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Policies to Support Care Needs of Children

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Children are the future social vigor of any nation of the rondure as they will footing the leadership of the country. On perspective of the fact, they must be well qualified for captivating the nation to a better one place around the globe. But at present their safety provided by the surroundings environments is a question in mark. Children is not provided with due care by the parents, healthy, safe and secure environments in many countries especially in INDIA, CANADA, and BANGLADESH. The assignment is that children have to face risk and challenges in life but for enabling them to face the risk and challenges, we should provide them with healthy, safe and secure enironments. In this context, and there are many legislations and policies. They sates about the care needs of children, ways of meeting the care needs, working practices which contributes the healthy and safe environments, intitatives and philosophies that influence the environment as well as the ways of encouraging children to take care for themselves. They also inserted about how to safeguard children and promote their welfare. Above all, they should be supported with by different sources to maintain their security and privacy their wishes.

Task 1:


Explain how to use legislation and policies to support work in establishing and maintaining healthy, safe and source environments

There are many existing legislation and polices about the environmet.the useful of these laws, legislations and policies cannot be ignored any way in establishing and maintaing healthy, safe and secure environments for the children.

The Children Act 1989 states about the safe, secure and healthy environment for children.it states about the safeguarding for the children as well as the promoting their welfare. As far that children from all backgrounds that are vulnerable to harm should be protected. It is also stated about children general way of life should be postponed or changed from the people who harm or threaten or impair it in anyway. For the protection of the children from such people or events, such as abduction, social workers have been employed. These act are sometimes known as child protection officers. Their primary goal is to focus on the safeguarding of children and for many years these workers have also provided additional support to families and family members that feel they are vulnerable. CAFCAS is a social agency which associated in the welfare of children along with deals with courts for finding out the solutions to families’ differences when parents separate. Their goal is reuniting parents with their children and also for providing the children with a better way of life.

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Another feature within this Act where a ‘special guardianship’ law was put enacted that allows children to stay in contact with their birth parents, this feature of the legislation allows for monitoring of relationships between parents and children, the consequence would draw up in a report and regular imposts would carry to check appropriateness of re-introducing the child back with their birth parents on a eternal basis. The shrewdness carry on both the parents who may have had a antiquity of drug or alcohol mistreatment and child who may have become bothersome because of this situation in which they were living in is essential to ensure that a suitable and caring environment can be sustained allowing the child to grow with the love and care in which every child should be accustomed to. The social worker provides the adoptive parents with the support they need to confirm the child’s welfare and education.

Appropriateness of a child to viewpoint adoptive parents has a great issue as children, especially those enforced to move, incline to dissident against the authorities’ decision to re-house them. To some new foster parents some of these circumstances can be intolerable and require that the child is disconnected and re-housed elsewhere this. Uncertainty this was to be the incident then i social worker plans to action to resolve the concern, This ‘more information’ policy within the legislation attempts to put an end to events from happening and this legislations states suitable pairing of both adoptive parents and child can only best serve and help the child in the future.

1.2 describe working practices which contributes these environments

In this context, we have to prompt that we partake to uphold the healthy, safe and healthy environments for the children.so working practices and strategies should be those that contributes these environments, and minimizes abuse within the health and social care contexts.

Following practices and strategies safeguard the environment and helps the children to achieve the creativity and the quality from their childhood.

First one, child should go to school. From the school they learn all the basic needs of them. They learn how to behave with others, how to respect, in fact all the manner which is good or bad. Second one, everyone should have a look on the increasing the indoor activities of the children. Parents as well as the other person of the family must be looked what they are doing. They learn through the elders following.so everyone especially the parents should give importance on the physical exercise. This will help the children to keep body fit, fresh and extends the power of the body. Children also learn through playing indoor games such as cricket, football badminton etc. Outdoor activities also must be focused on. They should must be teaches honesty, punctuality from his or her boyhood. Everyone should encouraged them to participate in debating among themselves and in indoor and outdoor games. They must be followed the daily routine with the exercise with the elders. Effective communication system should be developed across the surroundings. Care plans about the children should be taken by the family. Take the children any suitable spot where the child get himself enjoyed. Such as historical places. Entertainment sources provided with them by the parents. Protection of Vulnerable children Policy Training. Care plans – Person Centered Care Reflective practice. Children safeguarding policy & procedures .each resident is weighed with a care plan for that resident. Their family have the right to be involved in developing a expressive and effective care plan. The nursing sector must work w to develop an individualized, written care plan and must update it at least quarterly and any time one condition changes.

