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Roles and Responsibilities in Implementing Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

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Two people who is responsible to role of implementing the health and Safety at work act 2015 in my organisation


  • A people who doing their work on their own capacity for the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) is known as a worker. Employee and volunteer are be a worker. A workers need to have health and safety work to carry out their own responsibilities to maintain health and safety and maintain the other health and safety during doing the work and this is the responsibilities of worker according to section-6.


  • A person who carry specific position who get an authored to significant the management of the business is known as an office. Officer can be company directors and chief executives who have a responsibility to manage the organization. Officer might need to make sure about their staff member are safe in their own role and provide them safety environment to carry out their work without any harm. They need to ensuring about organization attains observance with legislation by review of health and safety which is responsibilities of office according to section-5. 

Employee responsibilities according to section-6

They are responsible to take care about their health and safety at the workplace. Need to follow the instruction of health and safety policy or procedure of organisation which is providing by the PCBU. Employee must be inform or report if there is any health and safety concern or want to give suggestion to improvement. They need to use correctly any information, training, protective equipment and safety device which is available by organisation. 

Employer responsibilities according to section-5

They need to ensure the wellbeing, security and welfare of their employees and other individuals who may be influenced by their business. They need to minimized and eliminate the risk of  hazard by taking the reasonable steps in a workplace which may be cause harm to an employee or other organisation member such as; member of public, client and family member. They need to assess the risk and carry out by doing the risk assessment in the workplace under health and safety. Employer must be providing satisfactory first aid or medical. They need to make sure about the equipment either it is correct work equipment is provide or not. (Work safe, 2019)

Task: 2

Sometime thing happen but do not hurt anyone and sometime they get hurt. Injury/Incident forms are not only for client it for everyone who is associated with organisation. Injury/Incident form which is given below is needed to fill if any injury or incident is happening in the workplace such as fall, missing someone etc.

Emergency situation

Emergency situation can happen anytime and anywhere. There is various factor that cause emergency situation such as; severe weather, accident, infection disease or communicable disease etc. Choking during having food, missing resident from inside the organisation, fire in workplace and fall etc are the emergency situation.  One of the emergency situations which are cause during my placement is fall. In that rest home they provide highest standard of support for the client by the staff member. During the time of my placement I saw different emergency situation which is happen in workplace like fall, fire due to having smoking inside by the resident, hospitalized due to illness. The emergency situation which is happen in my placement is fall. The one of the resident which I always give care during my placement time. She is independent she can walk herself by using the walker frame, she can able to do every task by herself but she need a support for time of shower only. On the date of 22th November she had a fall when she having her lunch with the other resident in dinning hell. When she finished the lunch she is trying to stand-up from the chair to go back in her room. During that time I am busy to take the  other resident to their room after that I return back to take other resident but suddenly she fall on the floor and my buddy also saw her when she fall down and we go beside her and put her safely. Then my buddy inform the RN to checked her and RN check the blood pressure because she is suffering from high blood presser after that  two people are assessed to  take her room. The RN and my buddy is observing her after 2 hour they she settle at that time. Overall, in this situation everyone meet organisation legislative by follow the health and safety procedure.

Analysis of the emergency situation

Fall is the one of the emergency situation which is reoccur in rest home and hospital. As a mention above in 2.1 falls is happen because of her high blood pressure. She didn’t get any hurt /injury during that time but after a day she get a    in her back. Everyone is follow the health and safety policy during that time by maintain her safety, informed to the RN before take her up from the floor and record and report in injury/incident form and observation her every 2 hour. RN is following up the client to check her blood pressure every 1 hour. HCA (health care assistant) also record in progressive note and give handover to the afternoon shift.


  1. Observe and monitoring the client repetitively and if there is any changes in their health then need to inform the RN.
  2. Even she can walk herself, caregiver need to support her when she is mobilizing with LWF and need to assist her to make her task easier.
  3. If resident having the blood pressure they RN need to monitor to keep it in under control. Sometime she forgets to use LWF so that staffs need to remind her to carry LWF during mobilization.
  4. Staff should be informed to their family member and call 911.


