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Leadership within EpicCare Business

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The Muiriosa Foundation are planning an introduction of an internet-based website that will change how the organisation manage individuals’ records, this will see a major change from what is a paper-based system currently to an electronic system. EpicCare is a protected site and under GDPR only people who directly work or support the individual may have access to the information contained within it. This may also contain multi-disciplinary team members such as PBS, these members can observe notes and communicate with the whole staff team. EpicCare may come as a challenge to many staff within the organisation but with training, support and leadership people should find this system much easier. EpicCare will also allow staff to set reminder such as care plan reviews etc.

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The aim of this system is to reduce the paperwork on staff, it will also reduce the number of items that need to be archived each year and will allow for less paper to be used within the organisation. The system should reduce the number of mistakes such as review dates being missed. The aim of the system is to reduce the number of folders per individual. The system will allow the multi-disciplinary teams to have access to information such as ABC’s, daily notes and daily behaviour monitoring charts, along with the introduction of sleep charts and food intake. The site can be used for data gathering and allows for the individuals that are supported in the Muiriosa Foundation to have all their information kept in a secure location. EpicCare will contain care plans, body charts, team assessments, along with allowing staff to record daily items such personal notes, body checks, abc, money records etc. The site allows for staff to add and update appointments leading to less appointments being missed, staff can update Care plans quicker and it can be used when away from designated centres using Muiriosa tablets, meaning paperwork doesn’t become lost. If there is no internet staff can use paper and this can be scanned and added to the site later, meaning paperwork can be destroyed as a digital copy will remain on EpicCare.

“Delivering cohesive care is a complex task that requires timely interaction, communication and cooperation from many individuals and many disciplines of care. EpicCare significantly simplifies the provision of better care by enabling the sharing of information, better communication between professionals while underpinning industry best practice.” (EpicCare.com,2019)

EpicCare on their own website outlines what they believe there internet based service will bring to any organisation, they outline about how it combines all the information in one location, gives access to all that require it and allows direct communication within teams and between Multi-disciplinary teams, so that all stakeholders involved in an individuals care are aware of progress. It allows for analysis of how the person needs may change, along with Epic care is a touch system this is a quick access format where you can input information like, food intake, sleep etc. Depending on an individual’s capacity to understand, it could allow for a PCSP goal where the individual could use this service through their own device or with staff assistance,

Positivity, having the correct knowledge and leadership skills as a professional in Healthcare is critical for strengthening quality and integration of care, EpicCare being introduced can be seen as a positive only if it is delivered in the right way and with staff receiving adequate training and support. This could be by providing one on one training or dedicating time in supervision to help the staff to develop. EpicCare could revolutionise how the service is delivered. For such structures to change, good management and leadership skills are required. Henri Fayol (Cited on Toolhero.com, 2019) talks about the five managerial functions that he believes are what makes for good management, these are Planning, Organising, Commanding, Co-Ordinating and Controlling,

Stage One planning according to Henri Fayol (Cited on Toolhero.com,2019) is the most difficult and challenging aspect and requires full organisational planning to implement such projects. EpicCare needed to follow similar plans, this sees EpicCare being test in small number of locations with staff being given training. Valuable time and resources of the organisation are required along with staff willing to be flexible and have an open mind about the service being introduced.

Stage Two, Organising, for an organisation to fully function correct, it must be well-organized. This means that there must be enough capital, the correct mixture of staff, the correct staff attitude and skills, while also being able to provide the raw materials needed so that the organization can run smoothly and that it can build a good working structure. The introduction of EpicCare will see the resources such as the I.T Department, finance department, long with taken time for Staff to be withdrawn from the centres to provide them with training, EpicCare also needs dedicated staff to fulfil the role of adding current paperwork and care plans onto the EpicCare system.

Stage Three is Commanding, Henri Fayol (Cited on Manager.org, 2019) talks about how managers need to give precise instruction and guidelines to there staff, likewise an organisation would also need to outline to staff how beneficial this is, Henri Fayol (cited on Managers.org, 2019) talks about how managers should empower their staff and show good leadership by setting a good example, Fayol also talks about how sometimes in for big tasks and through managers knowledge of staff, it may be important that some staff are moved to suit the overall organisations route. Although with the introduction of EpicCare in the service, the moving of personal may not be straight forward however through leadership, practice, guidance and upskilling, staff will get use to the new system. Managers must command to staff in a positive light that EpicCare will have n overall positive impact on their work.

