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Factors for being an Efficient Leader

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In any company, leadership encompasses guiding and directing people by portraying attributes that inspire, motivate, encourage and develop the skills of others to achieve the targets of the organization. Leaders must establish a channel of communication that encourages sharing of ideas and creating a wide range of assets to engage in solution designing pertaining to different situations. Courageous work groups and teamwork are inspired by great leaders. These include the participation of others in the process of developing employees. Part of the role leaders play is having an understanding of the impact mutual respect existing between people. It is also part of the leaders to empower others and make them stronger. This comes with understanding each individual’s abilities and weaknesses. However, it should also be said that leadership comes with its fair share of challenges. Leaders have to deal with challenges to arrive at the goal of their visions and the realities set for the teams.

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Delegating is a vital practice in the efforts of leaders passing on skills to others. Delegation gives team members a taste of leadership and helps people to stay motivated. Leaders strengthen others by sharing power and discretion (Kouzes & Posner, P-29). This kind of experience contributes to the learning process of people, which in turn helps them in handling complicated situations. It is the responsibility of a leader to assess performances and provide others with their perspectives as an approach to constructiveness. Johnson (2018), mentions that leaders have to develop tools that can help them to manage groups of people. Given that many leaders are restricted to a particular group of people, they need to apply different skill sets to ensure that they can efficiently manage them. Leaders have to display different qualities that they develop as they gain experience on the job. Among these qualities include assertiveness, competence, charism, agility and compassion, these are key to understanding the different individual attitudes (Johnson, 2018). Leaders are also expected to use their communication skills on what their expectations are and would benefit by being a good listener. Effective leaders also show levels of integrity by building bonds with people and taking on peers under their wings. As a result, leaders, in general, are people who can work in groups and make efforts to empowering them.

During my interview with Maria, I was able to learn new things among business management and the roles of leaders, making it a successful interview. Leadership is made up of an individual’s ability to guide, inspire, lead and organize people into teams.

From the interview, it was noted that Maria’s strength as a leader is her compassion, high level of integrity, being adaptable, committed and engaging with other people. Her weaknesses includes lack of focus, misrepresentation of visions, and being unrealistic at times.

The most significant impact she attributed to her leadership was one of the company’s senior vice presidents who gave her the first breakthrough and role in the company. This she says was due to the person’s command, ethical conduct, and support. The interview indicated that leaders have to be inspirational, respect others, challenge the status quo and always encourage peers.

From Maria’s interview, improving, managing change and handling mistakes requires levelling the playing field to enable everyone to have their opinion and be able to come to her with any questions or concerns. She notes that handling her mistakes requires accepting them and having other people discuss them to find solutions. Criticism, according to her, is important in addressing personal challenges. Exemplary leaders search for opportunities by seeking innovative ways to change, grow and improve (Kouzes & Posner, P-22).

In her interview, leaders can handle conflicts by initiating talks with other people. Giving people a platform where they can address their challenges is significant in avoiding any further misunderstandings within the job. Further implications on handling conflicts comprise of dealing with the behaviors of people to ensure that they can comply with the expectations of the organization.

The interview offered insight into the importance of leaders building interpersonal relationships. By presiding over an uncontrollable workforce, this would put Maria in danger in ensuring that people comply with the expectations of the company. Failing to build channels of communication would lead to broken relationships, not only between the leader and the teams, but also within the core of the teams. Compassion is an important attribute as a leader, it makes them stand out. This is an attribute that Maria uses to improve others and also learn from. The integrity of a leader enables one to treat others with a high level of dignity regardless of the position they hold in an organization and this case, Maria, shows attributes of an individual holding others to the same level as her. For a leader to make a difference, is to do it humbly and with no regard to ego or pride and without looking for recognition (Kouzes & Posner, P-72).

Leaders are noted as individual with the capacity to challenge the existing processes within an organization as an approach to bringing in new strategies to enhance the productivity of people. It is due to the leaders that allow other people to engage in activities that improve their performance and outcome. Maria’s leadership environment should be one that can help her overcome the issues of losing focus. This relates closely to the fact that as a compliance manager, she has to put in place procedures that encourage others to meet the goals of the company. A leader needs to represent a vision they identify with, and this means building an understanding of what they have to invest to ensure that they hit their target.

Following the interview with Maria, it is recommended that effective communication and style of leadership are taken up by the individual. It is imperative for any leader aiming to get the best out of their people to build effective communication channels where individuals are free to criticize and have suggestions and concerns heard. Johnson (2018), argues that leaders who refrain from the opinions of their peers risk failing to establish ways of handling issues when they arise. This means that an individual’s experience comes into effect as they have to know strategies that they can apply in managing people. As a leader, Maria has to find ways of learning about management by attending training workshops and getting mentorship from people within her circle like fellow managers placed in higher positions.

