Existing Technologies and Incorporating Strategic Goals of Hall’s Group

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Existing technologies incorporating strategic goals of Hall’s Group

2) Purpose of the Report

The given report is the technology assessment report. The purpose of this report is to understand how the existing technologies supports the various administrative systems and processes in Halls Group, which are aligned with the strategic goals of this business. It is all about explaining the incorporation of existing technologies with the strategic goals of the company. It triggers the awareness about the utilisation of technologies in the company. The various existing technologies used by the company are shipment tracking systems, IOT and enhanced GPS accuracy, temperature sensors, the sustainable supply chains which leads to green logistics, web services and many more. These technologies plays a vital role against the key criterias of the company. For example, shipment tracking system and GPS made it easy to deliver the orders. It leads to customer satisfaction and helps the drivers to do the deliveries within the time. The web services provides proper information about the company. It helps the customers to have an easy approach to the company for their needs. This all leads to the betterment of the business and completed the fundamental goals and objectives of the company.

 3) Introduction

In the words of Paul J. H. Schoemaker, emerging technologies are science based innovations with the potential to create a new industry or to transform an existing one (ResearchGate, 2000). Emerging technologies are the technologies that are currently developed or will be developed within next few years. These are the latest technologies becoming more important and prominent and replacing the old technologies. These are the advanced technologies to meet the present requirements and having the potential to meet the future requirements. The emerging technologies has a great impact on business world.

Halls Group is a transport logistics company. It is a specialist refrigerated company having an experience of more than 40 years. The company operate state of the art cross-dock facilities at strategic national locations as well as offering chilled and frozen storage options at key branches (Halls Group, 2018). The Halls group has its own IT infrastructure. To ensure the organisational structure’s viability, IT structure supports the company. It manages the online orders, company details, digitalisation of the company and its total online data. IT infrastructure gives a strong base to the company to be established technically. Halls Group uses various technologies for the betterment of the business. IT department in Halls Company ensures the installation and maintenance of computer network systems within the company. The smooth running networks helps the company to work smoothly. Halls group properly utilises its IT infrastructure to handle its working, processing and proper functioning the key functions of the company. The company always look towards the modification of its system, which makes the company more efficient and technically advanced.

4) Consultation Process

The consultation process is an extremely important concept of managing the organisation. The consultation process helps to understand the needs, expectations and in data collection about the use of technologies in various different administrative systems that will help to create this technology assessment (Brainard Strategy, 2014). The consultation process involves formal communication, meetings, surveys, questionnaire and presentations. Being a student trainee, I have been researching about Halls Group. The process followed for the consultation process is as discussed below:

After taking permission from company’s manager, I organised a proper time for facilitating the consultation properly using various consultation instruments including the questionnaire. I emailed to the selected administrative management of the company. It includes the employees from various administrative systems, drivers and some internal stakeholders. Later on, I passed my questionnaire to various participants and tried to figure out the impact of existing technologies in various administrative systems. I also preferred to utilise the statistical data inferences from various company records and also interviewed the participants for better understanding of the context.

This is the consultation process followed and the participants involved are administration heads, employees and company website. The assessment instrument used is a questionnaire including details about the use of technology in the company. The data analysis procedure followed includes complete understanding about the topic and utilisation of information gathered to create the technology assessment report.

5) Three technologies in the context of administrative systems and process

Existing technologies Alignment of these technologies with administrative systems Importance of existing technologies
  1. Thermo King
Temperature recorders are used by transportation management system. These helps them to control the shipping conditions to have a successful delivery that leads to customer satisfaction. These are very important as these ensures temperature traceability during transport of food under controlled temperature. It helps the keep the product fresh and on the maintained temperature.
  1. E-roads
E-roads is the GPS based service provider to offer a government approved electronic road user charges and highway tax solution. It is associated with the finance management system of the company. It is planned to reduce the cost associated with the manual paperwork along with another benefits. E-road helps the fleet to reduce tax costs in its long runs. It capture accurate data automatically to ensure the good utilisation of fleets for long terms. It will definitely help the company to maintain its budget for fleet maintenance and helps to run a safer, more efficient fleet with reduced burden of taxes.
  1. Drive Cam
Drive Cam is the emerging technology which is already being used in Halls Group. It is associated with transportation safety department of the company. It makes the drivers safer and provides a protection to the drivers and other road users. Drive Cam identifies, prioritise and helps to prevent the poor driving before it leads to any collision. All the trucks are fitted with sensors and cameras and vibrating seats that helps the drivers to keep their eyes open on the road. It guarantees the safety of the driver and all other people on road.

