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Customer Relationship Management in Marketing

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Wordcount: 3558 words Published: 21st Oct 2020

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Tourism Holdings Limited (THL) is a branded tourism organization which sells motor homes and vehicle for different tourists. The topic discusses the advantages and strategies of latest sugar CRM that have been introduced in THL organization. Basic elements of CRM and its importance have been discussed regarding the organization. In the end, proper conclusion has been provided to make better use of latest CRM in THL organization


a. Evaluate the benefits and strategies of THL’s latest CRM system

The new CRM system that has been implemented by THL organisation of New Zealand is Sugar CRM. Sugar CRM has many benefits in Tourism Holdings Limited. The major benefits are listed below:

Develops standardised and accurate process: THL organisation fully relies on their tourists, so customer relation is necessary to develop and implement specific marketing techniques. Proper use of marketing techniques can attract customers and tourists at a very high rate. Sugar CRM develops a specific technique which can able to increase the number of rental sales in THL organisation (Ahmed, Amroush, & Maati, 2019). Proper utilisation of workshops has been done by the Customer Relationship Manager in order to provide their tourists with better and optimum products.

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Inspiring collaboration: Communication is essential which ensures the Sugar CRM techniques to collaborate more with customers in order to implement several outcomes from traded items and products. Sugar CRM provides benefits to customers in order to use standard and basic outcomes which can be used to implement several databases that can be achieved by the customer sales service management. Proper management of services is required in order to execute full.

Figure 1: CRM system

(Source: Christopoulos & Hapsari Agoes, 2018)

Strategies of THL’s latest CRM system are provided below:

  • Provides satisfaction to customers: It helps to develop several CRM techniques that can be used to interact with lots of tourists by increasing the business marketing strategy. It helps to develop several CRM techniques that can be used to interact with lots of tourists by increasing the business marketing strategy.
  • Increase marketing criteria: It basically helps to implement several outcomes that can be executed by CRM by its selling and trading procedures. IT helps the CRM to interact in a very reliable and proper manner with tourists (Christopoulos & Hapsari Agoes, 2018). Sugar CRM provides latest intervention of marketing strategy which helps to increase the productivity.          

b. Analyse the importance of CRM to create competitive strategies for THL

CRM plays an essential role to develop a competitive strategy for the THL organisation of New Zealand. Automation of the sales force is necessary in order to implement specific strategies that can be used to furnish tourists with good and better quality of products. CRM assists the THL to increase the business tactics by streamlining it in a more relevant and better way. It helps to standardised and automates the sales volume, which mainly aims to remove human error in business strategies (Corner & Hinton, 2015). CRM helps to increase the productivity and it further assists to uplift business improvement and development in THL Organisation.

CRM helps to create bonds with the reliable customers, which ensures them to make better use of numerous product in the market. CRM in THL organisation helps to attract customers in a more viable and polite manner that can help to increase the productivity of retail tourism products of the organisation. Productivity of the organisation can be used to increase the CloudTech works within the organisation which can help to increase the services of the company. CRM helps to maintain strong bonds within supplier and the product that can help to increase the sustainability management of marketing criteria in the tourism industry. CRM in THL organisation also helps to store data in the form of segmented method that can be used to utilise several business and marketing structures in a single frame.        


a. Identification of stakeholders affected by THL CRM’s system

There are many stakeholders who are affected by the THL CRM system. The list of affected stakeholders and their impacts are provided below:

Top Management: Implementation of the new CRM system in THL organisation helps top management to experience and increase the work performance of business at a very high level. It also helps to decrease the overall cost of operations which can be resulted in the bottom line. Proper management of services is necessary in order to increase the productivity of vehicles within the organisation (Cruz & Vasconcelos, 2015). It assists to attract more tourists across different regions of the world to make Sugar CRM very essential for strategic business purpose of the organisation.

Figure 2: Types of CRM system

(Source: Girchenko, Ovsiannikova, & Girchenko, 2017)

Marketing Managers: Sugar CRM plays an important role in the development of sales and services of vehicles and motorhome products within the organisation. Marketing managers assist to develop proper segmentation of consumers related to different parameters of THL organisation. Marketing managers also help to organise and effectively campaign management that helps to increase the marketing criteria with the help of Sugar CRM in THL Company. Events have been planned by marketing managers which ensures proper management of sales and services that can help to develop the working procedure of CRM.

Retail Agents: Retail Agents also put some basic focus of Sugar CRM which has been recently implemented in THL Organisation. IT puts a major impact on the ease of navigation by making use of proper development of sales and services of vehicles and motorhome products within the organisation (Gholami, Zameri Mat Saman, Mardani, Streimikiene, Sharif, & Zakuan, 2018). Retails agents help to reduce work with the help of Sugar CRM to implement and collaborate with other applications to increase the efficiency and productivity. Retail agents in this particular organisation assist in pre-intimate the developed and conserved activities that have been used to increase the sale in business market.

