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Ivoryresearch.com offer a "1st and 2:1 Quality Essay Writing Service". They state that "Your essay will 100% match your requirements" and promise 100% customer satisfaction

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As carried out by a Chartered Legal Executive


Updated: 1st December 2014

The review below was prepared by a qualified legal executive and gives an impartial report on the offers and claims made by Ivory Research via their website at www.ivoryresearch.co.uk. All details are correct at the time of publication.

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Trust and transparency

  • Their "registered office" is Winnington House, 2 Woodberry Grove, North Finchley, London N12 0DR. This is a registered office service provider (A1 companies). Companies use these when they don't want either their actual office or home address to be displayed on the Companies House register and to the public.
  • They do not accept visitors.

  • Ivory Research is owned by Ekaterina Severova but there is no information about any of their other staff (e.g. http://www.ivoryresearch.com/team.php).
  • Ivory Research is not a registered data controller and therefore do not adhere to the provisions of the Data Protection Act, even though it is unlikely they would be exempt from the requirement to notify.
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Originality and quality of work

  • Ivory offer a '100% plagiarism free or your money back' guarantee. There is no indication on the website of what evidence they provide to the customer that a plagiarism scan has been completed.
  • Ivory Research offer a '1st and 2:1 Quality Essay Writing Service'. They state that "Your essay will 100% match your requirements" and promise 100% customer satisfaction. However, in their terms they exclude liability for quality as far as they possibly can: "To the fullest extent permissible by law, we give no warranty and make no representation, express or implied, as to: - The adequacy or appropriateness of the Works for your purpose. The truth or accuracy of any information given on our Website or in the Works. Any implied warranty or condition as to merchantability or fitness of the Works for a particular purpose".
  • Ivory Research asks for copies of qualifications before accepting researchers on to their books. They also set a test essay assignment, although there is nothing to stop the applicant having someone else complete this for them.
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No resale/republish

  • Ivory's terms retain the copyright to the work supplied, and include a restriction that the Customer may not resell, distribute or post to any website the work that they are provided with. There is no indication of whether they have the right to store, redistribute or reuse the work they provide their customers in the terms and conditions even though their guarantees page states that they don't republish work.
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Value for money

  • Ivory charge £120 / 1,000 words / undergraduate 2:1 essay. Researcher fees account for between 33% and 40% of this amount. They are at an acceptable level for the industry and if the customer got what they wanted, these would represent good value for money.
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Speed of service

  • Ivory Research do not guarantee delivery of orders on time. Their website only states that: "We shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that all works are provided on or before dates previously agreed. If we are unable to do so you will be notified by email to arrange a modified delivery date or you will be compensated based on a percentage of the amount paid".
  • Ivory Research offer amendments within 7 days (21 days for dissertations). This is split into 7 days upon receipt of the first half, and a further 14 days for the full dissertation. However, their terms make it clear that amendments will only be accepted strictly if something was missed from the original order, and only one request is permitted.

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