6) The three existing technologies are Thermo King, E-Roads and Drive Cams. These are the analysing technologies. Thermo King are the temperature recorders that analysis temperature. E-roads analysis the solutions to government taxes and Drive Cam analyses the driving skills and conditions of the drivers. These three technologies are associated with three different administrative systems of the company. The temperature recorded supports the transportation management system. The temperature recorded ensure the safe delivery of cold storage products under a balanced temperature required to keep the products fresh. Thus, it helps transport management system to provide quality delivery which definitely provides a strong customer base for the company. The E-roads are supporting the budget management system of the company. E-road captures the accurate data automatically. It works as a very advanced version of odometers. It collects all details about speed, distance of the truck so it helps the budget management system to have the maintenance of the fleet at suitable costs. E-roads also reduces the tax costs on highway and it also cuts the cost for the each shipment of the fleet. So E-roads supports the budget management system.. Then Drive Cams helps the safety management system of the company. It helps to prevent the causes of poor driving, collisions, fraudulent claims and wasted operating expenses. It provides a safety to drivers as well as their respective companies. It reduces the risk factors. Thus, these three existing Technologies are associated with the three different administrative systems of the company.

7) Three strategic goals

Halls Group is a cold refrigerated transportation company having a large market demand in New Zealand. Thus, to provide quality shipping standards will be the first strategic goal to be fulfilled. The efficient quality can lead the company towards more success. Any company with a large business network needs maintain budgets to get required results to have best profits. So the second strategic goal is proper budget management. Halls group is an intermodal company and it transport the products to its customers. So safety of its employees, property and company’s reputation which is connected with the drivers is major topic of concern. Thus transportation safety will be the third strategy goal which is on the list of top priorities of the company. That’s why the above strategic goals are selected according to the present needs of the company.

8) Key Indicators for each strategic goals:

9) Evaluation of three technologies

1. Thermo King – This technology is associated with the transportation management safety. It is aligned with the strategic goal of quality shipping standards. It satisfies it customers with traceability of temperatures during delivery leads to customer orientation. It follows proper scheduling and timely deliveries (Thermo King, 2018). Temperature recorders are cost efficient as they are not too expensive. These are fitted in special trailers that keeps the temperature maintained and keeps the product fresh. Temperature recorders have nothing to do with the packaging skills of the company. But still they provide the best output for what they have designed. So temperature recorders is efficient technology to be used in the company.

2. E-Roads – E-roads is aligned with the budget management system of the company. Using E-roads leads to manage spending costs. E-roads helps the company to keep the record about fleets and never let the drivers to do any fraud with the company that leads to employees to be accountable for their actions. E-roads utilisation is consistent and made the data measurable (E-road LTD, 2018). It fulfils the goals for which it is designed completely. E-roads helps the company to be aware about the use of its fleet. It helps the company to be more efficient in its functioning and leads it towards success of its achievable goals. So E-roads is very efficient existing technology completing its main strategic goals.

3. Drive Cams – This technology is associated with the safety management of the company. It leads the completion of the transport safety as a strategic goal. It keeps all record about the complete shipment by the driver satisfying the controls of driver’s hour-in motion and stationary showing installation of required technologies (Drive Cam, 2017). It identifies the driving conditions and leave no space for fraudulent claims leads to have a safety of drivers in accident cases. This technology keeps any eye on the driver’s condition and keep him awake in cases he fell asleep while driving. The vibrating seat will awake him up that will save the driver from any miss happening and also useful for the other road users. Thus Drive cams definitely satisfies its strategic goal of transportation safety.

