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Project Planning to Integrate High-Speed Wi-Fi Network

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Project Goals:

Integrating technology to establish a public high-speed Wi-Fi Network at free cost for all public and tourist areas in the city of Niagara.

Provide internet to all visitors and near residential areas that maximize the success of the organization.

Organizational Boundaries and limitation and Risk:

Organizational boundaries: [2]

As a spatial boundary of organization, our office location will be in Lincoln with many sites in the area. We can have two or three sites ongoing at a time, as a result, we have mobile houses or Recreation Vehicles (RV) for locations.

As per temporal boundary of organization, our schedule of office, we can schedule our hour of head office for day time but can have a site for more hours, maybe 24 hours with multiple shifts with limited staff at a specific time.

Limitations: [1]

Area Covered: The router gives connectivity in a specific range of areas. As the device moves far from the router, connectivity strength decreases. Mostly this distance ranges between 20 to 25 meters. Furthermore, connectivity also suffers from objects, like concrete wall, metal, aluminum and many more, between device and router. We can resolve this problem by amplifying the Wi-Fi signal or establish new router depending on required strength in the area which increases the budget.

Finance: A company can afford only limited bandwidth due to the upper limit of the budget. Providing high bandwidth may cost more and will exceed the funds.

Shared Network: As a public service, the bandwidth is divided among the users which result in slow internet speed. Hence, sharing Network is one of the limitations when it comes to public Wi-Fi but as an increase in technologies this limitation may get resolved with better bandwidth.

Limited Access: To provide a better service to each user the internet has limited access for the specific time for one device.


Technical issue: One of the technical risks is the connectivity to the Wi-Fi. There may be a situation where a device may not be able to connect with the Wi-Fi Service but if the same issue gets with all the devices then the Wi-Fi router may need troubleshooting. As a solution, we need to restart the router or in the worst case, we need to change the router which impacts the budget of the project. To reduce the cost for the new router we can install used router, but it may produce the same issue having the same probability.

Project duration: It’s possible to face a critical issue that stops the progress for a particular time during implementation. As a result, it may lead to the extended time required which depends on the issue. This time extension can be resolved by getting precise project analysis & planning. This may lead to increased cost due to used resources.

Unpredicted need for hardware: During the implementation, it can happen to order hardware needs due to router issues. As a solution, we can get temporary hardware until the old one gets resolved.

Network failure:  A Wi-Fi Service may need a good technician guy which can create a build strong network having minimum errors such as looping in the network which results in network failure. A Technician should know a whole flow of a network in need to overcome this problem. If not, this may lead to no Wi-Fi.

Security breach: Security is also a major concern while building the network. As there are chances of attacks such as MIM attack (Man-In-Middle Attack) which compromise the user data. As a result, we should think before transmitting data on a public Wi-Fi.

Scope change: The project may go as per the arranged schedule until there are some changes. A change in schedule may affect the management and project budget which makes the schedule more aggressive. In Case, if there are changes the funding may increase and may affect the deadline.

Temporary consulting for issue: During the Implementing phase, if there’s any critical issue that is not resolvable then we need to hire a technical expert temporarily. The wages for that technical guy is the loss for the organization yet it may be reduced by Research and Development (R&D).

Organizational Restructuring: If the assigned task is not completed with the current implemented structure then the restructuring is necessary for the firm to complete the activity in a specific period.

Heavy traffic: As a public Wi-Fi Service in public places or tourist places, there is more probability of having many users at a particular time which may slow down the internet speed due to heavy traffic. In the worst-case scenario, the internet goes down resulting in network failure. This may be resolved to manage the traffic properly.

Scope Time Cost Quality Resources
Technical Technical Issue Unpredicted hardware need Heavy Traffic Network Failure &

Security Breach

Project Management Scope Changes Project Duration Temporary


Organizational Organizational Restructuring

Fig 1: Risk Identification Matrix

Probability / Loss Low Medium High
Low Requirement Gathering
Medium Marketing Installation
High Monitoring Testing Project Delivery

Fig 2: Risk Assessment Matrix with activities

Developer Team:

Job title [4] No. of employees Salary / project [3]
Project manager 1 CA$45,000
Digital marketing 1 CA$19,500
Customer service 1 CA$17,500
Functional manager 2 CA$50,000
Quality assurance/Testing manager 2 CA$52,000
Service installation technician 2 CA$23,000
Network monitoring specialist 1 CA$22,000
Code developer 1 CA$25,000


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[2] https://bizfluent.com/info-8548143-organizational-boundaries.html

[3] https://www.glassdoor.ca/index.htm

[4] https://jobs.rogers.com/?locale=en_CA


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