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Sustainable Marketing and Trading for Chemicals Business

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Description: cleaning chemicals manufacturerDescription: cleaning chemicals manufacturer


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Executive Summary 3
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Introduction to Sustainability 4
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Scope of Sustainability 5
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Themes & Principles of Sustainable Marketing 5
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Company Profile – Brief History 5
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Commitment to Sustainability 5-7
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Sustainable Marketing 7-9
Challenges & Risks 9-19
Supply Chain & Sustainable Pricing Strategy 19-20
Ethical Responsibility 20-22
Digital Media


Digital Media Danger & Anti-Social Media

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Conclusion 25
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References. 26

Executive summary

This sustainable marketing report is focused towards analyzing the scope or forecast and possibility of sustainability with strategic emphasis on the possible of sustainable trading and marketing in particular. The study also put emphases on the key themes and principles of sustainable marketing with the risks and challenges of sustainable marketing. It will also describe the most surprising, the most inspirational, and the most challenging aspects of the field of sustainability marketing for competitive advantage and the frameworks. The importance of having services sustainable supply chain strategy and sustainable pricing strategy. Finally, the role of ethical responsibilities in relation to sustainable marketing and the possible drivers for digital media, the applications of digital media for sustainable marketing and dangers associated with digital media.

Introduction to Sustainability

Businesses strategically aims require firms to market their goods and services with the intention to provide awareness for their targeted customers. This relationship of marketing of goods and services has integral theories that emerge significantly fulfilling sustainability concepts. Sustainability in marketing standpoint defined as a process which includes the marketing, promotion and advertising of goods and services in a favorable manner that creates advantageous impacts on environment and society. Sustainability in relations to marketing is well-defined as the concept that recommend or give support in safeguarding or manipulation of resources in a manner that has a positive level of impact on the environment. The resources are used in a way that held liable for the protection for the future generation of young age. It is then responsible method of executing business deeds intended at substantial needs and prospects of numbers of key stakeholders of the business (Sahay, 2006). Furthermore, sustainability practice needs to be amalgamated in appreciation of the marketing practice so that the best possible value can be provided to customers. Every customers has  the right to get openness to best possible information and this necessitates practicing sustainability in the process.

  1. Forecast is made of the future of sustainability marketing for products and services

The Scope of Sustainability

In consideration of scope of sustainability concerns, the analysis suggests that sustainability has an enormous potential of opportunities to forecast its future in respect to all fields. This is generally since sustainability stimuluses responsible growth of the undertakings and the specific factor improves its choices for suitability with large shareholders. Maintaining ecological balance or Sustainability in the marketing extent, also has an enormous scope as the variation of sustainable business applies in marketing that would steer positive attitude of customers towards business. The trend of sustainability especially in respect to marketing is obtainable because there have been rising number of deceitful practices undertaken by marketers such as deceptive marketing with a view to target their customers efficiently. An enquiry of the past record of sustainability shows that  this concept was identified for the first time in a German forestry manual in 1700s. However, the impression has seen momentous amount of business enlargement since then, which resulted into the complex level of practise of this concept by up-to-date day businesses (The complex history of sustainability timeline, 2009). The extent of maintainability with respect to the field of advertising is fundamentally higher. This is apparent from the way that organizations are advertising their items and administrations in the 21st century by mirroring the negative highlights related with it. This shows there has been sure level of approach being attempted by organizations in the 21st century since they have understood the significance of promoting reasonably. The significance of revealing genuine and finish data about the items and administrations is fundamental and this state of mind and approach towards practical promoting demonstrates that the concentration has been certain that organizations are planned to stay feasible. Along these lines, there has been huge level of extension accessible in regard to practical advertising.

  1. Key themes and principles of sustainability marketing from the course and real projects are drawn and summarized

Themes & Principles of Sustainable Marketing 

The imperative themes and principles of sustainable marketing are probe further down in this document. The significance would also be given in discussing the very surprising, inspirational and challenges aspects associated with such theory of “sustainable marketing” in precise.  The strategic theme in the whole concept of sustainability marketing as discussed is that, it concentrates profoundly on the execution of biological communities. It underscore on taking exercises proficiently with the goal that whole partners of the organization will be profited out of it. The marketing processes of commerce can be realised as sustainable if the focus is on educating consumers fairly about the products and services of the particular company without the intention of misleading them.  Apart from this, the principle of sustainable marketing suggests that it aimed more on the green factor, as the businesses emphases on achieving green environmental performance. The inclusion of green practices not only sanctions the company in becoming sustainable, but it also let them to be accountable to the community and society in which they operate. On separate occasions, adaptation of green and sustainable practises results into having reasonable prices by businesses for their customers. Overall, sustainability doctrines suggest that they are concerned with the growth and well-being of community, environment, customers and society. An exploration of the imperative factors interrelated to sustainability marketing is performed as follow (Chhabra, 2010)

Company profile

Chemical Solution Limited (CSL) is proudly NZ owned and operated, with roots firmly fixed Kiwi-can-do approach and genuine passion for innovation and creativity in the chemicals manufacturing industry. Chemical Solutions Ltd, NZ owned manufacturer of branded cleaning products is committed to continuous improvement in environmental performance and has implemented measures to reduce and recycle wastewater, and to minimize electricity usage. Chemical Solutions is also committed to improving the environmental performance of its products and participates in the Environmental Choice eco-labeling approach. CSL fformulations must ensure that products are safe to use. They have built a challenging and improving backing system, make certain high environmental principles are met and compliance and safety is at the heart of the CSL business..