10) Analysing the summary – The whole information can be sum up in the form of flow chart as given below:

The three strategic goals further have the six indicators which helps in the evaluation of the existing technology. Here we found that the existing technologies supporting various administrative systems and processes in Halls Group align with the strategic goals of the business.

11) System thinking skills

System thinking skills helps to understand the situations properly. Begin by specifying the problem and then construct hypothesis to explain the issues and their testing using test model. After a sufficient understanding, these skills are used to create implementation of the changes. I applied the scenarios understanding the requirements of the technology assessment. I gathers data and figure out how existing technologies are related to the strategic goals. The various key indicators of strategic goals help in the evaluation of existing technologies. Thus, from whole criteria details, I applied the scenario for the given assessment.

I demonstrated the scenarios through my assessment reports. I form a questionnaire to check on the current scenario. I followed a proper consultation process to demonstrate the scenario and utilize all details in my report. Thus, the system thinking skills helps in applying and demonstrating the current scenario related to the Hall’s group.

12) Discussion and Implication

The report concludes the result about the existing technology’s use in different administrative systems. In order to get the result, I uses the consultation process, prepares the questionnaires and collects data from company’s website to get the relevant data. Then, in term of result, it finds out that the existing technologies not just supports the administrative system but also helps in fulfilling the strategic goals. The various key indicators helps to evaluate the existing technology in relevance to the strategic goals. Thus, technologies really played a major part in any country. The impact of all the discussions is that it provides the better knowledge about the particular topic. The company heads also gets aware about the role of existing technologies. It will definitely help in proper implementation of further technologies in future by specially targeting the fulfilment of the strategic goals. The state of action I will suggest to the company is the time-to-time analysis of its functioning and technologies through various assessments and repots. It will helps the company to find the scope for improvement. The company should utilize system thinking skills to understand the impact of any strategy and technology on its working. The adverse effects related to the course is that company came to know about its deficiencies. The company and staff was not too much aware about the topic. So, we can say that report provides a wide set of information about existing technologies.

14) Conclusion

Hall’s group is a well-known logistics company. It utilizes various technologies in its different administrative systems and processes. These existing technologies plays a vital role in the fulfilment of various objectives and goals related to the various managements of the company. These technologies automatically get aligned with the strategic goals of the company. The hall’s groups have clear strategic goals having various key indicators. These key indicators evaluate the existing technologies. Thus, we get to know that existing technologies just only helps the company in functioning and processing of its various systems but also triggers the completion of its various strategic goals. It gives a clear idea that technology should be selected not only according to the requirements of the management but impact on strategic goals should also be taken under consideration. It’ll act as a smart step for the company, which leads to betterment of the business. The assessment reports provides information and awareness about the particular topic.

Task Two

Emerging Technologies consolidating strategic goals of Hall’s Group

Submitted to – Swatantra Kushwaha

Submitted by – Sukhwinder Singh

Introduction and Purpose of the Report

Hall’s group is a well-established logistic company with an experience of more than 40 years. It is a cold refrigerated transpiration company. The technology plays a vital role in the company. There are many existing technologies in hall’s group that incorporates with its various strategic goals. But hall’s group is always good at accepting changes to fulfil the requirements. So, hall’s group is shifting to the emerging technologies for the betterment and advancement of the business. The emerging technologies taken under consideration also on the basis of its integration with the strategic goals. Hence, a report is prepared for evaluating the various emerging technologies which should be submitted to the internal and external stakeholders of the organization. The purpose of this report is to show the research on emerging business technologies. This report defines the emerging technologies and then give required details about some of the emerging business technologies. The main focus of the report is to provide information about latest and trending emerging technologies which plays a vital role in business enhancement of any company. Various technologies are assessed against various key indicators of the strategic goals of the company. The purpose of this report is to understand the potential use of emerging technologies. Then, the selected emerging technologies are evaluated against their feasibility, ongoing needs and training needs related to those emerging technologies respectively. The purpose of this report is to provide the information to the company organization which could help the company in upgrading its existing technology to the emerging technologies.

