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Opportunities and Complications for Team Disagreement

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Critically assess the opportunities and complications that arise when team members disagree on how to develop a novel marketing plan for a business start-up.


Entrepreneurial team has become more common in the business world today. Especially, when companies want to prestart up a new successful business plan, they usually create an entrepreneurial team as a part of a building foundation. They has two or more individuals who jointly establish a business in new venture, collectively create the initial policies and procedures for the company (Ben-Hafaïedh, C. et al., 2017). According to Jin (2017), a successful new venture is often regarded as whether an entrepreneurial team can integrate all of their members’ talents and abilities to coordinate. Therefore, the entrepreneurial team members work together plays an important role in critical business outcomes (Ming-Huei, C., et al., 2017). Because team members who can bring their unique perspectives and backgrounds to the team (Kakarika, M., 2013). This diversity of team members allows for enriched decision making, which helps solve the complex, non-routine problems any enterprise will inevitably encounter. It is found that ‘an entrepreneurial team rather than a single entrepreneur appears to deal more successfully with such challenges’ (Diakanastasi, E., et al., 2018). However, the differences and conflict among members cause the entrepreneurial team failed the business (Kakarika, M., 2013). Moreover, conflict in an entrepreneurial team is ‘an inevitable social process that results from perceived incompatibilities or cognitive differences between entrepreneurial members’ (Ming-Huei, C., et al., 2017). Understanding conflict within an entrepreneurial team is significant importance to every new venture. Because the quality of decisions in an entrepreneurial team has a direct effect on the entire company’s competitiveness and sustainability (Ming-Huei, C., et al., 2017). There are two forms of conflict within a work team have been clearly defined which are relationship conflict and task conflict (Ming-Huei, C., et al., 2017). Relationship conflicts arise when there are interpersonal incompatibilities between team members and task conflicts occur when there are disagreements about the content of the tasks that are being performed (Martínez-Moreno, E. et al., 2009). Both relationship conflict and task conflict show that they can negatively affect entrepreneurial team performance by undermining cohesion between entrepreneurial members (Ming-Huei, C., et al., 2017). It leads to increase the team turnover, therefore, company need to it can prepare better to their team members and mitigate the negative aspects. Team turnover is the entry of new members and/or the exit of old members (Paulus, P. and Nijstad, B., 2003). This is likely to cause conflicts among the remaining team members (Kuypers, T. et al., 2018). Therefore, communication can also enable tends to resolve conflicts, which demonstrated by the ability to keep up and get prepared towards the new members and communicate effectively (Tsai, Hsiu‐Hsin et al., 2013). In order to avoid conflict in the team, trust has been mentioned in such an important area in communication (Mayer, R.C. et al., 1995). On the other hand, conflict may beneficial in the entrepreneurial team. Unless, it can encourage team member to encounter many challenges and difficulties during the process and adjust when strategies are not effective. Sometimes, when idea is on challenge in different views, it could create a better idea, creativity and greater innovation. It helps to lead companies gain a competition advantage.

Workshop Experience

To reflect on the workshop experiences, I had participated in other group activities based on the team interaction. Moreover, we need to form a team and discuss the topic and project that they assigned for us during the time period. This activity enables me to understand how to perform well in team working. The group consist of all different individuals with different experiences, attitude, power and their own opinion, but these all factors create task conflicts during the workshop activity. Therefore, working in a team can be more effective and efficiency because of diversity idea has come up. It is an essential benefit to have different opinion of the team members. That task conflict can encourage team members to be more open to new ideas and learn to work better together with those who have different preferences and understandings. When team members come together to address task conflict, the group can become more unified and even more productive in our real presentation of ONENINE5 since team members are building their conflict resolution skills. So, we can work through the conflict efficiently rather than just avoiding or ignoring it. It shows that all the team members are active and have better ideas to perform their work. It is a positive approach. However, during the group activity, I had also found that decisions making is directly affected by conflicts in any team. We had lots of group activities create task conflicts on the group discussion because of different idea and opinions. It related negatively to team performance, conflicts need more time to communicate and find the balance between the members, it may delay and affect the outcome of the process. Furthermore, there was another group activity which is related to the topic of team turnover. This assessment enabled me to go step by step through the different steps with entrepreneurial team that would be followed when establishing the business’ team turnover. This activity is giving out a concept that team turnover is not bad when people are prepared for it. It gave me an opportunity to enhance my experience to apply in the real world. Teams offer an alternative to a vertical chain-of-command and are a much more inclusive approach to business organization(reference). Effective teams can lead to increased employee motivation and business productivity. During the activity, they needed us to switch our group members from others. It would arise problems from new team members. They need to catch up on what we have done, so, we needed to explain back to the new group members. Which, they had different point of view towards the ideas we came up and we would communicate the different between our and their ideas. During the communication between ideas, we would face different and difficult challenges. We would try to compromise our ideas and come up with a better plan during the certain period. This activity wants us to experience on effect of team turnover. In the process, it would lead to new members may bring desired new knowledge into the organization. Through the group activity, it can be reviewed to fit the real-world environment. After the workshop, each of us were giving a feedback to my course mates and shared and discovered what we had learnt during the activity that they assigned for us, so we can apply on the real presentation.

