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What are the factors that influence culture change?

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what the factors that influence culture change


The culture of an organisation represents the beliefs, ideologies, policies and practices that make up their business activities. It gives the employees a sense of direction, along with controlling the way they behave with each other. The work culture brings together the employees onto a common platform and unites them at the workplace. The management style of dealing with the employees in its own way also contributes to the culture of the organisation. Organisational culture, however, can never be constant, as it changes persistently with time. There are several different factors that can potentially influence changes within work culture, which include the following: Technology Evolution – Any major technological advances can bring change within business culture. Examples of this include changes in production technology, changes in the means of communication and in the means of transportation. Mergers and Acquisitions – This can influence the change in culture majorly and can also be challenging for employees at all levels due to the possible clash of cultures between businesses in relation to various organisational processes of different organisations. Leadership Change – Changes in top level management can result in changes within organisational culture. They may have different styles, new ideas and ways to implement business activities, which will impact on organisational culture and working practices.



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