4) Consultation Process

The consultation process used for evaluating the emerging technologies is as given below;

1. Using various references: Firstly I utilized the information from various websites, PDF files and newspaper articles to conduct a research on emerging technologies for a relevant and accurate data regarding the impact of emerging technologies on a business.

2. Asking permission: I seek permission of the company head through email for the meetings to discuss the topic within the company. Then, I personally take permissions from the heads of different administrative systems to discuss about the emerging technologies in their department.

3. Scheduling time-table: Then I prepared a proper time schedule for the meetings with employees from different departments to discuss the possible use of various emerging technologies within their departments.

4. Communication: Following the prepared time-table, I communicated with the various participants and show them my report on emerging technologies. Then, after the discussion, the possible emerging technologies which can be used in hall’s group are decided.

5. Participation: The participants for the discussion were the employees of the different administration systems. I also take internal and external stakeholders of the company. Internal stakeholders include manager and department heads. External stakeholders include customers and suppliers of the company. I also consulted from the technology department expert to discuss the best emerging technologies for the company.

6. Data collection: I evaluated the selected emerging technologies on the basis of the key indicators of the strategic goals of the company. Then, the effectiveness of the emerging technologies was also under checking which is based upon its feasibility and their factors. Then, the whole data is collected and converted into the report which shows the consolidation of emerging technologies with the strategic goals of the hall’s group.

5) Introduction to Emerging Technologies

In the words of Stahl, Emerging technologies are those technologies that have the potential to gain social relevance within the next 10 to 15 years (Stahl, 2011). Paul J. H. Schoemaker states that emerging technologies are science based innovations with the potential to create a new industry or to transform an existing one (ResearchGate, 2000). Emerging technologies are the technologies that are currently developed or will be developed within next few years. These are the latest technologies becoming more important and prominent and replacing the old technologies. These are the advanced technologies to meet the present requirements and having the potential to meet the future requirements. The emerging technologies has a great impact on business world. The various new emerging technologies for example voice search, artificial intelligence made the business to re-evaluate their priorities and rethink how to use the technologies to engage their audiences. Modern era is totally based on e-commerce and internet and the emerging technologies directly target these main aspects to enhance the business. There are number of emerging business technologies that are trending in the market and turns out to be the fundamental requirements for the growth of the business. These emerging technologies can be listed as:

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Specialised software
  3. Internet of Things (IOT)
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. IT automation
  6. Virtual reality and Augmented reality
  7. Block Chain
  8. Digital twins
  9. Robots
  10. Drones

6) The three emerging technologies selected for Halls Group are as given below:

  1. Artificial intelligence: – In the words of Ben Coppin, Artificial technologies can be defined as the study of systems that act in a way that, to any observer, would be Intelligent (Coppin). Artificial Intelligence is the process of providing intellectual skills of the humans to the machines. It works effectively combining high volumes of data using intelligent and quick algorithm. AI is selected for the assessment as it is one of the most emerging technology. It is trending business market and support strong applications with its smart working skills. So, it is the emerging technology that every company should utilize to get the best benefits. It will be very beneficial for Halls Group as it is going to make a lot of work easier.
  2. Robots: Robots are also one of the most trending technologies. A robot is a machine designs to execute one or more task automatically with speed and precision. There are as many different types of robots as there are tasks for them to perform. A robot can be easily controlled by humans. They can speed up the working in many business and get the best benefits for the business. So, they are also selected for the Halls Group.
  3. Internet of things (IOT): As per the information by Kelvin Ashton, Internet of things can be defined as an open and comprehensive network of intelligent objects that have the capacity to auto-organise, share information, data and resources, reacting and acting in the face of situations and changes in the environment (Gabbai, 2015). IOT is the interconnection of various computing services via the internet planted in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. It helps to create machine-to-machine communication by gathering information from each other. It has large number of applications as it is widely used in many devices. IOT is very basic requirement for any business to be successful in today’s world. Thus IOT will help the Halls group to keep their records and data of their fleet online that can be assessed from anywhere whenever required.