Task 2:

2.1 apply knowledge of ways to establish safe environment to the procedures which are necessary for a range of accident.

Establishment of safe environment for the children in case of accident is mandatory to any nation of the whole world. Many ways, knowledge and procedures can be applied in this assignment. A safety assessment to determine if the child's instant safety is an apprehension. If it is, CPS improves a safety plan with interferences to make sure the child's protection while keeping the child within the family or with family members (kinship care or subsidized guardianship).

A risk assessment to determine if there is a risk of future maltreatment and the level of that risk.

A service or case plan, if continuing agency services, is needed to address any effects of child maltreatment and to reduce the risk of future maltreatment. Considers the relationship between the strengths and the risks; identifies what must change in order to:

Keep children safe;

Reduce the risk of (future) neglect

Increase permanency; Enhance child and family well-being.

For establishing and maintaining a safe, healthy and secure environment we should provide an environment that is positive, nurturing, and encourages children to develop their own safe and healthy habits.

As for preventing and reducing injuries there should have a proper system for reporting all incidents and accidents.

As far preventing serious health conditions like obesity and diabetes related to indoor sedentary lifestyles and connects children and families there should introduce the system of nurturing to promote their good health, enjoyment, and environmental stewardship.

Should introduce more Unstructured outdoor activities improves the physical and mental health by increasing physical activity. There are the environment or the strategies for reducing stress and serving as a support mechanism for attention disorders. They will learn how to protect their health and the environment. A system of Minimization of abuse within health and social care context.

Task 3:

3.1 Evaluate some of the initiatives and philosophies which influence the provision of environments for children.

There are many initiatives and philosophies that influences the provision of environments for children. In this context, there are many working force where child labor is not forbidden. There the children are employed and then the education need which included in the five basic needs of a human a lack of. Then they are remain ignoreness.as we know many parents are poor, they think that children spending to education institute is a mirror waste of time.so they should help them in earning income that will help them in maintain the family expense. That the philosophy also have badly effect on the healthy, safe environment for the chidren.In many families the girls are not welcomed. There is a presence of gender disparity. As they are thought by the elders that they should not be higher education, they should be got married earlier. They should keep the best food for their husbands or elders. They should not speak out.

In modern society, the food menu they are given is not wellprepared.there is a lack of balanced diet. They are no exersied.they are given the food with sugar. This causes child of obesity.in many family child are not properly care of. That why it preferences in infancy.

The industrial policy have a great influence on the healthy and safe environment of the chidren.many industry are incorporated with polluting the enviroment.eventully it causes many fatal diseases to the society specially it bad to the children.

3.2 Issues that relate to effective planning of enabling physical environment

As we know physical environment of the children speaks out about the contribution that safe, clean and healthy surroundings make a positive environment where children can learn the life and enjoy their lives as well as formed personality. It includes all indoor and outdoor activities around the children. The more we arrange the indoor and outdoor games for the child, the more the effective planning the physical environment for them. The environment must be one which makes the child on the smiling face. There should be always stay with the child. Not keep them alone for that they don’t feel bore any more that will affect more on their thinking.in the effective planning of the enablement of physical environment there must be existence of participation activities of the children where they will pleased and always have a pleasant and happy movement for them. Education institute –the place they not only study but also participate many outdoor games that improve the physical environment of the children.in which environment their mood will in good or where it will bad this is also the great issue that is mindful for effective planning. Their mental factor is also keep in mind where they mentally good or not.

3.3 Explain how to meet the care needs of children in ways that maintain their security and privacy their wishes’

In this part of meeting the care needs of children and maintaining their security and privacy their wishes, parents and other member of the family contribute a lot. This is dare need of the family whether their children are getting grow up in a healthy environment. They should follow up the fact that their children are developing their own safe and healthy habits. They also take after that they are eating properly or not. Parents should ensure their participation in indoor and outdoor activities. Playing different indoor and outdoor games, playing video games on mobile helps in developing their good habit, good quality, mentally healthy. Entertainment facilities should be provided them with more and more. For making them extrovert should be given emphasis that will help them to develop their their carrier in future.

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Besides this the practitioner contributes a lot for meeting their dare need by taking care in time of hospital shifting. They also help the family by giving the information how to keep the child safe from dirty and unhealthy environment Also. Inform the family members about the way to preventing childhood diseases that is more harmful for the health. They also provide training courses on the respect of the child.

