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Thyroid Cancer Walk and Run 2017 Marketing Analysis

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Wordcount: 2483 words Published: 3rd Nov 2020

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1. Introduction

The aim of this report is to analyse a Canadian event from the perspective of marketing mix strategy and SWOT analysis. Thyroid Cancer Walk and Run 2017 has been selected for analysis from the strategic marketing perspective. The event was organised by Thyroid Cancer Canada. Thyroid Cancer Canada is a non-profitable nationwide organization for thyroid cancer survivors with the aim of focusing on and providing emotional support and information to the victims of thyroid cancer. Treatment of thyroid cancer is different from other types of cancers. In many cases, thyroid cancer patients are not treated at the cancer centre and do not get the same psychological and emotional support as other cancer patients. Thyroid Cancer Canada provides support, hope, and encouragement to many thyroid cancer patients (Thyroid Cancer Canada, 2018). The organisation conduct different events with the purpose of raising funds for Thyroid Cancer patients from which the one event was Thyroid Cancer Walk and Run 2017. The event was located in Toronto at Etienne Brule Park and people were required to do a 5-minute walk from the old mill subway station (Thyroid Cancer Canada News, 2018). The aim of this event was to create awareness regarding Thyroid cancer and raise funds to conduct a research in this domain with the purpose of improving patient care. The report includes four major sections that discuss the target audience profile of the event, (Thyroid Cancer Walk and Run 2017), presents SWOT analysis, define marketing objectives and propose marketing mix strategies and event marketing strategies that could be used to better the event results.

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2. Target Market Profile

Event marketing refers to launching an event idea to influence attendees with the purpose of inviting their colleagues or friends and attracting a mass through different channels. Companies use pre-event marketing to enhance the ratio of their attendees. In pre-event marketing, companies use different platforms such as social media marketing that may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Quora, LinkedIn, and other social media channels. Companies can also use traditional marketing channels that include flyers, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, and television (Andersson, ‎ Getz and Mykletun, 2014). For making an event successful, the target market is amongst the core factors that companies must focus on to run their market efforts in a correct direction and gain maximum results. Event managers must conduct an analysis on the values, needs, and interests of people. A specific target group is important to make the event more effective and achieve stated goals (Ferdinand and Kitchin, 2016). It is essential for event marketing that companies point out their differences clearly as compared to their competition. Thyroid Cancer Canada clearly differentiated its aim to the target audience by stating that the Walk is for Thyroid Cancer patients and aimed to raise funds for research in this domain so the patients can be treated well.

2.1 Target Guidance of the Thyroid Cancer Walk and Run 2017

Demographics: The company selected young and old people from the age of 20 to 60 plus. The company targeted single, married, and professionals male and female for the event. Psychographics: These people value modern, healthy and energetic lifestyle that is visible from the advertisements of the organisation (Thyroid Cancer Canada, 2018b). Geographic: The event was conducted in Tronto, Canada. The event was located at Etienne Brule Park that attracted a particular audience (Thyroid Cancer Canada, 2017).

2.2 Suggestions for Thyroid Cancer Walk and Run 2018

Demographics: The company for its 2018’s event must target people from the age of 15 to 60 plus. The company has an opportunity to target both single and married male and female for the event. It must keep professionals, college, and university students aware of the campaign (Statistics Canada, 2015). Psychographics: The organisation can attract people who prefer healthy lifestyle and peruse athletic attitude. They value exercise and healthy activities in their daily routine. Geographic: In 2017, the company scheduled an event for a specific time and at a specific place. For Thyroid Cancer Walk and Run 2018, the organisation must not limit the event to the geographic area. Cancer Canada can ask participants to have 5-minute run or walk around their area to raise fund for this noble cause. The organisation can send the labelled T-shirt to the registered persons.

3. SWOT Analysis for Thyroid Cancer Walk and Run 2018

  • The aim of the organisation is to provide high-quality information and support to thyroid cancer patients. This aim is a key strength because the ratio of Thyroid Cancer is increasing in the country (Topstad and Dickinson, 2016).
  • The organisation has more than 15 years of experience in conducting events.
  • A detailed information platform for patients and improved ratio of recovered patients (Thyroid Cancer Canada, 2018c).
  • Thyroid Cancer Canada is a non-profit organisation and lacks in funds to conduct research in this domain.
  • The organisation is dependent on funds for doing research and improving its information quality.
  • Being a non-profit organisation, TCC does not have enough funds to market its events.
  • Limited activities in an event may not attract a large number of people that are amongst the weakness of an event itself.
  • The organisation has an opportunity to market its events through different social media platform to increase awareness and ratio of attendees.
  • The social trend of donations is increasing amongst Canadian people.  Thyroid Cancer Canada by disclosing facts related to increasing ratio of Thyroid Cancer can attract more donors.
  • The organisation can take an advantage of modern technology can create event awareness through a variety of social media channels.
  • Fundraising activities are increasing in the country that will create a competition for Thyroid Cancer Canada.
  • People preferences towards donation may change and they may prefer to donate for other social causes.
  • Events with more activities may gain the interest of more people.