Stage four, Coordination, Henri Fayol, (Toolhero.com, 2019) Coordination therefore aims at stimulating motivation within staff teams and creates discipline within a team’s dynamic. This requires clear communication from the top down, good leadership skills, along with a good working relationship. Only through positive employee behaviour, that management can deliver on the objectives that have being set out for the team. Looking at the introduction of EpicCare its important that managers through their leadership skills and working relationships can positively influence staff, the main reasons as to why EpicCare could be a challenge to implement is that staff attitudes need to be changed, and as humans change isn’t appreciated.

Supervision and staff appraisals are ways in which managers can use local policies to coordinate staff in what there role is within the setting up of EpicCare, these also provide opportunities for staff to ask their managers questions and seek guidance or request extra training, these methods would give staff the safe working environment to ask questions on EpicCare and to clarify roles. With the introduction of EpicCare there is a need for vast coordination of many different departments within the service, ensuring that it is delivered, within the time frame, on budget and in an adequate state so that staff can quickly familiarise themselves with the system.

Stage five, Henri Fayol, (Hero tools, 2019) talks about controlling as stage five, he talks about how the organisation is verifying whether everything is going according to plan, this can be done through meetings across all departments, ensuring good communication is a key element, the organisation then knows exactly whether the activities that are carried out in conformity with the overall plan. This would be done with ensuring IT have the relevant computers internet etc in the designated centres, ensuring that both staff and managers believe that EpicCare is a positive and understand its importance with being introduced into the organisation. The dedicated Team that would be set up to oversee the implementation of EpicCare within the organisation would monitor staff use and bring to the attention of staff when there is a failing in what EpicCare should be used for. Controlling is vitally important with EpicCare for two reasons, firstly it looks at the overall benefits to both the organisation and to the staff. Controlling managers can be a benefit for the continuous development of staff and would be a useful resource in helping staff to become more efficient, greatly improving life for the individual that is being supported.

The role of a Supervisor in a designated centre where EpicCare was to be introduced would be of most importance, The person would have to display numerous managerial, leadership skills, would have to be able to change staff opinion and have bought into the idea of Epic Care for themselves, they must also see the value in what EpicCare can bring to the service.  not only from the organisational side of things, but where there are some houses that would have individuals that live independent with little support from front line staff throughout the day, these individuals will also require the same work and preparation, similar to that of what front line staff would receive.

The introduction of EpicCare within the organisation can prove to be a very difficult challenge, staff have since moving from congregated settings into residential, have only just become use to paperwork and policies that are in place, Therefore the supervisor has to have good management and leadership skills, Share & McElwee, (2005) have written that Leadership is a process of influencing others (members of the organisation) to work willingly towards the overall objectives of the organisation and the goals of the group or team.  There are many ways in which a leader can be defined, according to Fairholm, M (2015), leadership can be defined as setting a direction for an organisation and building a vision. In this case the vision is setting out the positives that EpicCare will have on the overall service while also how those benefits influence the lives of the people we support.

Share & McElwee, 2005 express leadership through a number of different ways, however as research continues these elements have being made into a select few skills which are seen as important if you are to be a good leader, being a supervisor and a leader work in hand in hand, as a leader you show your staff and explain what is required of them through policy, and organisation goals, equally as EpicCare is introduced, it’s important that a supervisor is a good leader. leadership skills are explained under a few key words such as motivation, communication, delegation, positivity, feedback, organisational, trustworthiness and flexibility, all of which are the essential make u of a good supervisor. Being both a good leader and a manger create an ultimate supervisor that can deal with challenges such as staff views on change while also ensuring that they get the greatest performance from there staff.

As EpicCare is introduced into the service and as outlined already in this assignment, changing staff opinion on something like this requires a supervisor to have the skills to motivate staff to see what positives can come from using this system. Staff that are resistance to change will always find fault, however by being positive about EpicCare should in return allow staff to be motivated by the change. Through positive work practices staff should become empowered and motivated to use the service, this is all lead by the attitude of the Supervisor,

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As a supervisor having good communication skills is essential, being a good leader requires staff to communicate their point affectively ensuring staff understand why EpicCare is being introduced and what the overall positives of having the system in is. A good way in which supervisors can communicate their message affectively is through the use of Team meetings, meetings enable effective communication as it attempts to improve team awareness and understanding, it will allow for the supervisor to talk with staff and deal with any concerns they have, it also allows the supervisor to delegate to each team member what their roles and responsibilities are (Lewin, S et. al,. 2010).

