Customer Satisfaction

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Define customer services- Customer Services is the way that the organisation looks after their customers. The organisation works as a team to satisfy customers, so they come back again and so they can also tell their friends about how well the business is going.

The business that I have chosen to study is Thorpe Park is an amusement park in Chertsey, Surrey, England built in 1979 on the site of a gravel pit which was partially flooded to make a water theme park. The park's first large roller coaster was colossus, one of the world's first ten introversion steel roller coaster when it opened on March 22, 2006.

The differences between internal and external customers- Internal customer are colleagues who work within the organisation. While for external customer are outside businesses and individuals who contact your organisation because they require goods or a service.

Briefly explain what customers your chosen business has - Thorpe Park has:

  • Colleagues
  • Supervisors
  • Staff
  • Groups
  • Families
  • Different ages
  • Different cultures
  • Gender
  • Staff teams
  • Managers
  • Existing and new customers
  • Individuals
  • Businessmen and women
  • Special needs

Benefits of good customer services in Thorpe Park

Satisfied customers and good customer loyalty are more likely to repeat the customer's visits; they can also recommend their family members of friends to go to the amusement park and also tell them how high the quality is of their customer services. This would bring more profit to the business, as if the customer services were of a bad quality then the customers would tell their friends and family about how bad it is and the amusement park would not get a good name.

Pick 3 different types of customer to write about in more details.

1. External and Internal customers of McDonald's - Anyone who is involved in business ( McDonald's) in any way or has any influence on business or has any influence on businesses stakeholder or a customer.

Internal customers

Internal customers of McDonald's restaurants are:

  • Employees and managers: This means all members of staff, temporary, seasonal, part time and full time. As an employee you will have different interest in business.
  • The employees main interest will be the way the staffs are been treated.
  • Whether the business is secure or likely to close down in any way.
  • To pay the sick pay and when taking a holiday.
  • To comply with the law in health and safety and employment protection.
  • Employees will want to be paid fairly
  • To employ managers that, will treat staff fair and with respect.

Managers have same expectations they will also want to be paid fairly, treated fairly and to have a job security.

External customers

These are the people who came through the door to use your service, who you're yours products, or whatever. They are the best reasons why an organisation exists. These include the general public, trade customers, and adults, children, the elderly and those in special needs for example (Disabled on Wheelchair)

The needs and expectation of Mc Donald's

  • A place where they can seat and eat their food. Older people prefer to eat in a quiet place while young people like to listen to the music while they are eating and this is why there is background music playing in Bromley McDonald's because it is mostly visited by young people
  • Toilets (Some might need to use it)
  • A restraint premises to be clean and have cooling during summer and heating during wintertime.
  • Good after sale service (customer service).
  • Customers will also want that business complies with all laws and acts.
  • Customers will also need safe environment

2. Halifax customer

Wheelchair users - Getting in and out of Halifax's branches is usually easy, with level or ramped access from pavements. And, wherever possible, doors are automatic.

Call assistance- At some branches steps are unavoidable, so a call assistance bell system was installed, so that a member of staff can be called.

Service call- Some branches are fitted with the service call system, so that customers with service call transmitter can alert staff of their arrival.

Lifts- Where branches have split-level banking halls, Halifax provides internal ramps or wheelchair lifts.

Low -Levels counters and counter queuing rails- Lower level writing surfaces are increasingly being provided at the counter. All branches have counter queuing rails, often with lower level writing surfaces.

Other banking options - To help make it easier for all their customers to manage their finances at their convenience, they offer number ways to access Halifax as well as via other network of branches across the country.

Telephone- Halifax direct is a 24-hour telephone current account service. Customers can use it for everything from checking their balance and ordering a statement to arrange an overdraft. Arrangements can also be made for customers to pay bills and transfer money to other Halifax accounts.

Contact Halifax- They have undertaken a general disability awareness programme to help staff overcome the barriers which people who have a disability face. To help them continually improve their services.

Meeting clients needs and expectation of Halifax

  • Features and benefits know the difference with your products.
  • Knowing what customers can expect from your bank.
  • Dealing with difficult people/situations.
  • Understanding and explaining what the bank cannot provide.
  • Meeting the banking code standards.
  • Knowledge, skills and attitudes required to deliver perfect client care.

3. Tesco customer

To satisfy the needs of the customer in such a way as to maximise profit.

A good Customer Service department is crucial to the success of any business. Major retailers such as Tesco have well-establish reputation for providing a good customer service.

It's importation to find out customers expectations and needs in order for Tesco to meet their expectations and needs.

All customers expect high level of customer service; additional business is because satisfied customers are likely to recommend friends and relatives.

