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In order to obtain a successful project, it has to count on with different elements one of them is the project manager with the capabilities to guide the members of the team project. For the purpose of this assignment, the role of a project manager in the leading of the members of the project team related with the motivation, leadership and management style, the assignment will initiate with a brief description of what is project and project management; Secondly by the development of the role of the project manager in two sections: first section, assess of the motivation with the team members; second section, assess of the leadership and management style with the team members. Finally the report will end with a conclusion about the findings and key issues.

Buchanan and Boddy, cited by Terry Williams, defined a project as "unique venture with a beginning and an end, conducted by people to meet establish goals with parameters of cost, schedule and quality" (Williams, 2002). This definition explains, a project has a limited of time, there are not repetitive task to develop which means create an exclusive product or service, and also concentre in the source that the project will have available. (Meredith & J., 2006; Neal, 1995).

Another matter that has to be considerate in the project is the risk that could have over the development of it; in this step is when the function of the project management appears, due to organise, plan, direct and control the activities in the project, obtain a satisfactory results and achieve the expectations of the stakeholders. (Maylor, 1999; Lock, 2007; Kerzner, 2009). For the nature of the project, it is required to evaluate constantly the activities that have been done and what should be improved, this can be done by the Deming cycle for project management

After establish goals and time for the project, it is necessary to choose a person that will be responsible of the project management. In this step, it is selected a project manager with the capabilities to coordinate the project in any period of it. As a project in unique sometimes, it is believe that also the project manager has to be unique (Briner, Geddes, & Hastings, 1990; Lock, 2007) Project managers frequently are experts managing in a very specific areas (Heerkens, 2001) . However the project leaders have some characteristics in common:

  • * Achieve with the objective(s) of the project
  • * Dealing with deadlines, budgets.
  • * Most of the projects are for developing new areas for the organization
  • * Limited Authority
  • * The personality cast confidence, enthusiastic and with leadership qualities.
  • * Heading perceptiveness
  • * Not expected to work by themselves. They will be supported with the tools necessaries.
  • The project leader has diverse responsibilities: achieve the expectations of the stakeholders and company; carry out with the project life cycle and work performance of the members of the project team, at the same time he is a link between these three elements (Kliem & Ludin, 1994), for this reason they are seen as integrators that put all the action together with the purpose of verify that everything is going on as the project plan establish. For the aim of this assignment, it will be concrete in the role of the project management and the members of the project team, the reason is because some studies in the project management field have shown that part of the success of a project depend on the members of the project team (Sense, 2003; Mengel, 2008).

    A project leader needs to have de ability not exclusive to manage the project in terms technical or administrative, also needs to be aware of the behavioural environment of the team, individually and collectively, with the aim of creative cohesive and ensure the satisfaction of the organization and clients (Briner, Geddes, & Hastings, 1990).

    Project teams are, in most of the cases, creating by people from different departments, when after being selected is time to explain the work that they need to develop (Anderson & W., 1981). A project could be an important motivating elements as a result of the challenge that represent by itself and motive people to be part of, it does not significant a complexity, nevertheless the same project implies a schedule and a certain level un pressure that the members of the project will be in, they can experience the motivation and the pressure of being part of the project (Thompson & Mchugh, 2002).

    A project manager has the responsibility to ensure that the team member will have an optimum level of motivation. Michael Armstrong define motivation as a reason of doing something and this is related with the elements that persuade people perform in certain manners, those elements can be what the people is doing, how much effort they can put in doing a specific task and what period of time they're able to work on it (Armstrong, 2007). Motivation can be handling in two manners: a person motive himself in finding an assignment that satisfied its expectations; a person can be motive by an organization with diverse rewards (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2002). Companies are able to offer a environment where optimums levels of motivation can be provide, nonetheless project manager play a very important role in this part with the use of his capabilities to get members of the project give the best of them (Deci & Ryan, 1985).

    They are diverse classification for the motivation evaluation. For the approach of the project manager, the most suitable is the process theories which give a clearly besides that a realistic idea and techniques about how people work related with work environment and the expectations that they have for (Knights & Willmott, 2007).

    Vroom in 1964 defined the expectancy as the effort that an individual will give an objective depending of the outcome and the performance that will obtain at the end and how he will be able to handle with the difficult presenting over the project (Armstrong, 2007). Supporting the theory of Vroom, Latham and Locke with the goal theory establish that motivation can get higher levels whether the people have specific target to reach (Knights & Willmott, 2007). The result of those behaviours will give special tools for the project manager with the aim to reduce and face the issues, challenges and also to work in the set of goals and objectives for each member and the whole team (Conger & Kanungo, 1988; Daft, 2007).

    The project manager need to have the ability to maintenance and ensure high levels of motivation supporting with the tools of the process theories, along with defining well establish roles and responsibilities and allow to the member of the team to explore their creativity during the project (Tampoe & Thurloway, 1993).

    As it was the case of the company Shenzhen Telecom, a China Telecom subsidiary, the foremost challenge was for the project team with several issues: the delay of some assignment affect the schedule project in general; a vast amount of networks, and at the same time the scope of the project with the intervention of several departments working in the subject (Project Management Institute, 2010). Besides the pressure that encourage all this changes in the project, the outcome was satisfactory due to the set of communication among the members of the project and eliminate lack in the delivery of information and ambiguity on it. Thus, creating a plan is not exclusive to set goals; it is also create new alternatives in extemporary situations to the members of the team (Gällstedt, 2003; Gray, 2001).

    Project managers do not have an easy response in their practical matters with the motivation theories; they also need to be aware of their leadership and management style.


    Nowadays the change is something inevitable, organizations wants to be upgrade, get better results and image with the stakeholders, in order competite in worldwide, due to realize this upgreades they do project when a key element is the project manager that everyday get a major relevance and prestige in the organizations As it has been shown in this assignment it is important the set of goals, responsibilities nonetheless the major part of the success of the project will be on charge of the project team and the project manager. These advantages can be taken by the companies to enhance the capabilities of the project manager and the team due to obtain better outcomes.