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Development of Marketing Mix Strategy

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Wordcount: 998 words Published: 3rd Nov 2020

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You have decided to start a new business that offers a service. Your assignment is to develop a marketing mix strategy for your new service.


The administration for our business would be Laundry administration in Toronto for nearby inhabitants and students. The principle goal of our business is to convey is simple and clean clothing at a sensible value which spares a great deal of time and efforts of our clients.

SERVICE MARKETING MIX: – It gives seven promoting strategies which can be utilized to enable you to pull in clients and hold them to any business. When using the tools, the aim is to find the right balance between all seven tactics so that our service would be a success in marketplace.



(1) PRODUCT: –

Despite of the consistent requirement for clean garments, many don’t have scheduled time to deal with this straightforward task. In fact, clothing is one of the least favored household chores.

Our laundry service will be a fully automated, coin-operated laundry (washing, drying, and optional folding) service dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering reliable machines and furnishing a clean, enjoyable atmosphere at a competitive price. Free home pickups-drop up, and delivery services coming to customers between fixed time period, 3 days in a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). We will provide convenience and high-quality cleaning, drying and alteration services.

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(2) PLACE: –

Dealing directly with customers, conveniently in the customers’ houses in Toronto region. We are choosing to rent a shop in the town center in Etobicoke region, thereby making it a central place for our operations, reducing our costs. Asian cleaners will receive clothes from and return them to customers’ houses. Requests for urgent situation pickups and deliveries will be accommodated, and a nominal fee charged. We have selected Toronto in the start as test market and we launch our business here in the first phase.


Advertise our new service in the local press, the Internet, public areas such as buses and train stations, shopping centers and supermarkets etc., and drop advertising material into families’ mailboxes. Offer 10% discount as an incentive for customers who sign one-year contracts. Issue coupons with lower price for loyal customers. Our customers are of greatest value for us; by adopting a customer-oriented approach we would introduce customer’s ratings and review system, so that we can get feedback about our service directly from the users of service. To spread the awareness about the services of our dry cleaning, we will adopt medias to promote this service. In this context, we use electronic, print outdoor media for the promotional activities like pamphlets, flyers etc.

(4) PRICE: –

Normally, new businesses set their initial prices lower than their competitors. In our situation however, the business has higher costs for our delivery service and promotions to increase customers’ awareness and establish our brand name. We will set our prices to match those of our competitors. The pricing scheme is based on a per service price. Moreover, the business targets working class customers who often pay less attention to price than the quality and convenience of service.

Being a service business, we need to extend our marketing mix from the traditional 4 P’s to 7P’s. Our extended Marketing Mix includes the following strategy:

(5) PEOPLE: –

People would include the customers, pickup drivers and back end workers who manage everything without directly interacting with the customers. Each facility will be operated by our professionally trained cleaning team ensuring the cleaned clothes are up to mark and meet the standardized quality.

It is the people and their efforts which can contribute toward the success of any business. Our trained employees, coordinators would always look up at the needs of our valuable customers providing them with best service.

(6) PROCESS: –

The process of booking a pickup is simple, customers have to directly call up the store. There will be many options for choose like home pick up, spot of pickup, time slot etc. after going through all they can choose according to their comfort. Any customer can seamlessly enjoy our services and we are just a call away.


Our business will have offices in Centre city like Etobicoke. Most of our business will run through the delivery service.



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