Chemical Solution Limited Mission – is to be mostly highly regarded and innovative cleaning chemicals manufacturer in New Zealand. To make a profit and have fun doing it.

With 50 years of joined R&D encounter, a drive for more secure planning, being focused on enhancing client learning and wellbeing, and propelling frameworks and items that influence a genuinely positive condition to affect. CSL proceeds with neighborhood and worldwide market extension, while keeping up the most elevated client benefit norms in the business.

CSL is their corporate image. They are an assembling organization having some expertise in the creation and showcasing of cleaning substance arrangements, focusing on numerous business sectors, prevalently business to business.

Chemical Solutions Limited  has three key business units:

  1. Managing five in-house brands, Kemsol, AllChem, Virulabs, HotStuff and NatureMade
  2. Manufacturing products for brand partners where we offer production, warehousing, packaging and distribution, as well as marketing support
  3. Contract manufacturing where we offer research, development and manufacturing services.

Commitment and adaptation to Green Environment

At CSL they are aware of business impacts on the environment and they have a number of policies in place to monitor their footprint. Environmentally friendly or ‘green’ products are of particular interest of several clients today. CSL have responded to this need by producing ‘Green range’ of products, which are environmentally safe and sustainable.

Biodegradability – All items are Green items and are biodegradable. They have been figured utilizing just surfactants that are vigorously biodegradable under the ‘European Union database for cleanser Ingredients’ or meet OECD surfactant biodegradability test necessities.

Supportable Formulations – CSL’s specialized group have an enormous scope of reasonably sourced crude materials from which to express ecologically dependable items. CSL can deliver Environmental Choice Licensed items for you utilizing surfactants got from coconut oil, glucose (Corn Syrup) and other economically sourced common materials.

Focus Please-A capacity with plans, to make equation that is more thought without pointlessly expanding the risky idea of items, gives bundling and freighting efficiencies. CSL takes pride in having a portion of the best Ultra Concentration innovation in the market today.

Eco-poisonous quality Many tidying items eventually wind up in squander water frameworks. CLS Green items have been intended to have low oceanic lethality levels and are not eco-dangerous to sea-going life under the HSNO Act according to sub-classes 9.1A and 9.1B.

Low/No Phosphates – Phosphates are hurtful to moderate moving conduits as they can advance algal development. In New Zealand, most phosphates entering conduits originate from farming run-off. Be that as it may, our Green items have been defined to contain close to 0.5% (by weight) of essential phosphorous.

Precluded Ingredients – keeping in mind the end goal to make them ecologically more secure, the accompanying items are not utilized as a part of our Green items: Chelating specialists, for example, EDTA or NTA, Reactive Chlorine mixes, for example, sodium hypochlorite, natural transporters of chlorine, for example, Triclosan, chlorinated solvents, Optical Brighteners, Alklphenol ethoxylates, Ethylene Glycol ethers, Quaternary ammonium salts.

Additives – Preservatives/Biocides are incorporated into details just to broaden the items’ time span of usability – not for any antimicrobial cleaning advantage.

Aromas – Any scent utilized as a part of a Green item is utilized as a part of agreement with the International Fragrance Association “code of training”

Bundling – Often one of the best factors affecting the earth, all the bundling utilized for our Green items can be reused or reused. Marks are outlined so they can be effortlessly expelled for reusing.

Human Safety

Human Toxic –  products have been formulated to have a little as low hazard profile for end users, and to conform to HSNO sub-classes. They are not classified as toxic as per sub-classes: 6.1A or B, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7 etc.

Human RisksThe merchandises are not classified as corrosive under HSNO regulations Sub-classes: 8.1A, 8.2B, 8.2C; nor are they flammable under HSNO regulations  Sub-classes :3.1A,3.1B,3.1C. The products are not oxidizers under HSNO regulations Class 5.

A Drive For Non-DGWhile in some sectors the requirement for a DG good is necessary, a major effort is to produce Non-DG products to replace traditional Dangerous Goods. Recent examples of this would be Automatic Commercial Dishwashing liquid and Powder. Non-DG products offer safety benefits to the end user, and offer freighting efficiencies.

Indoor Air QualityResources used in various cleaning products are often explosive and can lower the air quality of interior areas. When diluted appropriately the products should not comprise substances that contribute to the poor indoor-air-quality.  The productions will comply with formulation standards specified by the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

It is essential to realize that “being green”  is not just about buying “green products”. Green cleaning is about the  entire process that is not only incorporates ‘Green Chemical Products” but also a change to cleaning processes that look at decreasing waste and energy depletion and lessen workers’ exposure to hazardous substances. It also comprises selecting apparatus that has environmental welfares. To be truly ecologically friendly that needs to assimilate the use of “green products”, with “green equipment” using “green cleaning procedures”.