We all including (government, society) should ensure about their education. They must be provided with the education facilities. Education institute is the place which contribute a lot of importance in meeting their care need. Because there they know about their basic need. And how to meet their need. Also learn about their probable problem that will come to their later life and learns how to face them and overcome them.

The government along with the educated society should come forward with their helping hand to meet the children care needs that is dare needed to take the country in a better position in future. If they are remain in darkness the nation as a whole the world remains in darkness. There are many welfare organizations and fund who is working for the children. They are giving long term free services to ensure their food need, education need as well as ensuring their healthy, safe and secure environments. Their financial support mainly given for the poor children.

On after all the Children Act 1989 should be more exercised and more effective to ensure their needs. Besides various policies should be enacted across the globe in this context.

Task 4:

4.1 Importance of encouraging children to care for themselves

Encouraging children to care themselves is important for the following respect:

  1. for the establishment and maintaining of a safe, healthy and secure environment
  2. for providing the children an environment that is positive, nurturing, and encourages them where they can develop their own safe and healthy habits.
  3. for preventing and reducing injuries
  4. To report all incidents and accidents that occurred
  5. To prevent serious health conditions like obesity and diabetes related to indoor sedentary lifestyles and connects children and families to natures to promote their good health, enjoyment, and environmental stewardship.
  • Unstructured outdoor activities improves the physical and mental health by increasing physical activity
  • Reducing stress and serving as a support mechanism for attention disorders.
  • They will learn how to protect their health and the environment.
  • Minimization of abuse within health and social care context.

4.2 Reflect on the impact of meeting the care needs of children on practioners and identify possible sources of support

Practioners play a vital role in meeting the care needs of the children. Their task is very important. First of all, they inform the parents about the health of the children. They inform how to take care, parents are informed by them about the childhood diseases, and how to prevent these diseases .at present children take born at hospitals. They are kept some days. Then they take after the child.in that fact that time the practioners keep the children safe and gives tips and advice about the environment where the child should brought up. They play the role of a guide. Preventing childhood accidents and diseases is vital in ensuring all children grow up in a safe and stimulates environment. The practioners play an important part in making that happen.one of the most important things the practioners can do is discuss childhood safety with the parents and careers that he or she work together. Speaking out on a particular issue or educating parents about risk, and that make a real difference to child safety and even saves lives to child. Practitioners must consider the developmental needs of the children, the caregivers, and the family as a system in their assessments and intervention strategies. Children whose physical and emotional needs have been neglected often will suffer significant developmental delays. If the caregivers are adolescents, they may have difficulty assuming parental roles and responsibilities. The family system also may be stressed when the family includes caregivers across generations

There are many possible sources of support across the globe. Among them, UNICEF plays a vital role in meeting the basic care needs of the children.it runs many several welfare programs across the world for children and for maternity mothers. Many youth council also support in meeting their care needs for children. Child accident prevention trust also helps in this context. They also gives many trust many the children for ensuring good health and safe environment for the child and youth. They basically work about the child and youth. Many children welfare fund and organization also have a major contribution in meeting children dare needs and health seurity of them.

  • Children workforce Development council
  • Department for education
  • National council for voluntary youth services
  • National family and parenting institute
  • National youth agency
  • Princess trust
  • Ministry of the human rights of the country


From the study we learn about the children basic needs, meeting the care needs of them, ways of encouraging them to take care for themselves, importance of the fact and keeping child in healthy, safe and secure environment. And for providing healthy and secure environment, the role of family is most important. It is parent’s responsibility to maintain their health and provide an environment where they learn about the behavior, honesty, punctuality which is needed for make the life to a better one. Besides it is the indoor and outdoor activities which creates the personality .according to the role of the practioners, they are the vital part in meeting the children care needs and ensuring their healthy and safe environment. They inform the parents about taking care of their children. The surroundings’ or the society where they are brought up is important for enabling and forming their good and healthy habits. Education institute is important to them because the child learns how to respect others, about punctuality, honesty, about the fact or behavior which is good or bad to them. They know about the real life of a human beings. That is the discussion about the taking challenges and facing difficulties and risks in life for making the life in upper and better position. But in many countries or places or regions where the children are engaged in different workplace which is dangerous to their life.in many families as whole they are not getting or meeting their basic needs of their life.The Children Act 1989 states that the safeguards of the children and the promoting of the welfare of the child. Various policies and procedures are enacted to ensure the care needs of their children.


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