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Turkish Football Federation PEST Analysis

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Wordcount: 480 words Published: 21st Dec 2023

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A PEST Analysis of the Turkish Football Federation?


Turkish Football Federation (TFF) is the governing body of football association in Turkey which organises the Turkish national teams, Turkish Cup and Turkish football league. TFF is a member of FIFA and UEFA.


Turkey is a transcontinental country which has strong historical relations with EU, as well as Asian countries (Leng, 2015). This relationship can be used to organise tours with Asian as well as European teams. In recent years, Turkey has come under attack from terrorists, which has raised security concerns in the country, posing a challenge for TFF organising sports at international level.

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Turkey has a very liberal regime that supports liberal trade and investment policies with the EU countries. TFF has had several unsuccessful bids to host international events, which could bring a lot of revenue in terms of ticket sales, selling broadcasting rights and tourism. However, their narrow miss of the UEFA Euro 2016 bid to France (7-6 in voting) (BBC, 2010), has increased their optimism for success in future.


Turkey's social system is very favorable for sports, as nearly half of country’s population is under the age of 30 (Worldometer, 2016). Turkey is highly influenced by Asian culture wherein its football clubs can provide good platforms for international and regional players. Football is very popular in the country and has become an important instrument in the process of Turkey’s adaptation of globalisation along with other cultural factors such as cuisine music and movies (Guilianotti and Robertson, 2004).


Turkey has a good infrastructure to promote leisure and sports activities. Turkey is also one of the most developed countries in terms of football (Leng, 2015). Turkey’s experiences in international sports can help its clubs and leagues that are developing, along with emerging football players in the country.


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