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Recruitment methods used by Marks and Spencer

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What methods do Marks and Spencer use to recruit staff?


Marks and Spencer (M&S) recruit staff through internal and external recruiting methods. Internal recruitment involves recruiting candidates for vacancies internally. Employees currently working at M&S can be departed to other departments or promoted to a higher position. M&S career opportunities include in-store, head office, distribution and international level opportunities. At the head office level, a career at M&S can move quickly through promotion and/or being selected to a higher level because of talent. For example, an individual can start as a financial analyst before being recruited as a team manager three years on. M&S also recruit externally. Sources of M&S’s external recruitment include website job advertising (through their careers website which advertises jobs in store, at head office level, graduate opportunities and logistics), job portals such as Indeed.co.uk, and graduate jobs fairs. A key advantage of recruiting externally, in particular for the head office roles for which there is an abundance of opportunities, is that external candidates will have a wider range of experience. As part of the application process for jobs in-store, applicants need to complete an online assessment which includes a situational judgement questionnaire. If the applicant is successful, M&S conduct a face-to-face assessment. Candidate selection will be based on the success of the face to face assessment in comparison to the other potential candidates’ performances.



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