7) Three Strategic Goals

  1. Hall’s group is logistic company. It has large market in New Zealand. Any company with a famous banner needs to maintain its finances for improving and ensuring its market reputation and fulfilment of market demand. The finances are the fundamental requirement for the smooth running of a company. So, the first strategic goal is management of financial services.
  2. The second strategic goal is improved warehousing. As warehousing is the key component of the logistic management, so it’s important to have an improved warehousing. Warehousing is the safe storage of goods, inventory, information etc. within a specified area. The better warehousing leads to better logistics management. It will definitely be the perfect strategic for Hall’s group being a logistic company.
  3. The third strategic goal is quality shipping standards. It is chosen because to maintain the position in the market, Hall’s group needs to provide quality in every aspect and services of the company. The maintenance of quality shipping standards leads to customer’s satisfaction. So, it is beneficial strategic goal for business.

8) The key indicators associated with these strategic goals are:

9) The flow chart depicts which emerging technology is aligned with which strategic goal of the company.

The three emerging technologies aligned with the strategic goals against the various key indicators or criteria’s of the strategic goals. There alignment can be evaluates as mentioned below:

1. The first emerging technology is artificial intelligence. It is aligned with better finance management as the first strategic goal of the company. It is because AI being more efficient in gathering data at calculations give accurate net profit margin of the company. AI calculates the business’s effectiveness at generating profit on each dollar of relevance mode. AI protects finance of company by fraud detection and anti-money laundering. So, it provides finance cyber security. AI works precisely with accuracy. So, it will not cause errors and hence the finance error reports give the satisfactory answers with wage of AI. AI also deals with budget variance with its smart planning. AI is very god at expense management due to its vast knowledge and proper planning skills. AI can take care of working capital and manages the better condition of business. Thus, utilization of AI leads to the better finance management.

2. The second emerging technology is use of robots. It is aligned with improve warehousing. It is because robots can be easily used for inventory tracking. If we rely on manual process, inventory accuracy will be too low. So, robots provide more inventory accuracy. Robots can easily take records of receiving stocks robots means less mistakes means more satisfactory functioning of the warehousing. Picking and packing requires more human labour. But robots can replace it. Then, company needs no human labour. Robots work multiple time fasters than the humans and one robot can work equal to large number of human labour. The use of robots provide visibility into the inventory rate. Hence, leads the proper inventory turnover. The speed of robots will speed up the complete packing and warehousing process. Robots can easily manage the put-away by maintaining accuracy rate, and taking under the complete commands leads to better warehousing. Thus, robots aligned with improves warehousing.

3. The third emerging technology is internet of things. It is aligned with quality shipping standards. IOT can be used to track the orders. It leads the customer satisfaction. The sensors can help to manage the product’s quality while delivery. IOT is widely used emerging technology. It is also cost efficient as it saves company from any losses due to factors such as harsh driving by checking on drivers through connected Drive cams and also saves the products. The tracking system which utilises the IOT gives the traceability of the order to the customers. IOT can also utilised to check the order accuracy by having correct details about the customers through the IOT devices. IOT include cameras and also creates a strong supply chain. It provides real-time insight of the storage of the fleets insuring safety and packaging of products within the fleet. Thus, use of IOT automatically leads to the quality shipping standards and causes more customers satisfaction.


