Individual Assignment

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1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the established concepts and practices which shape the management of people in work organizations.
2. Communicate effectively information and arguments, principally in written form.


Choose ONE (1) of the following questions and write your answer in not more than 1,500 words.

This individual assignment represents 50% of the total marks for this module.

Question 1: Human Resource Management

Explain, by referring to relevant sources, the reason why Personnel Management has changed to Human Resource Management and how the functions and roles of Human Resource Department differ from Personnel Department.

Question 2: Financial Reward

Using relevant sources to support your answer, evaluate the effectiveness on the use of financial reward and the various pay schemes in motivating workers.

Question 3: Humour and Diversity in Work Groups

With reference to academic literatures and professional publications, examine to what extent diversity and humour affect the quality of group performance.


The assignment must adhere to standard academic documentation standards. (Failure to do so will result in loss of marks in the Format, Citations and References criterion.)

 You are to write the citations and references following the Harvard System.
 You are required to use Times New Roman as the font type and 12 pts as the font size.
 Vertical/line spacing is to be 1.5 line spacing.
 You are required to provide page numbers to your pages.
 You must use enough of your own words to convince that you understand what you are writing. Evidence of originality in your writing reflected by effort of paraphrasing and use of own personal expression in your individual analysis and evaluation. You should not submit a “copy and paste” work as you may only be awarded at most a PASS even though proper citations and referencing are given.
 You should on no account make reference to, or the likes as sources for your work. These websites can be useful to provide you with the definitions and the general ideas about the concepts and theories within the module but they are not acceptable to be inserted into your academic writing as references.
 You are encouraged but not limited to use Proquest (accessible at; obtain the login and password from the university-college librarians).
 Other recommended websites which you can refer to are:
 Society of Human Resource Management,
[email protected],
 You may include diagrams, figures, tables etc. without word penalty. If you are to present information in table format, ensure the information is presented briefly. You are not to write paragraphed information in the table in order to avoid word count.
 You must have at least 5 references from sources of authority (i.e. academic journals, academic websites, or textbooks). However, for students who wish to receive more marks in their assignment (which will go into the Knowledge and Understanding and Analysis and Evaluation criteria), they should strive to go beyond the minimal requirement by looking for more relevant and authoritative sources of information.
 You must ensure that your writing is clear and concise as quantity does not always guarantee quality. Therefore, you should not expect by writing more will enable to get a high mark unless the information is presented with clarity and relevance with high degree of analysis and evaluation.
 A sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed according to the amount by which the limit has been exceeded. Your word count must be indicated on your cover page.

Word Count Penalty
1,500 - 1,650 words No penalty
1,651 - 1,800 words 10% penalty
1,801 - 1,950 words 20% penalty
1,950 and above Marks will be capped at a pass e.g. 50 marks

Your document should incorporate the following items:
• A cover page
• Table of contents
• Answer to the question (with proper headings and subheadings)
• References and Bibliography
• Appendix (optional)

Cover Page

The assignment cover page should contain information as stated below in order:
• UCTI Logo
• Assignment Description (Individual Assignment)
• Assignment Title (follow the title stated in the question)
• Student Name
• Student Id No.
• Module Name and Code
• Lecturer Name
• Intake Number
• Submission Date
• Word Count

Table of Content

The table of contents should follow the title page. It must list the Roman numeral sections and the page on which each section starts. The table of contents page(s) will not be numbered.

Body of Written Entry

The body of the written entry begins with Introduction and continues in the sequence outlined above. The first page of the body is numbered 1 and all following pages are numbered in sequence. The numbered pages continue through references.


All the references used in the assignment should be given in this page and must be in Harvard Referencing formats. Separate your references into two sections - one for ‘Books and Printed Articles' and one for ‘Online Resources'. Ensure that your references are written in consistent format.


An appendix is optional. Include in the appendix any exhibit appropriate to the written entry but not important enough to include in the body; these might include sample questionnaires used, newspaper articles, general background data of companies, etc. Please indicate in the body of your writing when the appendix should be referred to.


Criteria No. Items Marks allocation
1 Knowledge and Understanding 20 marks

- This need to be supported by originality in writing and effort to paraphrase
- Marks vary according to detail of explanation, number of concepts used and originality of work

2 Analysis and Evaluation 10 marks

- Marks vary according to the breadth of analysis and depth of evaluation

3 Language, Spelling and Grammar 5 marks

- 2 marks for clarity and conciseness in writing; to achieve clarity students are encourage to paragraph their ideas and avoid writing long paragraphs where the markers may have difficulty identifying the main idea the students are trying to present
- 3 marks for proper spelling and use of grammar

4 Format, Citations, and References
15 marks

- 3 marks allocated for format which include proper layout of assignment contents and cover page, use of heading and subheading, evidence of page numbering, indication of word count, use of correct font types and font size, and right spacing between lines.
- 2 marks allocated for evidence of citations written in consistent manner following Harvard System
- 10 marks allocated for relevant references written in the required Harvard System; each references will worth two marks - 1 mark for proper referencing according to required format and 1 mark if the references are from acceptable sources of authority

Total 50 marks


Marks are awarded based on the following guidelines:

Grade Assessment Guidelines


75% and above - Evidence of research effort from the number of relevant references exceeding the minimal requirement given by students.

- Evidence of high degree of depth of analysis and evaluation.
- Excellent use of language with minimal or no grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
- Referred more than FIVE (5) relevant sources of authority.
- Answer shows competent reference to different concepts.
- Format is followed properly and both citations and references are written in consistent manner in adherence to Harvard Referencing System.


65% - 74% - Good knowledge and understanding of the theories and concept of the module; both theories and concept are relevantly and accurately applied.

- Evidence of analysis and evaluation are given.
- Assignments follow the proper format with page number, correct arrangement of the assignment components, evidence of headings and subheadings, clear paragraphing of ideas, all elements of the cover page are present,
- Good use of language with minimal spelling and grammatical mistakes.
- Evidence of references following the Harvard Referencing System written consistently and presented in alphabetical order.

50% - 64%

- Evidence of basic knowledge and/or understanding of the theories and concepts of the module; however explanation given is limited or unclear.
- Limited analysis and evaluation given.
- Students display some understanding of the theories and concepts but there are parts of inaccuracy and irrelevance in the answer.
- Fulfill the minimal requirement of FIVE (5) relevant references of academic authority but no evidence to look for more.
- References are present but not written consistently according to Harvard Referencing System.
- Citations are missing in some part of the assignment where they are required.


0% - 49% - Answer fails to address the issues within the question.

- Lack of or no analysis and evaluation evident in the answer.
- Improper layout such as no page numbering, absence of headings and subheadings, missing elements in the cover page.
- Answer is highly fragmented; ideas fail to flow cohesively when read
- Lack of originality in writing evidence by “cut and paste” work (which can be reflected by information written in point form or bulleted format at various places of the assignment; substantial usage of quoted information directly taken from the source; evidence of irregularity in the use of language giving suspicion of copying, etc.)
- Evidence of many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
- Citations are missing in parts of the answer where they are required or/and they do not have the relevant references presented at the end of the assignment.
- Citations and references are presented in inconsistent format and are not written in adherence to the Harvard Referencing System.
- References are not from the relevant sources of authority (e.g. such as students make reference to
- Less than the minimal references are given showing lack of effort in doing research.