Work environment

It plays the major role which is associated with an employee better performance and productivity. Different organisation have different working environment. In lady allem has also have different environment. The working environment in my placement is good because all the staffs are co-ordinated with each other, helping environment is there. My buddy is clearly instruction about what I am going to do for a day and everyone is giving hand when they need a support which feels low pressure in work. As I am the student my buddy gives me an easy client to do morning care which makes me easy to carryout and able to provide effective care to each client. They provide me a good learning environment during my study break. Besides that, organisation promoting the wellness of client and staff by encourage then to having weekly exercise like yoga and lite exercise. They provide better work environment by providing the break for rest, providing the working equipment and protective equipment to maintain health and safety of workers and client. (Inside 6Q, 2019)


Different people have their own religion and we have to respect them and treat them equally. Religion must be considered while providing the care to the client as well as to the staff.  Different people having different culture, religion, values and norms because they are from different country like; china, India, Sri Lanka, Europe, South Arabia, Maori and pacific islanders they have their own god and believe in Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism and so on. In my placement no one have conflict between them because of their religion. All the people are believe that all the religion are same and they respect equally either they are from different religion.


Language is a system of communication either spoken, writing or sign language. In New Zealand there is three officially language they are; English, Te Rao and sign language. But in my placement English is a first priority. “The way we speak to each other contributes to developing a workplace culture where everyone feels valued, respect and part of the team rather than under-valued, disrespected and out of place”. Language created the misunderstanding between two people and impact on their bound with co-workers. In my placement some of the client didn’t understand and return back what we are asking so that it makes difficulties to provide care and difficulties to communicate.

Organisation culture

It is an important factor to meet the health care goal of workplace and for effective leadership. “Workplace culture or organisation culture refers to the shared values, attitude, and expectations about work patterns and behaviours that are predominant among people and group of an organisation”. Culture is a way to make decision of organisation what to do and what not to do. (Work safe, 2019)

Strategies to support cultural diversity in workplace

  • Provide education, training and awareness programmer

Need to aware about company’s values and culture to the employees. They provide education about workplace safety and code of conduct to the employee to help them understand how the organisation works as a whole. They must be providing training to them how to use equipment (hoist), health and safety and first aid to maintain quality of care. In my placement, organisation provides training every 3 month to develop the quality care. They tell them how to manage the risk and report the hazards. They always make sure about health and safety by explain how to increase concerns and make suggestion about workplace health and safety.

  • Encourage collaboration and communication

Organization involved the employees for making decision and gets the different ideas from each and everyone and respects their ideas. Collaboration is an important factor to provide the good working environment in workplace. “By collaboration must be communicated to team member as the minimum standard”. If they have a clear understanding of their position, each team member can do work effectively and without conflicts. Socializing with co-workers helps to effective communication to maintain rapport between them and able to break per judgemental and mistrust between team member. They conduct the program where they can share each other ideas, views and develop relationship.

  • Access shared tool and equipment

Employees have right to access in correct information to decrease the confused about the company goal. “They have access to all of the same resources are able to make better, faster and more accurate decision”. Provide the protective equipment (gloves), and adequate facilities at work such as toilets, washing facilities and first aid equipment. They show the every employee where is emergency equipment and first aid kid are kept to maintain quality work environment.

  • Equally treat/respect their religion.

“Someone treat them worse than other people in a similar situation because of their religion. In the equality Act religion or belief can mean any religion such as; Christianity, Judaism, Islam or Buddhism etc”. In my placement they give equal priority to every religion. For the Christianity they visited church every Wednesday, for Maori people they take them in Maria, for south Arabia special person is come to pray their god. To know the different religion they encourage them to participation in social activities. Organisation conduct programmers in their special festival such as Diwali program, Christmas program for make them special. (Work safe, 2019)


  • Inside 6Q. (2019). Inside 6Q. Retrieved from healthy workplace enviroment: http://www.bmj.com
  • Work safe. (2019, july 18). work safe. Retrieved from managing health and safety: www.worksafe.govt.nz


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