CSL have been worked with several customers in recent times to conduct a “green audit” and help them to integrate all of these parts to deliver a more environmentally friendly solution.

Trainings provided.

CLS do provide trainings for  their customers at whatever level whether a seasoned pro in the cleaning chemicals industry or total newbie, there is something to learn from comprehensive training programs. Online Training Program is available to approved distributors and customers to educate them on product use and application.

Sustainable Marketing


Description: marketing

From labeling and branding advice, to Product Info Sheets, Safety Data Sheets, Applicator bottle systems, dilution control systems, instructional wall charts, market advice, national training plans and promotional strategies, our extensive contract manufacturing knowledge and expertise, we have you covered.  (ChemicalSolutionLimitedNZ, 2017)


Description: labels2

Making sure that your label meets strict HSNO and GHS compliancy requirements, while still having a design edge unique to your brand and market needs

Product Information Sheets

As a part of our extensive marketing support program we can supply you with custom designed information sheets outlining product use and directions, features and benefits so that your customers know exactly what your products are all about.

Description: http://www.chemicalsolutions.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/Product-Information-Sheets.jpg

Safety Data Sheets

It is a HSNO requirement when cleaning chemicals are being used in a commercial situation, that a compliant Safety Data Sheet be available to users. Don’t worry, we will generate these for you.

Description: SDS

Wall Charts

A great tool for you to supply to your customers. A fully customised usage guide outlining products by application. We can produce these for you too.

Description: http://www.chemicalsolutions.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/Wallcharts.jpg

Market Advice and Training

We have a wealth of knowledge within our ranks. Complex knowledge and understanding of current market extensive technical knowledge of  safety & awareness and the use of chemicals.  CSL offer full trainings in all aspects of the cleaning chemical industry.

Description: training2

Promotional Strategies

Promotions are a fantastic method of increasing brand/product awareness as well as increasing sales of established products. We have over 20 years experience in bringing products to market and growing sales and are more than happy to assist you in developing a robust promotional strategy for your next big idea!

Description: http://www.chemicalsolutions.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/Promotions.jpg

  1. Challenges are described highlighting the most surprising, the most inspirational, and the most challenging aspects of the field of sustainability marketing for competitive advantage and the risks according to learner’s opinion.

Surprising Aspect of Sustainability Marketing:  The surprising aspect in relation to the sustainability marketing entails disclosure of negative performances that companies have to perform.  Although, there is a need for divulging the harmful aspects associated with businesses performances, yet, this practice is to ensure the positive realization of organisational goals and objectives allows opportunities of attaining competitive advantages in particular. The surprising aspect of this concept necessitates disclosure of practises such as greenhouse gas emission performed by companies, the vulnerabilities to their employees in performing their roles and responsibilities, and the areas of negative performances. The hugeness of making disclosure of such negative viewpoints is pivotal in accomplishing manageable showcasing. As, tobacco offering organizations plainly advances that tobacco utilization is damaging to wellbeing, and this has been the most shocking viewpoint identified with this idea of supportability advertising. (Brockett and Rezaee, 2012).


Description: Hydrogen Peroxide 60%Hydrogen Peroxide 60%

Concentrated Liquid Oxygen Bleach

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 60% is a power hydrogen peroxide oxygen bleach detainer.

Appropriate on an extensive variety of soil writes. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 60% is apportioned through Kemsol’s programmed clothing framework. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 60% expels recolors and brightens an extensive variety of textures and is regularly appropriate for utilize where chlorine based fades can not be utilized.

This item should just be utilized under the direction of a KEMSOL prepared delegate. It isn’t appropriate for local applications and requires uncommon dealing with and capacity.

Concentrated Technical-Grade Liquid Oxygen Bleach A powerful hydrogen peroxide oxygen bleach destainer & sanitiser suitable on a wide range of soil types. Administered through Kemsol’s programmed clothing framework, Hydrogen Peroxide 60% evacuates recolors and brightens an extensive variety of textures and is regularly appropriate for utilize where chlorine based blanches can not be utilized. This item should just be utilized under the direction of a Kemsol prepared agent. It isn’t appropriate for household applications and requires exceptional taking care of and capacity.


Routes of Exposure

The substance can be absorbed into bod by inhalation of its vapors and by ingestion
Effects of short-term exposure

The substance is destructive to the eyes and skin. The vapor is disturbing to the respiratory tract.

Ingestion of this substance may create oxygen bubbles (embolism) in the blood, bringing about stun.

The substance is corrosive to the eyes and skin. The vapour is irritating to the respiratory tract.

Ingestion of this substance may produce oxygen bubbles (embolism) in the blood, resulting in shock.

Inhalation risk
A hurtful sullying of the air can be come to rather rapidly on dissipation of this substance at 20°C.


Impacts of long haul or rehashed introduction Repeated or delayed inward breath of high focuses may cause consequences for the lungs. The substance may have impacts on the hair. This may bring about dying

A harmful contamination of the air can be reached rather quickly on evaporation of this substance at 20°C.

