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What is self-management learning?

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what is self-management learning?


Self-management is considered to be an essential skill, not only when studying, but throughout our lives. It involves setting goals, managing time well along with developing motivation and concentration skills in order to overcome the lure of procrastination. Effective self-management can help in avoiding stress and achieve a more enjoyable learning experience overall. With regards to an organisational setting, organisations can have self-managed learning programmers that fit within their structure and ensure staff is developing in a certain direction; or individuals can take responsibility for decisions about what and how they learn, and when and where they learn. Self-managed learning programs can be designed and developed so that they allow individuals to lead and manage themselves through each stage of learning. This means that they are able to extend their repertoire of capabilities, without the need to necessarily be reliant on another human resource, which can be very beneficial to the efficiency of a workforce. A key skill within self-management is self-regulation. This refers to an individual being able to monitor, control and direct aspects of learning for themselves. There are three self-management strategies which contain the following elements: Monitor – Don’t just let things happen, assess the situation and then pick the best strategy to implement going forward. Evaluate – Take the time to ask if things are/aren’t working out for you. Reinforce – Strengthen or support your learning, possibly with additional materials.



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