Maria as a leader has to develop self-motivation and determination by developing a belief in what she does. Kouzes and Posner demonstrates that you must work on yourself before you work on others, work on yourself more than you work on others (P-42). Motivation can be influenced by what she sees in other people and incorporating them into her style of leadership. By integrating the ability to lead and hard work, leaders focusing on improving those around them build competency within their peers, making it crucial that one has to find ways of working with other people. Maria also has to become aware of the situations around her to learn ways of influencing people around her and make sure that she learns about new styles to apply in different situations. Therefore, Maria must initiate a learning process to improve her leadership qualities.

In organizations aiming to build a working environment suitable for their employees, leadership is the only way people can perform to their best. I found it is important for a leader to create an atmosphere in which employees can develop their ideas. I found the responses from Maria reflective since she was in a position to discuss the factors that contribute to her influence in the company. Lessons are taken from her situation to illustrate a high level of sensitivity to ideas from other people in terms of learning.

I was also introduced to the ability to comprehend the risks involved in leadership and what the present working environment has for leaders. One is to know the opportunities that impact the people they care about.. The leader provides essential insight on ideas that contribute to a good leader’s abilities. From what I have learned from Maria, modelling a particular way of guiding and leading others is one approach I intend to use to ensure to be able to control the work environment around me.

As a person with beliefs, compassion, gratitude and patience is among my vaules on Christian leadership. By applying them in the leadership style proves crucial since it sets the platform for me to learn how other people relate with those in positions of leadership. The success of any leader depends on their ability to adjust, and this relates to the fact that managing  other people can lead to understanding their situations. With that, as a leader it is important to be inspiring for others to become better individuals, and this is one approach I intend to apply in life. However, this requires having faith and believing the strength of God. As Philippians 4:13 says, I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Among the first steps of my own personal leadership, I will consider taking on training and empowerment of each other through meetings to share ideas and criticism. The benefits of these aspects make part of what I consider the definition of leadership. I would define leadership as the ability of an individual to lead, guide, delegate, encourage and inspire others into exploring their abilities to improve their performances. Accomplishing the goal of being a leader requires passion and being self-reliant. Another valuable trait is learning from mentors and taking their directions to improve on what I already know. From the perspective provided by the interview with Maria, self-development is vital in learning new leadership techniques. Therefore, in future, I look forward to being a compassionate and patient leader who listens to others.


Interview with Maria

The leader’s position/title in the company, organization, or group

Assistant Vice President, Compliance Officer

The size of the group for which the leader is responsible

15-20 people

The number of years in a leadership capacity

5 years

A brief description of the role and responsibilities of this leader, and how this leader relates to your discipline (major, minor, etc.)

Maria is responsible for keeping everyone up to date on new policies and procedures within the bank by providing training updates and hosting quarterly meetings. Maria is responsible for making sure the bank stays within compliance and within federal regulations. Ultimately, Maria’s position is making sure the bank is protected. Maria relates to my major because as a business major, you learn all about businesses, about financial management and regulations.

Location: Wells Fargo

Date and Time: August 02 2019. 1:24 PM

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership means having the capacity to manage, encourage, support and guide people. It also involves giving direction, defining goals for others, motivating individuals and being part of activities that target the accomplishment of missions.

What strengths do you believe you have as a leader? Weaknesses?

I am a compassionate person who also identifies with a high level of integrity and these are aimed at inspiring others. I am adaptable, committed, and love to engage other people into activities to get their opinions about what is transpiring. However, I am overcome with a lack of focus due to the level of the decision-making process, misrepresentation of the vision, and being unrealistic at times, which leads to pressure.

What has been your greatest influence as a leader?

The person to have given me the first opportunity, and that is an SVP of another department. The belief he had in me and the great career he serves as a tremendous influence. The individual was responsible for the ethical conduct, support; he empowered to show throughout the leadership.

Do you think it is important to delegate? If so, why?

Yes, delegating is empowering other people and introducing them to the essential aspects of leadership. Delegating also improves the development of the employees and efficiency as it fosters the transfer of work among the skilled individuals who turn out better at their work.

What are three or four actions you believe are essential to enable others to be successful?

One has to show respect, inspire, challenge the status quo and encourage others. Putting these actions into place builds the competency of employees to perform to the best of their abilities.

How do you facilitate improvement, manage change, and deal with mistakes in your group or organization? How do you deal with your own mistakes?

Being a leader requires conducting others in a manner that addresses their concerns. Due to the changes in the types of leadership, it is essential to bring others on the same level. Offering influence and support to people is also vital in helping them as they can share their concerns and find solutions as a unit. I deal with my mistakes by accepting them and discussing them with other people to find ways of improving myself. This is an approach that allows others to criticize and take positives from the discussion.

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How do you manage conflict within your group or organization?

I handle conflicts within the group by holding personal talks with the individuals to talk any issues that may affect them. Developing a chain of command that focuses on each person getting a fair chance, changing behaviors to suit with the expectations of the organization as crucial to building an environment with common interests.


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