Team meetings allow staff to bring up any concerns about the EpicCare system and allows for the supervisor to explain to staff what other procedures can be followed if the system was to fail.

Delegation is a skill that is important as a supervisor, staff can be delegated a role and given responsibility for undertaken an activity that may be important, the majority of EpicCare will see the Pic or Person participating in management with the most responsibility however on EpicCare staff have many day to day tasks that need to completion. Delegation can link in with the two previous skills as good communication will mean the staff member understands the task delegated to them while it can also be used to motivate staff, it allows the supervisor to make them improve their work ethic by making them feel good about the work they are doing.

Being positive as a supervisor ca be a challenge, while trying to bring in a system such as EpicCare, staff can be in a negative frame of mind, as outlined above, also as a supervisor its equally important to remain in a professional headspace, As wrote in the journal.ie, 2017. Social care and Social Work has a high rate of staff turnover, particularly with the Nature of the work staff become burnt out, this can increase the negativity around bringing in such  products like EpicCare, staff may not want to take on extra roles and responsibilities, the job of the Supervisor becomes increasingly difficult, however supports such as supervision and Team meetings, can help the situation, but only if the manager has the skills to do so.

Its equally important that as a supervisor that you listen to the feedback given by staff members, its critically important as staff can find the change from paper to electronic systems such as EpicCare quite difficult. It’s the supervisor’s role to understand that not all members of staff are comfortable with technology and that staff need re assurance. Feedback from all staff will allow for the organisation to improve on their experiences of how EpicCare was delivered to them, it also allows for staff to asks for more options to be made available for the needs of the individuals that they support and that EpicCare may have to adjust there website.

As a supervisor, good communication is important, being clear and precise allows for non-confusion within staff teams, ideally this should be done throughout team meetings, supervisors set out times, locations, agendas and minutes for team meetings early allowing staff to prepare. Professional Supervision allows for good one to one communication or can be used to tackle items that the team needs to be aware of, such as introduction to EpicCare.

Delegation of roles can also be discussed through good communication, however the EpicCare system heavily remains the responsibility of the person in charge. As a supervisor they will have access to monitor staff’s daily logs and communication of how they use EpicCare.

As a staff on the floor I believe that both trust worthiness and flexibility are very important. Staff on the front line react to what their supervisors does based on their experience from working with that person, these can be two underestimated skills however which can have great influence on how a supervisor is viewed and can be the difference between a good interaction between staff, the change occurring with EpicCare being introduced and how they may be negative towards it and only complete the basics each day.

Flexibility allows for you to work closely with staff as a supervisor. Staff are asked to be flexible and supervisors for the most part can be seen to be opposite, supervisors that are flexible, also show staff that they will work around them to ensure a system change like EpicCare is done with support for them.

Change management is highly influenced by Dr Kotter, (Cited on Kotterinc.com, 2019) who looks at the 8 steps needed for change management, 1, Create a sense of urgency. Explain to staff that by moving quickly they can learn and be ahead of others within the service. 2, Build a sense of guiding Coalition, explain through the creation of communication through departments that EpicCare is an important step. 3 Form a strategic vision, use good communication skills to staff to show that the steps being taken are important.  4. ensure staff sufficiency, this is ensuring the right staff are in the correct roles to achieve maximum sufficiency. 5. Removing any precautions, this can be done by getting feedback from staff on the EpicCare system and learning from what may have rising. 6, look at short term goals, so how do we get EpicCare into a small number of houses first before expanding to wider service. 7, Sustain acceleration of the project which is allowing EpicCare to go to locations that have the infrastructure and have had all the flaws updated from previous houses, and 8 to create the change that all staff understand the benefits that EpicCare has and the vast improvement that will have being implemented from previous experiences, meaning best service is being delivered.

The introduction of Epic care to the organisation will pose as a big change, it will mean staff having to up skill, something for many staff will impose as a big issue. The organisation will require managers to show through leadership, they will have to have the ability to understand why a person may not want such a system and be willing to work with that staff member to ensure that they understand the needs and ambitions of the service for bringing such a website. Staff will move quickly from the old system to the new one and this change will be difficult as most humans are conflicted to change. However this system will improve there overall working life by making things much more straight forward and brings the Muiriosa Foundation into modern times.

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