Effects of long term or repeated exposure Repeated or prolonged inhalation of high concentrations may cause effects on the lungs. The substance may have effects on the hair. This may result in bleaching.


CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS SUSTAINABILITY POLICY:  We are committed to continuous improvement in our environmental performance, and have established a number of goals and initiatives that we continue to implement to achieve this objective. Where possible we always use biodegradable raw materials and all our finished product packaging is reusable or recyclable. This is only a start, we will be continually strive to better our environmental performance. Visit chemicalsolutions.co.nz for more information.

Helpful Aspect of Sustainability Marketing: This idea of practical advertising is additionally persuasive from various points of view. Concerning occasion, the most moving viewpoint related with this idea is that the organizations that have unfavorable effect on the execution of condition are additionally considering the use of this specific idea in their business hones. As, oil and gas organizations have unfriendly effect on the execution of condition in light of the fact that the execution of their business exercises and procedures has coordinate effect on the earth regarding emanation of perilous gases. In any case, the most persuasive viewpoint related with such practice is that these oil and gas organizations likewise uncovers their negative execution of producing risky gases as a piece of their manageability promoting activity (Dato-on, 2014).

For eg:

Description: Hydrogen Peroxide 60%Hydrogen Peroxide 60%

Concentrated Liquid Oxygen Bleach

Chemical Danger

The substance disintegrates on warming or under impact of light delivering oxygen , which expands fire risk. The substance is a solid oxidant and responds viciously with ignitable and decreasing materials causing flame and blast risk especially within the sight of metals. Assaults numerous natural substances, e.g., material and paper. (CDC, 2014)

As of late there have been news that a New Zealand substance cleaning organization has been sentenced and fined $39,000 for an eco-lethal release occasion toward the beginning of February a year ago. The occasion happened as an outcome of Chemwash Hamilton Ltd carelessly releasing cleaning chemicals to the town’s stormwater framework to the nearby stream – which as result executed off a noteworthy number of amphibian life in the Ohinemuri River in Paeroa, including eels and local grouped kokopu. Subsequent to finding a few upset and dead eels and fish in a tributary streaming to the Ohinemuri River, concerned inhabitants informed the Waikato Regional Council starting an examination.

The subsequent chamber episode reaction group were then ready to follow the pollution back from a retirement town that was at the time having its rooftop stripped for repainting. An ensuing examination uncovered that Chemwash Hamilton Ltd had finished the work without catching the compound run-off, or securely dealing with their procedure in an earth mindful way.

Committee examinations director Patrick Lynch said that “an organization that arrangements with intensely harmful chemicals ought to have had “praiseworthy measures set up to deal with the hazard to the earth”. (KEMSOL, 2017)

Glossary of Hazards

Description: glossary

All inclusive Harmonized System (GHS) determines certain components that ought to seem together on compound marks. Like risk proclamations, pictograms (images), and flag words which might be required on concoction marks, contingent upon the danger or perils of the item, while prudent articulations, item identifiers, and provider data are required on all names.

Risk proclamations – Phrase allocated to each danger classification that depicts the idea of the peril.

Cases of danger proclamations are: “Unsafe if gulped,” “Exceptionally combustible fluid and vapor” and “Hurtful to sea-going life.”

Pictograms – An image inside a precious stone with a red or dark fringe, signifying a specific risk class, (e.g., intense poisonous quality/lethality, skin aggravation/consumption, and so on.)

The 8 pictograms would seem regularly on our substance items:

Description: environment

Environmentally Damaging

 Acute dangers to the sea-going condition, class 1

 Chronic dangers to the sea-going condition, feline 1 and 2

Description: flammable3

Liquids flammable

Liquids which have a flash point of less than 60degrees C and are capable sustaining combustion.

Description: corrosive8

Corrosive substances

Substances that

  •           Cause full thickness destruction of intact skin tissue on exposure time less than 4 hrs or
  •           Exhibit a corrosion rate of more than 6.25mm per yr on either steel or alumininium surfaces 55degrees Celsius

Description: oxidizer5.1

Oxidizing substances

Materials which are not necessarily combustible, may generally by yielding oxygen cause or contribute to the combustion of other.

Description: healthhazard

Hazards for Health

  •           respiratory sensation
  •           germ cell mutagenicity
  •           carcinogenicity
  •           reproductive toxic
  •           etc

Description: !


  • Acute toxicity (oral, dermal, inhalation,) category 4
  • Skin irritation
  • Eye irritation

Description: corrosion


  •           Skin corrosion, categories 1A, 1B, 1C
  •           Serious eye damage, category 1

Description: skullbones

Less common but worth noting:

Acute toxicity

  •           oral
  •           dermal
  •           inhalation
  •           categories 1, 2, 3

Statements of Precautionary 

Phrases that describe recommended measures that should be taken to minimize or avoid opposing special effects causing from being exposing  to hazardous products, or inappropriate stowing or management of a hazardous product. This slogan covers prevention, storage, disposal of products and storage.