They satisfied customer is more likely to return to buy again.

Happy staff also satisfied customers are likely to be happier and easier to deal with than those who are dissatisfied and have reason to complain.

The needs and expectation of Tesco

Shoppers are interested in good value for money, their expect Tesco to have an exchange/ returns policy in case if they choose to have their money back or change the item for another. Shoppers expect quality goods from Tesco, and range of products, because it's better to choose from range of products then just to get the one available.

Shoppers highly expect helpful and knowledgeable staff; shoppers would rather get advice from an employee who knows about a product then an employee who don't have a clue what the customers talking about. Shoppers also expect facilitates such as toilets and cafes in a big retailer like Tesco.

Employees highly expect good rate of pay, they expected to be paid an ok salary for their work. They also expected to be treated with respect, they work hard and Tesco can't run without its employees so it is tacos best interest to respect its employees. They all so expect promotion opportunities because they don't won't to stay in the same job all the time they would like to get promoted to something better.

Suppliers expect their products to be well personated in the store; they expect bulk buying and acceptable payments.

Task 3

Consistent customer and reliable customer service

  • Staff attitude and behaviour - This means they should have good body language and also a goods environment.
  • Confirming service meets needs and expectation - Some businesses do not forget about their customers once they have made a purchase and make sure they are satisfied with their purchase by giving them a call and making sure they are happy with the product.
  • Timing - This is the most important thing to do in the organisation because if you keep your customer for a long time they will really angry and end up leaving the place so keep the time minimum so that your customer will be satisfied.
  • Accessibility / availability- Customers find it very irritating when they want something but cannot have it for some reason, especially if they saw an advertisement of the product and when it comes the time for them buying it, it is sold out. If an employee comes across a situation like this they should try to help the customer by satisfying them and putting their name on a waiting list for the product.
  • Dealing with problems- So many employees have different kinds of problems to deal with and also they should always resolve the problem as soon as possible.
  • Working under pressure- Many employees can sometimes work under pressure and can become very busy; they also do more than 3 things at a time. Even if the employee is stressed and a lot of pressure, they must make sure they are helpful towards their customers at all times.
  • Scope of job role- Staff should know what they can and cannot do as part of their job and type of problems they should refer to the supervisor.

C. Customer satisfaction means Thorpe Park makes their customers feel confident with the service that they receive by giving them what they want. Every month they make offers on their tickets prices to satisfy their customers and they like the tickets not to be that expensive so they have enough money to play games inside the theme park and to by food in one of their restaurant like KFC, especially if there were meant to be a big family.

Thorpe Park gets many customers for a variety reasons. They do so many advertisements on T.V in other to know the park and also they have their own website which many people go on to find information on their ticket offers and their roller coasters. They also give them some discount for the customer. Once the customers have experienced being at Thorpe Park they tell their friends and families about it also to experience it. This gives the company a good reputation about the place because they have their customer very well.

2. Customer services given by the business makes customers feels satisfied because they are being provided with the service they expect. Thorpe Park makes their customer feel they value their money by giving them a suitable price for their entrance and everything that they buy inside the Theme Park. Every employee makes sure that they give their customers accurate information and also advise them on few things as well. Staff always have a positive attitude and behave professionally towards their own customers. They should also meet their customer's needs and also always try their best to help a customer when they need something.

3. Codes of practice contribute to customer satisfaction- Codes of practice contribute to customer satisfaction as they provide information and guidance for external customers and for staff who know what exactly type of services they are supposed to provide. They include advice on how to treat a customer and what to do and who to inform when something has gone wrong.

a.) A carter mark is an award demonstrating the achievement of national standard for excellence service in UK public sector organisation. I didn't find any information about carter mark for Thorpe Park.

Task 4

1. The business that I have chosen monitors their customer services by informal feedback and staff feedback. They ask their customers to do surveys and questionnaires so the organisation can have idea of what they need to change, what their customers are happy with and what they are not happy with. They also ask their staff for their opinions and what they think could make the business successful. The business then evaluates the amount of complaints that they have had and find a way in which they can reduce the amount of complaints that they are receiving from their customers. The theme park's customers return from time to time as they enjoy being there and having a good time, some customers go there in holidays or for birthdays as they think that Thorpe Park is a good place to have fun in. They get new customers everyday as more and more people hear about the park from advertisements and newspapers. Thorpe Park receives compliments and complaints due to many reasons. A customer might complain because the queues for the rides are a bit long or maybe a ride is not working during their visit at the amusement park. And some customers put forward many compliments as they have enjoyed their visit there and had a good time and thought that they were well treated by the staff.