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Management and Organization Behaviour Case Study

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1. Why employees work at Apple in such long hours

Apple is a renowned company for high-tech products which are needed to be updated and caught the top cutting-edge products. Thus, one of their priorities for good services is flexible time at work and willingness of working for long hours. Employees may be required to work more during peak hours or holidays (Apple, 2019). Additionally, they do offer time-away options for employees like working at home as an At-home-Advisor. By doing so, administration cost may reduce, and workers can find many conveniences to complete their tasks. They proclaim “90 hours a week and loving it” of Apple showed their requirements of working flexibility. Those who work as Apple have to agree all the company’s requirements, and these following reasons could be the answer to why the workers dedicate a long time at work and hardworking with Apple:

  1. Strict recruitment policies along with human resources quality
  2. Job responsibilities and project deadlines
  3. Job insecurity
  4. Offering benefits and incentives for employees.
  5. Chances to build up people’s career ladder

Nowadays, business competition is getting stronger and fiercer resulting in the need for hiring high-qualified workers. Moreover, it is difficult to get a job in a well-known company like Apple but easy to be fired once the company cannot see workers’ dedications and distributions.

It is said by Deirdre O’Brien - Senior Vice President of Retail and People of Apple: “It takes a diverse team of talented individuals to do extraordinary work. That’s why Apple welcomes you for who you are and who you want to become.” (Apple Inc. 2019). As a result, to be a member of Apple, employees need to meet those conditions. Being available any time that the company needs is also a part of the priorities. In the term of obligations, those who are working at the company will have their responsibilities to work professionally and complete the projects on time, these could lead to the overtime on working. In addition, the employees also think about their financial status, receivable advantages and job chances in the future before they have the decision to leave the company (Safavi and Karatepe 2019); there is no doubt that employees always want to protect their job position; thus, they would like to show their good performance to get advancements as well. When employees work harder and do overtime, it will increase their job security in a long‐term (Lu et al.2016)

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Additionally, Apple brings wonderful opportunities for their workers to have excellent teamwork, learn and grow up in such a professional environment as well as immerse in their enthusiasm (Apple Inc. 2019); for these reasons, employees may satisfy with long-hour working. Considering working status and experiences can be taken into account in this case, with the pride of working in a high-standard company, people may feel valued and tend to show up their profession. Moreover, every of Apple’s products resulting from all team member’s efforts, it gives them chances to bring out and develop their ideas (Apple Inc. 2019). When the products are released and got a large amount of consumption, employees may have a good motivation to do better as well. Another reason for this view, having a recognized position in the company and receive deserving rewards can lead to the stay of employees (Subramanniam, Cho, and Johari 2019). It reveals that Apple is providing great benefits to employees regardless of what position they are in like health care, discounts on their Apple purchased products, lunch treat at work. Employees may find their values at Apple so they are willing to put in the extra works and working hours.

2. Self- concept mainly in the self-esteem of Entrepreneur Wayne Huizenga

A. Self-concept, Self-esteem and the link between the two aspects

Self-concept is an organized system that shows people’ beliefs about themselves, acknowledge what they can and cannot do. Otherwise, Self-esteem reflects an individual’s attitude or view about him or herself and the acceptance of who he or she is. There is a connection between those concepts “Individuals who have more positive beliefs about themselves tend to report higher levels of self‐esteem” (as quoted by Showers et al. 2014, 1). It means those who have positive self-concept result in a high level of self-esteem as well.

B. Describe Wayne Huizenga in term of self-concept and self-esteem.

In the case of Wayne Huizenga, he started his own business with a positive mind and strong beliefs in his abilities. From the small garbage company to could build his career, it reflects how he trusted in himself and how Huizenga took action into reality. It can be seen that he had a good vision into business and could catch the opportunities. It is figured out that the level of self-esteem is connected to happiness level (Yuki et al. 2013). Huizenga enjoyed in doing his business and immerse into it. He was satisfied and happy with what he worked for. When a person sees their value at work, they will have more energy to immerse in it (Ferris, Johnson, and Sedikides 2017). As a result, he shaped his actions in his ways to become a successful businessman.

Besides, having high motivation and the ability to predict what could happen seems to be a good skill for him. Accepting himself to go out of his comfort zone, being different from other people gave him the chances to open his new horizons. For instance, he involved in the garbage industry, the area may not be an attractive or potential field neither. However, Huizenga kept taking up challenges which brought him success and valued experiences. Briefly, for the reason that Huizenga trusted in his abilities and took this thought into action as well as had a positive mind, those lead him to positive outcomes. It is recorded that his first stock was to raise $5 million in the year 1971 and valued at $3 billion just after 13 years.

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Besides, people who have high self-esteem often go with positive results regardless negative impacts and external factors and tend to have less stress level (Baumeister et al. 2003) as well as have a greater level of satisfaction in life (as quoted by Rusu et al. 2015). It is reflected in the story of Huizenga. When he decided to jump in the entertainment field, Wayne Huizenga could get billion dollars by his managerial skills and the support from his partners. By the same token, he moved in another part which is the car secondhand market. The story is repeated the same, he won in this market and impressively affirmed his status in the business market.

In conclusion, Wayne Huizenga has great self-esteem and he could succeed by taking advantages from it. Being positive, able to take risks as well as taking actions gave him chances to gain achievements. It will be great when someone knows who he/ she is and improve themselves for the better.

3. Job satisfaction and organizational commitment are at Mirage Resort.

In economic communication these days, job satisfaction becomes an important key factor for organizations to develop and motivate people as well. People tend to speak out what they think about their works to have a common voice and boost the company to develop job satisfaction could lead to job involvement and reverse. Having a great appreciation and respect their team or boss provide employees with energy and motivation to commit themselves with the company. It results in a positive performance and good outcomes since they are affected or encouraged by external positive factors.

Job satisfaction is employees’ assessment about the company working conditions, places and the achievements they have got from the jobs (Bernhartd, Donthu, and Kennet 2000). According to Mincu (2015), the author claim that there are several ways to evaluate it such as recognition, emotions, and other evaluations. Coming to the case of Steve Wynn, he manages to keep employees’ satisfaction by giving them good working mood and incentives when they achieve excellent goals. It is a fact that the happier the employees are, the more successful the companies are. Additionally, any company has higher working satisfaction rate likely to be more creative and effective (Eliyana, Maarif, Muzakki 2019). Steve set happiness at work as one of the key elements to having good performance. Making everyone feel happy is also the responsibility of every staff.

Furthermore, his employees are affected by his optimistic and they could see how Steve cares about staffs’ working motivation. Since his employees feel they are respected and recognized in the company, they will contribute their best for the company development. It can lead to healthy competition on work performance in the company. Moreover, every staff wish to meet their job expectations so when they get those from their workplace, people tend to work as better as they can. Especially for a services company, the working mood between the organization is crucial. Aside from that, giving employees the power to decide on work can show them their values and positions inside the organization. It is proved by Perry and Mankin (2007) that trust in an organization is positively associated with the level of job satisfaction. Moreover, Trust also reflects the position of those who are received. Therefore, employees may feel highly appreciated and trusted; as a result, they will involve themselves greater in their job and it leads to good job performance. Encouraging employees to have the same optimism as him, creating a supportive environment ensure his employees to stick together with the company and dedicate their best. In addition to this, providing working materials and ongoing support will bring much convenience and confidence for employees (Falotico, 2016). Steve not only guided his employees how to show if there are any problems with customers but also provide them with their needs as work, so his people feel more confident to work with him as he gave direction.


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