Word Signals

Single word used to show relative seriousness of peril and caution the peruse to a potential danger on the name and wellbeing information sheet. These incorporate two flag words:

• ‘warning’ for less serious risk classes and;

• ‘danger’ for some serious risk classes.

Challenging aspect of sustainability marketing: The key challenging aspect of sustainability marketing is to try and adjust and adapt sustainable practices into the operation. Although there has been a great acceptance of employing the concept in businesses, however, it has been evaluated that term has complex requirements to improve business performances of activities that have a direct impacts on the environment. Thus encouraging businesses to familiarize this method of promotion has been a major challenging factor. These aspects are important and a detailed consideration or deliberation would tolerate commerce in becoming successful with their competitiveness in respect to their performances.(Blewitt, 2012).

The challenging aspect of sustainability marketing for CSL is the safety of the products they sell and the safety of all staff when creating, managing, manufacturing, transporting, storing, and using products is their main concern. Their lab production facility adheres to all HSNO requirements to ensure that their performance is aligned with requirements set in the HSNO.

CSL team are trained in getting the right advice to those that need it most and have developed Safety and Awareness programs integrating compliance with common sense.

The EPA has provided  a toolbox for Hazardous Substances to assist with small, manufacturing workstations securely manage their substances. This multi-media toolkit package encloses helpful guidance on how to identify and manage health risks.

Description: http://www.chemicalsolutions.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/hs-toolbox-button.png

It is important and it is the responsibility of both the employee and employer that must understand both that can be caused by the hazardous substances that they expose to and how to protect themselves while on the job and how to manage those risks.

Considering sustainability practices for marketing, there are definite major risks and challenges incurred are also evident. For example, the major risk of sustainable marketing is that the inadequate realization that would also result into negative impact on the business image of the organisation. It is believed that the disclosure of harmful performance spaces to an upper level would also risk the organisations performance. It could therefore lead impact and affect the overall sustainability of the organisation in the future and in the long run. Thirdly, the stimulating part of sustainability marketing idea is that it involves huge costs to be incurred by the company in achieving sustainable performance so that it can be documented in their sustainability report. Thus, it becomes a problematic for the smaller entities or firms to succeed sustainability performance (Doppelt, 2003).

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There is currently a growing amount of international research supporting the banning of these polybeads, as they can lead to blocked pipes, sinks and sewers, with the added issue of have a significant negative impact in marine life ecosystems due to micro-plastic accumulation in the environment – causing severe issues when ingested, as marine animals often mistake them for food. Micro-plastic contamination also raises the problem of toxicity as polybeads can absorb large quantities of chemicals, which when ingested causes devastating effects on marine life – as polybeads can stay lodged in an animal’s gut, preventing them from eating nutritious food. Research has also shown that these substances and polymers can destroy the immune system of selected invertebrates – and eradicate organism’s livelihood biodiversity. The pending trickle-down effects can include human health risks as polybeads eaten by fish and shellfish then have the potential to enter the human food chain.  (ChemicalSolutionCompanyNZ, 2017)

In New Zealand the government has a proposed embargo – which could come into effect by July next year and would eliminate microbeads from all peculiar care merchandises. It would be enforced by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), which could impose fines up to $100,000 for companies ignoring it.

At Chemical Solutions we have taken steps to research alternatives to polybeads, with several different abrasive and grit hand cleaners already in the space. Environmental awareness is the utmost concern for our company and we make it our goal to stay on top of international ‘green’ trends and environmental policies. (For more information, please see our Environmental Policy Statement.)

We have not had a requirement to put an expiry date on our products previously,  however if it became a requirement that the product has a date of manufacture or use by date, then we can investigate the possibility of dating the product at the time of manufacture. If the product is in its original condition and stored appropriately it will continue to be effective indefinitely. The efficacy of the product is not dependant on its age. The product’s efficacy may however be affected by storage conditions and handling – for example, if the product is exposed to light, heat over time or has a loose cap, the product could lose effectiveness through evaporation. Currently we would expect our hand sanitisers to have no loss of efficacy for at least 2 years if stored appropriately. Industry standards suggest 70% hand sanitisers will still be effective for 3 years.

Comparative Advantages

Comparative advantage is the business unique advantage achieved over other firms or competitors. The deliberation of the sustainability run-through is possible to tolerate the organisations in accomplishing comparative advantage above others, and prospective possible reason ssupporting this fact is, that there has been sophisticated preferences within clienteles for the company’s products that warrants the performance of sustainable procedures in their businesses practices.(Dunphy, 2000).

Dyes    Dyes are crucial to differentiate CLS products for the end users health and safety. They have been providing only the colorings that have been approved as food additives and in compliances with the HSNO Cosmetic group standard are used in every green products.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Description: Sustainable Manufacturing

At Chemical Solutions Limited, they have confidence in sustainable manufacturing. CSL technical teams have massive variety of sustainably sourced raw materials from which they articulate environmentally responsible merchandises. They can produce Environmental Choice Licensed cleaning goods for anyone using surfactants derived form glucose, corn syrup, corn syrup and other sustainable sourced from natural minerals. (ChemicalSolutionLtdNZ, 2017)

Raw Materials

Description: Sustainable Manufacturing


CSL environmental or ecological product emphasis has been strong belief in producing safest product formulations possible; beginning at the point when the organization author started practical assembling by effectively utilizing sugar-based crude materials in contract fabricated cleaning items. A world first ideal here in NZ.