Emerging Technology Feasibility Cost involved Implementation of technology in organisation Ongoing support Training needs
Artificial Intelligence There are many possibilities associated with use of AI. It can provide large number of properties. But the company needs a full setup to work with more efficiency and accuracy. The company needs to set up the proper budget to set up AI in the company. The budget can go up to 20,000 dollars to install new fast systems and processors and their operating costs. This technology can be implemented to the finance department of the company. It needs an expert to operate AI within the finance department after having their permission. The department head and AI expert will hold responsible for its use in finance and budget management of company. The company’s technology experts are researching properly about AI. They want to analyse it and also wants to understand the risks associated with it.  The department is also showing a positive acceptance of AI for the betterment of the company. Only the few staff that will be controlling this technology needs the training to use this from the AI experts to ensure smooth running and getting benefit from it.
Robots The use of robots in warehousing provides automation, speed and efficiency for its management. Robots will replace manual labour successfully saving costs. But the use of robots needs proper control systems and their service experts. These robots will be very expensive and their repairs and services will also cost a lot to the company. Budget can go up to a million dollars as these robots will need to exported form others companies and then these will be programmed to pick the orders and pack them and label them. This technology can be implemented by the warehousing management under instructions of company’s head. The technical department head can put forward this suggestions to company for the utilisation in the company. The warehousing management head can be hold responsible for the proper working of warehouse. The company already started the use of specialised machines for the particular tasks such as forklifts. But these are controlled by humans. They also started using robots for packaging and labelling. So company is already supporting the idea of using robots. There is need of operator training and basics and advanced programmer training for the employees of the particular department to handle robots easily. Training sessions can be designed and arranged to discuss about emerging technology to create awareness.
Internet of Things There are many possibilities associated with the use of IOT within the company. IOT provides various applications but there are also various risks associated with the use of IOT. Identification of security controls is a possible risk associated with its use. Lack of protocol, denial of service attacks are some other risks associated with it. IOT will not cost much to the company. As these are just special applications which we need to buy for their use. We need to but subscription packages every year that might be around one to two thousand dollars. Only one time buying of the tablets will cost around 600 dollars for each device. This technology can be implemented by various departments in the company/. But it plays a vital role in transportation management system of the company. There is proper need of IOT devices for fulfilling the various goals. IOT can be utilised to provide quality shipping standards. The company’s head will be responsible for all the IOT devices being used in company. The company is already supporting the use of IOT devices as company has already bought tablets and given to drivers to test them. IOT is used by company to create strong supply chain. It can also be used by company to ensure the security of data. It is utilised in form of barcodes and large number of applications. For sure training is required to use these new devices so company needs an expert to teach all the drivers and employees to show them how to use applications and to do the jobs online. Also the proper use of IOT needs programming skills and knowledge.

11) Summary of Assessment

Hall’s group is a well-established logistic company. It utilises various technologies for its efficient working. But with changing time, the company needs to replace existing technologies with emerging technologies. The proper assessment report is prepared using consultation process and methodology to understand integration of emerging technologies with the strategic goals. Emerging technology is a major aspect for a successful business. The complete assessment can be summarise in the form of flow chart.

Then, the emerging technologies are evaluated to against the key indicators of strategic goals to check their relevance with the goals. Then, these emerging technologies are evaluated according to its feasibility, ongoing support and training needs. This reports shows how emerging technologies can be utilised in Hall’s group.





12) Discussion and Implications for action:

The report is based on data gathered through various methods. It includes the discussion amid company regarding the use of emerging technologies without the Hall’s group. The discussion came up with lots of content and best possible use of emerging technologies within the company. The plans the quite efficient. But planning is nothing without proper execution. The implication company needs to make for the actions are given below;

  1. The company needs to invest in the emerging technologies to install them in the company.
  2. The company needs to be aware about the risks associated with the particular emerging technologies before the company use it.
  3. After installation, company needs the proper controlling authority to handle the use of emerging technologies.
  4. The company also needs to have training sessions for its employees to make them friendly with the use of emerging technologies.
  5. The company needs to select the emerging technologies which can trigger the completion of its various strategic goals.
  6. The company needs to aware about proper knowledge of emerging technologies to get the best benefits.

13) Conclusion

Emerging technologies are very important for a better business. These technologies made the business to re-evaluate their priorities and rethink how to use the technologies to engage their audiences. The report is prepared to evaluate the various emerging technologies against the key indicators of the strategic goals to understand how they are aligned with these goals. The use of emerging technologies in the Halls group gives it a wider platform to fulfil its goals and objectives. The Halls group needs to make proper implications to bring the plan in action. These emerging technologies will replace some existing technologies but for the better reasons. Emerging technologies are most popular business trends to be followed by every company to meet its market demands and to stand against the raising competition. Halls Group as cold refrigerated transport company is already having a strong market but emerging technologies serve more benefits to the company. So company should use these emerging technologies for the fulfilment of strategic goals.


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