Application and refinement on presentation

Furthermore, I had an experience on working in a team of 7 people which is a presentation about generating a new business plan. There were some issues raised by the team members for the successful achievement of the task. All individuals are come from different countries and thus there was a great diversity among the members in the team. This diversity has also resulted in different contexts of the ethical value related to the work, effective communication, sense of responsibility. Our group faced all the challenges during our presentation process. Through our ONENINE5 presentation, all of us had come up many great ideas to expand the company. At the beginning of the presentation, our group had faced challenges on ineffectiveness in communication, because of the diversity team members. There were few of the member created conflicts about different view of ideas. Create problems which need to be overcome for the achievement of the objective of the group in the effective way (Hagemann, V. & Kluge, A., 2017). Therefore, some of us has helped for resolving the conflict and had tried to combine both of their idea and find the best marketing plan. Our team members had given a proper communication to explain each of their ideas to find the best marketing plan to help the company which can achieve in effective way. It results as a better communication helps in the entrepreneurial team and ensures the excellent quality of planning which is done by the team members. Effective communication motivates the members of the team to collaborate and enable them to work effectively for the performance and prevent any conflicts (Lee, M.T. & Raschke, R.L., 2016). It is believed that all the individuals in our team should feel them as important part of the group. Moreover, due to the different culture of team members, we had created some disagreement on our general group meeting which is related to the relationship conflict. Some of the team members like to do right before the deadline. But, some of them would like to set a weekly deadline for the presentation. All of our team members should feel responsible, they should not be late and need to attend all the meetings. This activity also helps to improve self-awareness in team members individually and also helpful to develop their own personality. Good relationships are developed between group members due to conflicts and it helps to relieve the stress and tension by discussing one problem in their work to other members (Mindtools.com., 2019). It reminded us there are a challenge for any organisation to resolve conflicts in a team. Resolving conflicts means to avoid the team become unhealthy and sort out the benefits to achieve goals out of them (Capozzoli, T., 1995). During the presentation process, I feel like cooperation is more important in the team. It is because we were working for many weeks together for preparing the presentation, therefore, there is a need of developing the trust among all the group members and all the team member should clarify their task role and responsibilities. We had submitted the slides of our workshop presentation, but, there was much more to do for preparing an effective and knowledgeable ONENINE5 presentation. Otherwise, the work cannot be done successfully, also, it would decrease the team's productivity and cause lower morale in the workplace if left uncontrolled. So we learnt that to find the right person in a right role is very important in the team, therefore, it could work effectively.

Conclusion 100

Entrepreneurial team is very important to achieve the goal, because working in a team can integrate all of its members’ talents and abilities in a coordinated the work. Moreover, team members who can bring their unique perspectives and backgrounds to the team. Through my reflection on the workshop and experience working on the team presentation, it created task and relationship conflicts among the team members. But conflict can be good and bad for the team to achieve the plan. Moreover, Therefore, communication can also important to resolve conflicts which keeps the process on track and efficiency. During the workshop activity based on the topic of team turnover, it teaches us the prevent and prepared for the effects of conflict. Therefore, we can get well prepared on doing our real group presentation of ONENINE5 that can work together and achieve the goal more effectively and efficiency.


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