CSL manually selected raw materials that are considered safe for their staff and for their valued customers. CLS even utilize materials from manageable sources and are in the last stage s of supplanting risky solvents with biodegradable materials with less danger histories. CLS even use

The use of Palm Oil

There have been masses of discussion recently regarding sources of several raw materials CSL and other used to produce products.

Surfactant holds a critical part in most cleaning products is derived from a variety of sustainable sources. The old-style practice of petrochemical-derived surfactants has come under fire in the previous era or so due to their unsustainable and non-renewable status which has led to greener or more sustainable choices – with those can be made from  farm reaped sources.

Job Creation

Description: Sustainable Manufacturing

CLS Premises

CSL chose to renovate an existing office/manufacturing/warehouse site close to Auckland, their greatest market, as opposed to another “green-fields” site on the edges of Auckland. This implied they are nearer to the end clients with less voyaging separation for staff. The workplace was revamped with twofold coating and vitality effective lighting to ration control. Recessed windows decrease guide daylight in summer to diminish cooling costs too.

Freight Place

Description: Sustainable Manufacturing

H2O – Water

Rainwater Catchment system is used by CSL for the cleaning of mixing vats and to clean out containers to be reused or recycled. With Auckland rainfall per year of at about 1240mm, CSL estimated that this is to reduce main water supply usage by up to 40%.

Water squander is contained in a holding tank and treated earlier release to exchange squander. Squander water is estimated before release so we can analyze yearly premise of release against generation yield.

Recycling Waste

Description: Sustainable Manufacturing

Energy usage

CSL monitor energy usage and looked at ways or opportunities to minimize or even gain maximum benefits through the economies of production sales.

CLS has doubled the number of solar clear panels used in the factory for roofing with automated sensor lightings to minimize amount of power use for electricity. The mixing vast are designed for systematic and resourceful mixing, energy and time saving .

Energy Efficiency

Description: Sustainable Manufacturing

Packaging – Reuse, Recycle and Reduce

Packaging is an enormous factor for selling products. CLS encourage their clients to purchased larger container sizes to minimize the packaging of product ratio. CSL offer pricing strategy incentives and quantity breaks to inspire customers to buy larger quantities to reduce the amount of fuel and required packaging on product delivery.  CSL promote reusable and recyclable packages for their products. Clients can return empty containers for reuse. Recycling items are in place for paper, Glass, metal and plastics.


Description: Sustainable Manufacturing

Prepared for recycling  – Environmentally Safe

Environmentally Safe

Environmentally user friendly or “green” products are of specific interests of most consumers today. CSL have responded to this need by producing ‘Green Range’ of commodities.


Description: Sustainable Manufacturing

Green – Products

Yes, we were amongst the first in NZ to gain Environmental Choice Licensing in our sector, and have even gained special commendation from Environmental Choice auditors for our performance in this area.

Sustainable Marketing Framework

The analysis of sustainability marketing concept is based on a framework which has been reflected relevant. A study done by Crittenden, Ferrel and Pinney (2010) shows an important framework as follows: B

Description: Description: https://myassignmenthelp.com/mah_cms/uploads/1-1477371579.png

This framework of sustainable marketing which is a market focused model in achieving business sustainability.

  1. Importance and need for supply chain strategy and sustainable pricing strategy

Another important concern is the Supply Chain that needs be made effectively in the performing of sustainable marketing of products and services. It is crucial that supply chain has to adequate sustainable in order to realize real value of sustainable marketing.  On another note, sustainable pricing is also a vital element that has to be considering during marketing or exchanging of goods and services in a viable way.  Prices should also be reasonable for the goods and services provided and they held accountable for value offered to the customers and thus, keep the good reputation of the business image. Existing relationship between supply chain and sustainable marketing, it can be analyzed that there is an existence of positive relationship. This is mainly because the parties’ involved in the providing true and fair view of the performance of an organization and its products and services. It is critical that the supply chain partners must also adjust to adapt sustainable approach to improve overall product reputation and. The subsequent influence would be superior opportunities of operating business in a very sustainable manner.

Ways on how to improve your supply chain strategy

  • Automatic purchasing
  • Standardize
  • Increase Transparency
  • Gain Data Insight
  • Real Time Inventory Management
  • Monitor Vendor Performance
  • Raise Cost Awareness
  • Improve Returns management
  • Just in Time (JIT)
  • Streamline Accounting

Sustainable Pricing Strategy

Supply chain and sustainable pricing product also encompasses inspiring level of relationship. For example, the proficiency in the supply chain sanctions usefulness, and businesses improving offerings to customers can utilize the benefit of those contributions. Such productivity would enhance organization’s practices and they in turn would empower them to market in a sustainable manner. The fulfillment of price tag proficiency in the development, furthermore, positive level of commitment by all individuals in the inventory network would decrease the potential that the organization would charge higher costs for its offerings. The equitable costing for products authorizes them in fulfilling consumer needs completely by reassuring sustainable marketing practices

