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Design of a 16 Cycle Microchip Utilizing VHDL

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Wordcount: 2361 words Published: 8th Oct 2021

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Executive Summary

The task targets planning a 16 bit coordinated microchip utilizing vhdl and the execution of its segments in FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). The project gives depiction of plan and recreation of the modules like the ALU (Arithmetic and rationale unit), ROM (Read just memory), RAM (Random Access Memory), Instruction Fetch, Instruction Decode, control Unit. The microchip can perform Arithmetic guidance, sensible guidance, burden and store. After recreation, schematics age and timing examination is completed in Xilinx ISE test system. The individual modules are carried out and tried in.


  1. Introduction.............................................................4
  2. Description for associated Coding..........................4
  3. Circuit Design..........................................................7
  4. Discussion based on Design...................................9
  5. Conclusion.............................................................10
  6. References.............................................................11


16 bit microchip contains amount of fundamental modules which is together created the processor. The processor utilizing 16 cycle information transport for impart from different squares like General reason registers, Arithmetic rationale unit, CU (control unit), memory, comparator, program counter, address register, guidance register and move register. With the advancement into coordinated circuit innovation the strength of the processor get expanded immensely. Microchips are widely utilized into the installed area established on universally useful application and unique reason application. Microchips are utilized in instruments to make it clever utilizing social encoding. The CPU plan by different areas which is advantageous in performing diffrent capacities.

A framework PC engineering from partner certain adaptability to programming by high execution of equipment through preparing by an extremely flexible fast process surface as field-programmable entryway clusters (FPGAs). The undertaking by re configurable processor into installed framework creation microchip based items either frameworks. The objective by plan was to make a 16 cycle microchip utilization VHDL language. It is a too spirited undertaking. VHDL language is a universally useful language additionally present language get different highlights. The significant reason by these task is until organ every one of these viewpoint next to each other to plan a small scale CPU, adjust that usefulness this can be make by amalgamation.

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Description for associated Coding

The coding in the processor has been incorporated into the processor. The coding to the processor has been executed through the assistance of VHDL language. The VHDL language incorporates certain trx›ls, for example, Xilinx apparatuses. The introduced 1 6 bit processor incorporates a Xilinx FPGA that contains Memory gadgets and its ports. The Random access memory of the processor is conveyed all through the FPGA model. Thusly, the FPGA model comprises of 1 6 digit Ram and Rom to the processor. The Ram is committed to perform different capacities in kilobytes. The Xilinx combination devices assisted with getting the information. The code includes undertakings that have been doled out to the individual ports of the processor. These codes would assist with perusing and compose information from the diverse memory gadgets. The crxles incorporate programming for the clock work as clocks assume a vital part in execution of undertakings. The undertakings are assig ned by the clients that are executed by the processor according to clients' prerequisite. The clock work has been alloted with certain vector amounts to create yield.

Depicts the codes for 16 Bit processor

Depicts the simulaDon for 16-Bit processor (Source: Self created)

The yield of the processors has been addressed by the waveforms of the circuit. The reproduction cycle has been executed by the way toward trading the estimations of names and qualities. As indicated by Mount ct ‹if, the names incorporate the segments' names, for example, clock yield, rest esteem mistakes, peruse and compose. The "Worth" addresses the worth that is inserted into every segment. In this repnrt the v'alue to compose has been relegated with 0.005 and extending zero as mistake. The qualities address I as the estimation of bfr clr›ck esteem. Subsequently, mirrors the yield esteem as one. The "Worth" likewise addresses the incentive for Read. The yield of these segments has been addressed as waveforms. In this report, the yield of the "Vafiie" has been addressed as waveforms. The waveforms address the execution of every part that has been fused into the Name.


The circuit of the processor incorporates three fundamental parts, for example, inicroprr›cessor, Input/yield unit and memory unit. These segments are incorporated into a systein to build up a microcomputer gadget and the processor part incorporates the clcick unit and rest unit. The microchip is the critical part of the microcomputer. Consequently, the microcomputer includes:

"Arithematic unit": The microprr›cessor remembers different number-crunching calculations for request to create the information. The ALL are utilized to perform expansion, deduction, augmentation, division. These math tasks are executed through rationale entryways.

Register exhibit: The microchip comprises of different registers as these registers are utilized to store information to execute the appointed projects.

"Controf unit": The control unit controls the whole framework as it incorporates signal control applications and tirile is overseen by the clock that is coordinated into the framework.

The 16 bit processor includes a processor unit and memor y unit. The preparing unit incorporates clock and reset and the two frameworks incorporate two-way correspondence.