4. Marketing Objectives

Organisations conduct events with some objectives and marketing help in achieving those set goals (Marzo et al., 2018). The aim of “Thyroid Cancer Walk and Run 2018” is to raise funds for making research for thyroid cancer patients. For an effective event marketing, it is essential that organisations define objectives. These objectives can be related to increasing brand awareness, profitability, improving the organisational image, and others. However, “Thyroid Cancer Walk and Run 2018” contains two major objectives that have been mentioned below:

  • The primary objective of the event is to raise funds with the aim of conducting research on thyroid cancer, deliver the best information, and support to thyroid cancer patients.
  • For the attainment of this primary objective, it is necessary that the organisation enhance awareness of the event and the cause for which the money will be used.

Hence, it can be said that this event marketing has two objectives that include increasing awareness of the event to attract maximum numbers of people and raising funds for conducting research.

5. Marketing Mix

In the 1960s, Jerome McCarthy proposed the concept of 4P’s that stands for Product, place, pricing, and promotion. However, Scott Schenker a general manager of worldwide events at Microsoft proposed a unique mode to deal with events. He stated that basic 4P’s are necessary, but organisations go off the path bit. Traditional 4P’s have been in discussion since years; this section attempts to go beyond and discusses new Ps of event marketing that includes

5.1 Place

For event marketing, it is essential that the selected place represent a brand identity. The brand is apparent to attendees and donors so they are aware to whom they are giving their money. For the attainment of this purpose, each event attendee will be given a T-shirt with the label “Thyroid Cancer Walk and Run 2018: Join to Support Thyroid Cancer patients”. The audience must have a sense of organisation for which they are collecting donating money (Derse, 2016). This strategy will help the organisation to create a sense of association with attendees or donors that would result in a long-term relationship with the organisation.

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5.2 Purpose

For non-profit organisations, it is mandatory that the purpose or strategic goal is understandable and clear to everyone. The event will clearly communicate the purpose of raising funds for conducting research in the domain of thyroid cancer to provide information and support to thyroid cancer patients. By showing statistics and telling the way event will support thyroid cancer patients, will allow attendees to perceive that they are participating in a valuable cause. Telling the purpose of this event will improve the understanding of audience and people will be able to relate their purpose to the event. It will help them realise that they are investing in a relevant activity.

5.3 Pride

While taking part in an event, attendees must feel pride. Attendees must be given value at each stage of the event; they must have a sense of priority. For communicating the sense of pride, it will make sure that the staff is providing full support to attendees in terms of guidance, providing uniform, and resolving issues. It will be ensured that an event has a separate complaint unit that handles complaints of attendees. Donors or attendees will have an opportunity to file their complaints online. These things will help the organisation to improve its position in the market, strengthen the event’s purpose, and validate the investment of money and time that attendees put in the event. The event will enhance the pride of its attendees by allowing them to take pictures and share on social media (Derse, 2016).

5.4 Promotion

Promoting an event is amongst the core factors that must be considered while planning for event marketing. The organisation can promote its events through different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The organisation will keep Facebook on its priority to promote its event as 80% Canadian use Facebook to search for information, make comments, and post content. The second priority would be Google+ as 40% Canadian use Google+ for different purposes; 45% people use LinkedIn, 39% use Instagram, and 35% use Twitter. Hence, all these platforms will be used to share prior event experiences and creating event awareness (McKinnon, 2018). Use of multiple social platforms will give the Thyroid Cancer Canada an opportunity to reach maximum numbers of the target audience.

5.5 People

People are important to events, it is essential for event managers that they deliver a good experience to their audience (Hoffman, 2017). Thyroid Cancer Walk and Run 2018 is targeting young and old people from the age of 15 to 60 plus. These people prefer a healthy lifestyle and value exercising and sports activities. To attract maximum value, the event will also include stalls from where attendees can buy smoothies, juices, and sandwiches. After 5 minutes walking, running, or cycling, these people will require some refreshment options and access to things will improve their experience.


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