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Human Resource Management: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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Section A- Summary & Analysis of Issues

When it comes to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation(CBC) being the public broadcaster was determined with the duties of delivery of services that included with news as well as entertainment in the different parts of the country. Even though  the effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of the CBC in the delivery of their services, complaints from the employees about Jian Ghomeshi. This brought out many concerns in the human resource manager and the department itself at large. Although most of the people believed Jian Ghomeshi to be charming and a person full of respect, complaints presented by the CBC employees had actually revealed a whole different side of Jian. From the reports presented in the case study, there are at least several issues and complaints that have already been presented by the different employees of the CBC including claims and accusations of sexual harassment, toxic nature in the working environment, lack of the freedom of expression, poor conditions of working and the mistreatment of the workers in the CBC (MacMillan & Woodwark, 2017).

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One of the most notable thing about the culture and the organizational structure of the CBC is the promotion of respect and freedom of expression, which has been initiated and implemented through ways such as online forums for teaching employees about respect. Additionally, most of the audience believe that CBC is one of the core models for the enlightenment of employer. Controversy comes up with the accusations imposed on Jian Ghomeshi and the complaints presented by some of the employees such as Noorani and Greon. Deprivation of the freedom of expression and speech is presented by the fact that nobody in the CBC would not dare criticize Jian Ghomeshi or even disagreeing with him (MacMillan & Woodwark, 2017). Rationale for this assertion was the fact that Jian Ghomeshi would always have them paying for this. Having the talents and the actual ability to be able to integrate the different cultures made Jian Ghomeshi hold a high and prestigious position, this position which in turn he has used for silencing and mistreating the employees around him.

Moreover, cases of sexual harassment have been presented from the complaints, with the complainants arguing that Jian Ghomeshi looked them with suggesting eyes inclusive of the discussions presented by Jian with regard to uncomfortable discussions, which in most cases tended to be unsolicited, for instance personalized details about issues such as sexual preferences. Inability to criticize or even openly disagree with the ideas and opinions of Jian Ghomeshi by other employees meant that there was no room for participating in discussions, a clear indication of dictatorship type of leadership. As a result of these complaints, staffers of the CBC held meetings for exchanging ideas on how Jian Ghomeshi could be stopped. Basically, working under the intimidation and threats of Jian Ghomeshi made the employees of CBC have difficulties, making the working environment be extremely toxic. Working under the fear of being punished or fired due to criticism towards Jian Ghomeshi meant that total submission and respect had to be exhibited, which on the contrary was instilled by fear. There are different reasons as to why this case of CBC happened, with the core one being the fear and the assumption that everything was working out well. Most of the complaints have clearly showed that their claims went undiscussed, which can be blamed on the top management. Additionally, reluctance of instilling and reminding the CBC employees about ethics and code of conduct can be accused for bring out the cases and issues of sexual harassment.

Section B- Propositions for Change

One of the changes I would like to propose in the organization is coming up with policies which would in turn prevent issues like sexual harassment, poor working conditions for each and every single employee in CBC among many others. First and foremost, one of the most notably issue which need to be addressed within the organization is ensuring that there is no harassment by making it clear among the employees in an organization and in that it cannot be tolerated at whatever scenario.

Additionally, providing education and information about harassment to all staff on regular basis should be a key issue in CBC. By ensuring that there is effective communication which will in turn allow easy flow of information will remove any taboo of silence which often surrounds cases of sexual harassment. All this can easily be achieved through holding meetings, group discussions and also problem solving groups. Moreover, the other issue which need to be addressed is developing an anti-harassment policy together with employees, managers and also the union representatives. Also, all the managers and supervisors within CBC should understand their responsibilities and provide a harassment-free work environment. Furthermore, by instilling discipline and elimination discriminatory jokes within the workplace should be a key issue which should be use to prevent any occurrence of sexual harassment within workplace (Jacobson & Eaton, 2018).

The other issue is protection of the employees and supporting those who feel they are being harassed. This in one way or the other will create a conducive working environment for all employees who in turn are working in CBC. This will create a good rapport among the workers of the corporation as they will be relating to one another in harmonious manner (Hanson, Perrin, Moss, Laharnar & Glass, 2015).

The other policy issue which need to be addressed is changing the leadership style within the corporation. For instance, as human resource manager of CBC, I will embark in reshuffling the presenters of each and every single program which is being aired. Reshuffling of workers in an organization in this scenario will help the employees knows that their working capability is not to the level that the company management aspires and therefore they will work toward achieving the goals of the company. It should be the corporation culture of ensuring that effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery is upheld with the organization. All the employees working in each and every single department of the company should know what is good for the company and more so how they relate to one another while working.

Furthermore, the other policy which I would advocate for is training employees about organization ethics. In each and every single organization, ethics plays a vital role in ensuring that there is a good working condition for each and every single employee in organization. This is very important as one will feel so much motivated in doing his or her own work not only for the benefit of the company but also to satisfy his or her needs. Employees ethics in an organization are set principles which in turn forms the rules of conducts for certain group of people. It involves day to day behavior of people while relating to one another. It is through employees’ ethics which in turn determines the success of organization.

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Unethical behavior like that displayed by Jian Ghomeshi should not be tolerated at any circumstance as every single person in CBC has the freedom of expression and one should not treat his or her fellow employees in a manner of mistreating them. This in one way or the other creates a poor working condition to employees in organization and therefore it should be addressed by the management (Rupp, Shao, Thornton & Skarlicki, 2013). Every single employee should be socially responsible in addressing issues which has been affecting him or her and should not be harassed in one way or the other.

Section C – Plan for Implementation

The first goal which should be planned for implementation by the organization is coming up with policies which prevent sexual harassment among the employees. CBC should come up with a panel of staffs which addresses issue of harassment especially among the employees. Also, in line to that the organization should come up with clear strategies of addressing sexual harassment and how people who are involved should be punished. Moreover, by coming up with general meeting with all the employees so that each and every member should address his or her problem will be the right idea. This will also involve discussing issues which has been affecting them while in their working conditions (Jacobson & Eaton, 2018). Through this idea, every point will be addressed in a clear manner that people like Jian Ghomeshi will understand the meaning of working together in an organization.

Additionally, the issue about mistreatment and deprivation of freedom of speech should be addressed in meeting by engaging every single employee in decision making so that they can feel much valued and treasure while working in CBC. Harsh punishment plan should be implemented by management in order to punish the likes of Jian Ghomeshi in order for them to understand that every single employees is important and in that no one should be mistreated.

Training of employees about ethics should be a key goal which need to be implemented by the organization management. The manager has a mandate to come up with a schedule of training employees about ethics and culture of the organization. This in one way or the other will reduce the incidences of some employees feeling so powerful than the others (Eriksson & Svensson, 2016).  However, the management should also investigate of some of the complaints which were addressed by employees and punish the person involved.


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