Ecological or Sustainable pricing accounts fully for the economic, environmental and social costs of a product’s manufacture and marketing while providing value for customers and a fair profit for a business. Understanding and recovering the full cost of a product’s manufacture and marketing requires a life-cycle assessment and full cost accounting. Several pricing strategies are useful in making marketing more sustainable. They include cost-based and value-based pricing, price skimming and tiered pricing; market penetration pricing and economies of scale, voluntary subsidies or offsets, and prestige pricing. In each case, pricing is designed to make the product competitive while yielding adequate financial resources to reinvest in previously externalized human or environmental resources. Finally, in attempts to increase sustainability by building local markets, several non-monetary pricing schemes, or complementary currencies, have been developed. They include barter, local exchange trading schemes, time banks and recycle banks.

  1. Learner responds to how these insights influence and shape ethics responsibility of his/her sustainable and professional marketing practice

Ethical and Social Responsibilities

Good ethics are a cornerstone of sustainable marketing. Unethical marketing harms customers and society as a whole. It eventually damages a company’s reputation and effectiveness, jeopardizing it very survival. Sustainable marketing long term goals for consumer and industry prosperity can only be achieved and successful through ethical marketing conduct of certain business. Moral values of honesty, responsibility, transparency, fairness, respect, accountability and citizenship are considered highly important because it determined the morality of the organization’s ability in fulfilling those activities

Ethical and social responsibilities of an organisation in relation to marketing of products and services should be clearly provided the message about the products, conveying truthful information without deceiving the audience. Companies should release all rightful information related to the product and the consumer will make the final decision in an efficient manner. Sustainability marketing also put emphasis on businesses to act in accordance with not only toward their loyal customers needs and wants but also emphasizes on ethics towards the society at large.  It is therefore, that ethical and social responsibility of a business to value public interests and the actions are based on the society’s interests because sustainable marketing has to be ethically responsible to the community in order to achieve sustainable business objective.  (Gonzalez-Perez and Leonard, L. 2013).

Ethical Responsibility and Community Support

CSL through Kemsol believe in giving back to the communities especially the most needy and support two very worthy good causes (CHEMICALSOLUTIONLTDNZ, 2017)

Ronald McDonald House

CSL ethical responsibility had been supporting Ronald McDonald House with products since 2004. About 100,0000 loads of laundries and still going strong. The fundamental design is to help lessen their running expenses and guarantees that Kiwi youngsters and their families are being tended to with perfect and clean cloths

Client criticism – ‘thank you Kemsol for your consistent help during the time giving clothing powder – a necessary part of the ordinary running of the houses. Kermol items help us to guarantee that our cloth is constantly perfect and encouraging for the 2000 families who make our home their home

Customer feedback – wishes to thanks Kemsol for their never ending support all throughout the whole year providing cleaned laundry powder – an integral aspect of the everyday running of the houses. Kermol products assist them to make sure that their linens are always clean and comfortaing for 2000 families  Wayne Howett CEO Ronald McDonald House Auckland.

Description: http://www.kemsol.co.nz/files/large_450x317/1570/RMH%20Support%20Image_web.jpg

Women’s Refuge

Kemsol lend a hand a very worthy cause of Auckland’s Women Refuge and Run the ‘Clean Start’ Home Hygiene free of charge course for the courageous moms


Wash Against Waste

CSL are continuously proud to give support to the amazing charity run poroject. They are willing to donate Kemsol Green cleaning products provided them with the support that they need and they are helping them to promote and encourage “wash against waste” to make a positive impact on the environment.

“one average family can make the equivalent of an entire rugby field of rubbish” says Sara Jane the Project Manager. This cannot happen if we are trying to be a liveable city by 2040, we need zero waste

Description: Wash against waste - Splore 2014

Our People

CSL recognises the key to a great company is great people. We are proud of our people and are keen to continue to grow our quality & service passionate team.

Description: ourpeopletop


CSL regularly hosts staff events bringing the business together as one and assisting in delivering one of our company mantra’s …to have fun!
Whether a simple BBQ on a Friday afternoon, to fishing the fantastic Hauraki gulf…

Description: ourpeople2

Puhoi Kayaking

Auckland has such a great bounty of activities. Kayaking at Puhoi delivered a great day, even if it did pour down…

  1. Clear and adequate description is given of the drivers for digital media, applications of digital media sustainable marketing and dangers associated with digital media

Digital Social Media

Technology has a fundamental role to perform in every major domains of business marketing sustainability. The association of technological factor is very important.  The marketing activities cab be positively carried out in an effective and efficient way making use of technology. Technological application of marketing is made possible through digital media allowing massive scope to a wide-ranging targeted audience successfully. The implication of digital or electronic media is consequently highly required in execution or performing of marketing processes. The scope of content can reach as far as your imagination will carry you. Social media are tools designed and invented to keep us connected. The practices may change but the principles remain the same.

