomas : Not really.
Researcher : Do feel aggressive after playing the violent game?
Thomas : Yup. I did feel a little bit aggressive after playing it.
Researcher : Why you say like that?
Thomas : I have scolded one of my friends once during our daily conversation and I think this is quite abnormal to me because I never act it before.
Researcher : Well, thanks anyway for helping me in my research.
Thomas : You're welcome.







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