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McDonalds Australia Human Resource Management

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Executive Summary

With business's continually developing and advancing, the recruitment and selection procedure can be one of the most effective parts of an association and can decide an association's prosperity or failure. As the quantity of competitors is continually expanding, it is critical for an association to contract employee's that can build sales up and line up with the organization's vision. The principle goal of this report is to distinguish what recruitment and selection is as well as the general best practice's companies introduce so as to enlist and choose new workers. This report, additionally, looks at the association, McDonald's Australia Limited, that employs more than 100,000 workers every year. This report, furthermore, distinguishes the rules and regulations that are required to be complied with and how employers are affected by them, including the effect of Equal Employment Opportunity. As each organization differentiates in size and budget, the types of recruitment and selection strategies continually differ and ought to be continuously updated.


Having solid and effective recruitment and selection procedures can bring about improved outcomes inside the association. The HR supervisor has a duty to enlist and choose candidates that line up with the organization's way of life and that resultantly, will help achieve their targets (Harky, 2018). Recruitment and selection is a procedure embraced to put in new representatives into the association and must be done productively in order to spare time and assets (Harky, 2018). Recruiting and selecting the ideal individuals can bring about extra worth being added to the association and accordingly bringing about more prominent benefits. Different strategies for enrollment and determination can be utilized relying upon how large the specific association is. The candidates contracted must almost certainly drive deals forward and share a similar vision as the business in order to succeed (Kapur, 2018). Be that as it may, an association can encounter defeats or issues if this procedure isn't completed accurately.

Literature review

Recruitment can be defined as “the process of identifying, screening, shortlisting and hiring of the potential human resources for the purpose of filling up the positions within the organization”, (Kapur, 2018). Selection is identified as “the process of attracting and choosing candidates for employment”, (BusinessDictionary, 2019). Recruitment and selection starts with a business vision as the beginning stage and works with the executives so a well-structured organization is developed by having utilized the right and wanted individuals (Argue, 2015). The procedure of recruitment and selection is monstrously significant as it can affect the manner in which a business runs and, basically, if their ideal targets will be met.

Recruitment and Selection Process

The recruitment process is a model that is explicit to every association, used to source new candidates with the point of finding and resultantly contracting new workers. This procedure is normally done by the human resource division, the proprietor or a supervisor. Every organization utilizes different strategies, contingent upon the sort of representative they're searching for.

The initial step a business needs to accomplish includes determining what type of employee the business needs, what aspect of the business is lacking as well as the job description and how to advertise (internally or externally). Internal recruitment involves sourcing candidates from the present workforce (Richards-Gustafson, 2019. This form of recruitment enables the business to set aside cash and have the representative develop and improve inside the business.  It includes promoting, hiring retired or temporary employees (Cameron, 2017). External recruitment is when candidates are sourced from outside the business (Cameron, 2017). It enables new aptitudes to be brought into the work environment as well as new innovative thoughts (Reddy, 2019)

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The second crucial step includes the location of advertisement. The most common form of recruitment is through advertisements placed on the internet. Over 150,000 openings are placed on the internet by managers (Australian Government, 2015). Businesses may also use an employment agency to find candidates. A popular form of advertising also includes word of mouth as it assists in building a positive picture about the company (Mosley, 2017).  

Once an advertisement has been placed the business needs to select the candidates for the next stage. This is known as the selection process. Tests may be included in this process. Additionally, there are numerous types of interview styles employers can use to assess candidates. These include telephone interviews, video interviews as well as in-person interviews (Crowe, 2016). In any case, there are a couple of warnings a business ought to know about when dissecting resumes or introductory letters. These incorporate continuous unexplained occupation changes and a restricted online presence of past employers. Employers should verify their candidates through official checks and foundation investigations (State of Victoria, 2019). Once the candidate has been hired they are usually on a probationary basis for the first 6 months. 

Additionally, there are rules guidelines organizations must conform to when enlisting new representatives. Equal Employment Opportunity is a law that prohibits any form of discrimination in order to let employee’s receive fair treatment (Swan, 2019). This is a vital part of the enlistment and choice procedure as a person's fulfilment and inspiration can increment tremendously on the off chance that they accept they are being dealt with similarly to other people (Plowman, 2019). 

The final step a business should undertake is known as placement and induction. This is due to the fact that a new employee needs to acquaint themselves with the organisation, the principles and guidelines as well as gain confidence (Chungyalpa, 2016).  

Best Practices

Businesses can implement best practices in recruitment and selection in order to be more socially mindful and efficient. When placing a job on offer, a best practice that can be adopted includes setting a time limit for the organisations response which allows the candidate to know when they would be contacted by as well as being explicit about exactly what the organisation is searching for (Paulette, 2014). Moreover, another best practice is to only short-list the candidates that have the fundamental capabilities first, followed by the candidates with the ideal capabilities (Chungyalpa, 2016). This permits the enlisting staff to see how many have all the fundamental prerequisites, before looking at anyone else. Allowing candidates to also demonstrate everything they can offer the organisation is also extremely beneficial as they are able to demonstrate the degree of their capabilities (Paulette, 2014).