Many forms of social media such as  Facebook, Twitter, viper, snap-chat, whatsapp etc.  These could be utilized in promoting the use of sustainability in the marketing practices by businesses.  Some digital marketers are finding more ways to improve their reach in an organic way. The focus is now on sustainable marketing practises. As the digital media permits comfortable and easy going user-friendliness to the wide range of audiences, the advertising campaign of sustainable marketing could be done proficiently throughout the targeted audiences (Hawkes, 2001).

Digital media fits into the world of sustainable marketing. Digital marketing has special characteristics of electronic and social media and their relationship to sustainable marketing includes

  1. Digital communication and sustainable marketing
  • Rapid innovation and change
  • Consumer uses for market information
  • Enhanced product sustainability through dematerialization
  • Increase processes sustainability
  • Linking communities
  1. Current issues of digital media in sustainable marketing communication
  2. Digital danger zones and antisocial media.

Use of online video to deliver creative content reduces emissions and toxic materials in the biosphere. The raid growth of digital communication continues to result in opportunities for increased sustainability. Emails, tweets and social networking sites are replacing personal letters, notes and other form of letters. The principles governing the role of communication technology in sustainable marketing:

  • Digital information and communication technologies advance rapidly, driving innovation and change
  • Digital media sources are becoming consumers’ first resource for market information
  • Digital products help dematerialisation consumption
  • Digital communication makes marketing processes more sustainable
  • Digital communication links people to communities.  (Blog, Chapter 15)

Digital media Danger and Antisocial Media.

For all the opportunity inherent in social media and the internet, cyberspace is not an entirely safe place for its users. Many organisations including businesses, public services, and even governments, cyber-attacks are a serious potential danger.

Cyber-attacks are malicious acts targeting computer systems, networks and/or databases through the internet. The intent of such acts may be to disrupt operations, destroy, or steal information. Identify theft is a particular concern. Perpetrators of cyber-attacks may be independent hackers, criminal organizations, hostile governments or corporate spies.


“security researchers at Herndon, Va-based Net Witness Corporation have excavated huge botnet of at least 75,000 computers at 2,500 companies and worldwide government agencies. The Kneber botnet…has been used to gather login credentials to online financial systems, social networking sites and e-mail systems for the past 18months….A 75GB cache of stolen data discovered by Net Witness included 68000 corporate login credentials, login data for users accounts at Facebook, Yahoo and Hotmail, 2,00 SSL certificate files and a large amount of highly detailed “dossier-level’ identity information..” (Vijaya, 2010)

Another internet danger zone is cyber-stalking, defined as the use of electronic media for purpose of harassing, and threatening, menacing or otherwise bringing harm to another individual. Some of the more insidious forms of cyberstalking include sexual predation, cyber-bulling, and character assassination. (Vijaya, 2010)

For instance:

Bloggers can have significant impact on corporate sustainability practices. On Earth Day in 2008, Dell was hit with an on slaught of complaints from blogs including Consumerist and Gizmodo. Writers took Dell to task for using excessive and wasteful packaging in its delivery of parts and accessories. Dell immediately responded to the complaints with a pledge to engage it’s suppliers in designing more eco-efficient package. Dell had invited intense scrutiny from environmentalists by announcing its intention to become the “greenest technology company in the world”..  (Vijaya, 2010)

A provocative, one minute protest video posted on the Greenpeace Facebook page and linked to a Nestle Facebook Page, challenged viewers to protest Nestlé’s purchases of palm oil from an Indonesian company responsible for destroying vast tracts of virgin rainforest and Orangutan habitat. Public reactions to the ad were tweeted and re-tweeted around the world on Twitter. On its own FB page, Nestle fought back with censorship of posts and a ban on the use of its logo. Nestle fans were upset, insulted, and alienated by the heavy-landed response. Nestle shortly apologized to its FB fans and soon after, company chairman announced in a letter to Greenpeace that Nestle would stop procuring palm oil from unsustainable source.

  1. Conclusion

To conclude this report, a detailed research has been carried out concerning the concept of sustainability marketing and its key principles and themes connected to it. This piece of performance document analysis discovered outcomes that sustainability marketing simply is a well-defined process of marketing organization’s products and services in such a way to ensure customers are fully well educated with the products and services that are provided by businesses. This assessment indicates different significance themes of sustainability marketing and also underlined the inspirational and challenging characteristics associated with marketing sustainability concept. It has also evaluated that there are risks and challenges affiliated with the concept and the possibility of attaining comparative advantage is higher. Sustainable pricing accounts fully for the economic, environmental and social costs of a product’s manufacture and marketing while providing value for customers and a fair profit for a business. Understanding and recovering the full cost of a product’s manufacture and marketing requires a life-cycle assessment and full cost accounting. Several pricing strategies are useful in making marketing more sustainable. They include cost-based and value-based pricing, price skimming and tiered pricing; market penetration pricing and economies of scale, voluntary subsidies or offsets, and prestige pricing. In each case, pricing is designed to make the product competitive while yielding adequate financial resources to reinvest in previously externalized human or environmental resources.  Lastly, social media’s role in digital or e-marketing has been recognized its degree of importance in promoting the most sustainable marketing practices of business activities within the industry.

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