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The Body Shop International plc, known as The Body Shop, has 2,400 stores in 6 countries, and is the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world. The Body Shop is headquartered in Little Hampton, West Sussex, England, and it was founded by Anita Roddick in 1976.

It is important to highlight the company's social activism such as Roddick's campaign against the media stereotyping of women in order to promote natural beauty; the policy on animal testing and programmes such as Trade Not Aid.The social activism dimension of the company first evidenced in 1986 when The Body Shop proposed an alliance with Greenpeace.

The Body Shop carries a wide range of products for the body, face, hair and home. The Body Shop does not claim its products are 'all Products are well - known between all ages in all the places that they can be found. The majority of the customers comes from 20 - 45 - aged women and young adults.

The Body Shop at Ferihegy 2.

After considering the feasibility of the opening the first Body Shop in Hungary, no doubt, the most convenient location for it, would be the Budapest Ferihegy Airport Terminal 2.In this case, it is important to not forget that the actual mission is to find the location of the very first shop for the company within the Hungarian market.

There are specific reasons behind the fact that there are no Body Shops in Hungary so far. According to the surveys, among the kinds of excuses, the price - factor was argued the most. The prices were considered quite high, so that they would not suite for Hungarian customers. Besides product prices, the fact that The Body Shop will be something new for most of the people which is also a risk factor. In Hungary the brand is mostly unknown; the prices are high for locals, so these are the two most significant factors that practically have been keeping away the Body Shop from Hungary till now.

The introduction of the company on the Hungarian market must be made with the less risk factor possible, indeed, the Body Shop is getting more and more popular among young Hungarians. The allocation of the shop brings up many considerable facts, mostly positive ones.

The Body Shop at the airport serves the people traveling. Since Hungary is a Central European country, the majority of the flights are European ones. Europeans are all familiar with the products and they are active customers. A huge number of foreign young and elder people cross the airport shops in one day, sales make good profit in the flight sector.

For foreign and Hungarian customers is also a privilege shopping at the airport since its social consideration, as flying gives you something special. This "special" factor would be more to be true for the new Hungarian customers. Nevertheless, a Hungarian web shop already is working in the country, with quite good results, but people who use it must have had come across Body Shop abroad. As a consequence, people are getting to know it and would like to get access to it, but the Ferihegy Body Shop would mean an alternative for them.

The factors have mentioned above, e.g. the reasons that estimate unsuccessful business for Body Shop in the country, would not bring those problems if a shop would be opened at the airport. Prices would not mean problem for customers as usually wealthy people fly frequently, and on the other hand, all of the passengers would be familiar with the brand because of being foreigner or being even Hungarian, since Body Shop products have been available outside Hungary.

This venue would be a convenient choice in other terms as well, since it is a kind of timeless solution. At an airport location, there is no need to be aware of depreciation, and other kinds of competitions. Competitors are not competitors in every sense. The Body Shop products are unique, natural, modern, organic and fresh. Old fashion companies do not mean real competitors for us, because of the identity differences. It is time for Hungary too to share the developed eco, nature - importance ideologies with Europe and elsewhere. In matters of food, people also are willing to have the best quality, which nowadays means the controlled organic products. Furthermore, cosmetic products do affect human organism also.

There are always people in the airports, no matter what is the weather like, what the time is, indeed, in that specific area people are kind of forced to looking around the shops, maybe they particularly want to purchase goods but all in all people spend their waiting time in the shops in order not to get bored. It means hours, not only seasonally but every day, e.g. continuously.

The only thing may be negative that can be discussed, is that the airport is a closed zone, "only" for those who have something to do with it. This can be a problem for the Hungarian customers who already know the products and would be likely to purchase them continuously. Still, it would not cause any lockage, since currently the very first location is on discussion. Later on, shops could be found in further locations also, now having no risk factors and making satisfied the faithful customers.


All kinds of possibilities available must be taken into consideration and studied in order to have the best choice. Counting with all the positives and negatives the airport venue should bring real and acceptable reasons for all to make the choice on it. When it comes to finding a new location, the same basic aspects are discussed in all cases which finally end in the particular feasibility study of the matter. Now, this possible opportunity would be the convenient decision for a franchise company such as The Body Shop.

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