There are numerous common issues that associations have conducting recruitment and selection. One of the most well-known issues companies have is not knowing the nature of the position that the business is hiring for. Job roles change and advance with time therefore businesses should continuously direct a job analysis or examination for each position (Kokemuller, 2007). In the event that this is not done correctly, the job posted will not correctly reveal the required skills and subsequently the candidates may not be precisely assessed. Another regular issue is a lack of resources companies have for recruitment. Many large companies may have HR budgets however, some businesses may need to utilize free job boards as they do not have the financial capability to promote on a larger scale. However, online networking is an affordable solution to this issue (VirtualHR, 2019). Therefore, the issues companies face when conducting the recruitment and selection process is able to affect the amount and types of applications they receive. 

Company background

McDonalds Australia Limited, began in 1971 with their first store being in Yagoona, Sydney (WhichfranchiseAustralia, 2015). It was opened 16 years after the business was established in the USA. It is an establishment with 80% of the organization claimed and worked by individual representatives and ladies (McDonald's, 2019). In 1985, the Ronald McDonald House Charity was enlisted as an official charity inside Australia (McDonald's, 2019). As of now there are more than 970 restaurants spread the nation-wide with over with more than 100,000 representative's. (McDonald’s, 2019). 


In outline, every association utilizes various techniques for recruitment and selection, contingent upon the measure of assets accessible. Be that as it may, in order to have a proficient and developing association, candidates that have similar visions as the business must be selected so as to help the association in accomplishing those objectives. The EEO majorly affects the manner in which recruitment is done and enables every individual to have a reasonable and equivalent experience. Organizations may likewise introduce best practices inside their enlistment and selection process in order to expand proficiency. With an expanding measure of issues organizations may confront, it is immensely imperative to remain mindful of any changes throughout the association.

Interview Questions

Manager #1

1.How do you find talented job applicants within all the applications submitted?

2.What methods of hiring do you use?

3.What skills and traits would make an ideal candidate?

4.What are the major challenges you face when recruiting new employees?

5.What is the most crucial part of being a HR manager?

6.What is an important question you ask when performing interviews?

7.How can you tell if a candidate wouldn’t fit in your work environment?

8. How do you manage with labour shortage?

9. What forms of selection do you use?

10. Do you use a structured type of interview? If not what style of interview do you use or find the most efficient?

11. Do you always check a candidate's credentials? If not, do you believe that this should be done when throughout the selection process?

12. If there are any, explain the best practices in your recruitment and selection process

13. Do you believe each candidate should be asked the same questions? If not, why?

14. Explain any downfalls of your recruitment and selection process

15. Portray how you would fix the issues you face when selecting

16.How do you think you would improve the organizations job advertisements?

17. When analysing resumes, do you look at the candidates that have the essential requirements first? If not, how do you structure the resumes given to you?

18. Explain the rules and regulations you must follow when recruiting and selecting

19. Clarify how you stay within the budget when advertising or recruiting?

20. Are there any issues when conducting a job analysis within your organization?

Manager #2

1.What is the thing you look for first when analysing resumes?

2. What is your management style?

3. What is your opinion of job eliminations?

4. How do you narrow down applicants? 

5. How many applications a month do you roughly get?

6. What are the types of promotions or advertising your business impliments?

7. Would you say that there are any downfalls of the types of advertisements your business uses?

8.How do you make sure there’s no bias or prejudice when you conduct your interviews?

9. Explain any issues you have experienced when conducting your selection process

10. Explain the importance of forecasting the amount of labour required to perform future tasks or for future points in time

11. What do you do to prepare for an interview? 

12. 12. Do you utilize any sorts of tests when directing your enlistment Eg. aptitude or employment tests? If so, which and why?

13. How long is your probation period? Do you need to recruit new candidates again if someone falls short within that period?

14. Clarify the most troublesome part of examining applicants.

15. Do you ever hire from the internal business or promote employees? If so, how often does this occur?

16. Explain whether you believe external recruitment is better than recruiting internally (or visa versa). 

17. Would you say you may sometimes have an uncontrollable bias when first meeting a candidate? If so, why do you think this is and does it affect your decision on whether to hire them?

18. How do you stay alert with changes in regard to the labour market?

19. Describe the importance of a job description to you

20. How efficient do you believe your form of recruitment is and why?

Working timeline


Submit prelim report


Conduct interview with manager #1


Conduct interview with manager #2


Summarise managerial interviews


Finish final report


Submit final assessment

Contingency plan 

In the event of an unforeseen circumstance occurring and having to change the organization this report is on, I will be able to interview 2 people from Kmart. If one of the managers, I am interviewing is unable to answer my questions I do have a backup employee I am able to use if needed. 

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