The engineering of the processor implies the information stream transmission that is embedded by the client for execution of the work. The engineering likewise addresses the segments that are needed to plan the processor. The circuits likewise involve memory units and these memory units incorporate the component to store information. The engineering additionally incorporates the activity of the multiplexer that would empower the increase tasks. The registers in the processor incorporates the capacity to store information and afterward sends the information to the ALU unit. The design incorporates program counter and guidance memory. These instniction recollections hold the guidelines that are joined by the client. As indicated by Mount et ml. (2016, p.541), the gathered information from the counter circuit are moved to the guidance memory and the guidance memory stores the directions that are given by the client. The directions of guidance memory are moved to the guidance register. The number-crunching rationale unit sends and gets the information from the register. The register and the number juggling rationale unit executes the two way correspondence measure. As indicated by Englander and Wong (2021, p.232) the number juggling rationale unit appointed certain opcodes to the focal preparing unit. The yield of the math rationale unit is embedded to the multiplexer and the multiplexer assists with duplicating the yield. The opc‹xle in this framework contains certain orders that are executed by the processor. As indicated by Zeng and Prasanna (2020, p.232), the report incorporates certain fundamental parts like ALL units and control units. The engineering of the total processor has been addressed in the rejxiit.








Working Design of the 16 bit processor


Block Diagram of the processor


The product "Vivado" assisted with planning the processor. The processor incorporates various tasks like number-crunching activities and controlling capacities. The math activity incorporates duplication, expansion, division and expansion. The increase activities are executed by the multiplexer. As indicated by Englander and Wong (2021, P.232) the total processor that has been planned is a 16 digit processor to acquire an upgraded execution. The 16-cycle processor likewise burns-through less force than a 32-digit processor and a 64-bit processor. The processor contains a program counter that assists with tallying the quantities of information that are embedded into it as an information and the program counter comprises of one clock unit and reset unit. The gathered information from the counter circuit are moved to the guidance memory and the guidance memory stores the guidelines that are given by the client. The guidelines of guidance memory are moved to the guidance register.

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The guidance register gets the guidance as an info and alright and rest as other information units, in such cases the guidance register gets the information or guidance at that point creates a sign of alright. The cases like guidance register do exclude any guidance from the guidance memory then the register performs reset activity. The guidance memory moves the information to the information memory and the information memory has the abilit y to peruse and compose the information from the control unit. As indicated by Zeng and Prasanna (2020, p.232) the control unit is principally used to control the whole cycle. The memory register communicates and gets information from the register. The math rationale unit communicates and gets the information from the register. The register and the number-crunching rationale unit execute the two-way correspondence measure. The math rationale unit doled out certain opcodes to the focal preparing unit (Tanenbaurn, 2016, p 102). The yield of the number juggling rationale unit is embedded to the multiplexer and the multiplexer assists with duplicating the yield. The opcode in this framework contains certain orders that are executed by the prr›cessor. The processor incorporates certain complex vhdl programming that has been executed in the product named as "Vivado". The Vivado programming assisted with planning the I 6-cycle processor. The processor remembers programmable programming for request to re-program according to the prerequisite.


The processor fills in as a total stockpiling gadget as this processor incorporates a microcomputer. The microchip contains more modest size and shape and incorporates the ability to play out numerous tasks all the while in a solitary time. The report has been created in a 1 6 bit processor that shows higher efficiency than a 8 digit processor and burns-through less force contrasted with 32bit or 64 bit processor. VHDL language execution has been addressed in the product called Vivado. This vhdl language assists with executing smooth activity of such complex circuits. The circuit incorporates certain opcodes to execute specific positions that are fused through the assistance vhdl language. The report incorporates certain primary segments like ALU units and control units. The engineering of the total processor has been addressed in the report. The constant circuit plan of the processor has been planned in the product called "Vivado .programming". The product incorporates Xilinx instruments to execute certain orders as opcodes.


Zeng, H. and Prasanna, V., 2020, February. Graphact: Accelerating gcn training on cpu-fpga heterogeneous platforms. In Prue eedinps r›/ the 2020 ACMfSIGDA International Symynsium nn Ff“8ld-PrGffFD ahle Gate Arrays (pp. 255-265).

Han, S., Kang, J., Mao, H., Hu, Y., Li, X., Li, Y., Xie, D., Luo, H., Yao, S., Wang, Y. and Yang, H., 2017, February. Ese: Efficient speech recognition engine with sparse lstrn on fpga. In Proceedings nf the 2017 ACMISIGDA International Symynsium nn Field- Programmable Gate Arrays (pp. 75-84).

Englander, 1. and Wong, W., 2021, P.232. The architecture nf cnmyute r hardware, s)!stems snftwore, and netwnrkinp.’ An infnrmotinn technnlnp )! oyyrno ch. John Wiley & Sons.

Ta lle nbaurn, A.S., 2016,p102. StrutturedomyuterurR^f2!••!iofl .Pearson Education 1ndia.

Mount, E., Gaultney, D., Vrijsen, G., Adams, M., Baek, S.Y., Hudek, K., Isabella, L., Crain, S., van Rynbach, A., Maunz, P. and Kim, J., 2016. Scalable digital hardware for a trapped ion quantum computer . Quantum InfnrmarinnPrnre.S.Sinp,JS(1 2), pp. 5281-5298.


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