Product Managers: Sugar CRM has been implemented and executed by product managers of THL organisation. It helps to reduce the time in a particular market so that the organisation can increase the productivity of motorhome and vehicle products in New Zealand (Girchenko, Ovsiannikova, & Girchenko, 2017). Product managers take care of the rentals department of THL organisation which can help to increase the sustainability with the proper and accurate management of marketing strategies related to CRM.

b. Based on the evaluation provided in case study, analyse the importance of IT in CRM

Sugar CRM has been implemented by using the CloudTech application in THL organisation. CloudTech application is specific IT technologies that can be used to manipulate CRM techniques within the organisation. Growth of IT assists to increase sales and services that can allow the CRM to work in a most and reliable way. Proper use of e-commerce has also been done in order to increase the financial and economic condition of business in THL organisation. CloudTech plays a major role to develop the structural theme and design of Sugar CRM which can help to increase the demand of tourism products in THL organisation of New Zealand. CRM process can be very much essential to satisfy the basic needs and requirements of customer. The role of IT puts major interpretation between the CloudTech application and Sugar CRM within the THL organisation (Harrigan, Soutar, Choudhury, & Lowe, 2015). Information technology helps to do some basic technical and conceptual ideas that can help to sustain the tourism business for a long period of time in business marketing strategy. Proper collection of IT equipment like CloudTech services can help to increase the sale of demanding and branded product in the market. IT in CRM provides greater customer loyalty that can help to maintain several business schemes and strategies within THL organisation. The Introduction of IT helps to maintain relationships with customers in order to increase the sales profits of motorhomes and vehicles within THL organisation. Identification and differentiation among IT tools are necessary in order to increase the IT-based review that can help to increase the customer satisfaction within the company. Significant resource planning, data mining and data collection through CRM can be successful due to the implementation of IT in THL organisation.     

c. Analyse three elements of CRM based on building blocks of THL

The three elements of CRM according to the eight building blocks which are implemented by THL organisation are as follows:

Vision: Vision has been used by THL organisation which helps to execute proper collaboration of marketing schemes. It helps to increase the financial and economic profit of the company by increasing the value of tourism products. It probably helps to establish the major personality of company by recruiting the number of employees to achieve marketing success. 

Figure 3: Types of CRM system

(Source: Lillard & Al-Suqri, 2019)

Customer experience: Customer experience has been implemented and executed by THL organisation which helps to furnish the reviews of customers through the method of Sugar CRM. SMB’s require remembering the experience of customers that has been analysed through commentary and social media purpose. It helps to improve the functionality and quality of sugar CRM based on Cloudtech and other IT applications within the organisation (Lillard & Al-Suqri, 2019). Proper and accurate experience from customers helps to synthesise and utilise the retail and manufactured tourism product within THL organisation. Satisfied customer experience can help to increase the sales and services of THL organisation.

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e. Analysis of 4 ways of THL to develop value through CRM and marketing activities and its effects. 

Customer relation management provides different ways for an organization for developing values within their individuals. Development of values has three consecutive stages which are the creation of new values, the creation of more values and the creation of better values. These basically mean implementation of new value systems and enrichment of already existing systems (Reicher, Komáromi, & Szeghegyi, 2015). Development of values within an organization can have different ways. Discussion will be done on some of the paths which are relevant for THL Company. 

Value application- This refers to the application of existing values in an organizational setting. As THL is a company concerned with direct contact with their customers they need to give a good amount of importance in this sector. In their services provided to the customers’ clear reflection of their value system will be there. This has also many underlining aspects. Some relevant examples can be, the services provided by the company are similar to those provided by their advertisements, offers shown preferable discounts of the customers taking their services repeatedly (Christopoulos & Hapsari Agoes, 2018). These activities do not only reflect the values of the organization, but they also help to inform the customers that THL Company cares for them. Similar strategies can be useful for other organizations also in service based sector. 

Flexible mindset regarding tradition- Most of the organizations are reluctant to make any kind of changes in their traditional systems and values. This is not the right approach towards customers. As the social value system changes with time an organization also needs to have enough flexibility in their mindset (Santouridis & Tsachtani, 2015). THL Company has different ideations sticking to their traditional approaches. They need to modify their strategies according to customer demands. Only providing adequate service is not enough to maintain customer relation management. The value system of this company has to be compatible with their customer demands. 

Engagement with customers- This portion is somewhat related to the traditional factors. It was not considered to be a good approach for an organization to be in direct contact with their customers in ancient days. An adequate amount of engagement with their customers shows that their value system is rooted in their customers (Vaish, Vaish, Vaishya, & Bhawal, 2016). THL needs to be concerned about this fact as they have imperfections regarding their engagement with customers. 

Value and revenue- This is one of the most critical factors. Most of the organizations face difficulty regarding who should be given the priority, revenue or the customers. That means should they give importance on the resources to be earned or the customer satisfaction to be earned. THL management group needs to keep a balance and puts customers in the prior positions as customers can bring them resources, but resources are not that potent to bring customers (Lillard & Al-Suqri, 2019). 

Question 3:

Summarize the benefits of relationship management systems 

From the answers provided to question number 1 and 2 a clear idea about customer relationship management system can be achieved. From these understandings, some beneficial aspects of customer relation management systems can be allocated. These have been discussed below:

Better relationship with customers- The main effectiveness of customer relationship management always focuses on customer relationship (Ahmed, Amroush, & Maati, 2019). By implementing an effective CRM the relationship with the customers will be better and THL will be much more concerned about the customer satisfaction aspects. 

Figure 4: Benefits of CRM

(Source: (Cruz & Vasconcelos, 2015)

Cross-sell improvement- Cross sell means some additional services provided in addition to the main service in limited or no expenditure. When an organization is focused to their customers they are always concerned about what cross sell products their customers may like (Wang & Gan, 2016). THL can provide some sort of such cross sell services to the customers availing their tourism packages. 

Team spirit improvement- Proper implementation of customer relationship management helps to ensure team spirit within an organization. CRM makes the strategies of an organization much more clear and effective to the employees (Vaish, Vaish, Vaishya, & Bhawal, 2016). When the personal objectives and organizational objectives are clear to an employee, he can work much more efficiently by challenging his limitations. At the same time, the team cohesiveness also remains high. 


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