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COVID-19 and The Bubonic Plague

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Pandemic, by definition, is an event in which a sickness spreads across a few nations and influences an enormous number of individuals. Taking a look at two more specific examples, the Bubonic plague of the 1300s as well as the pandemic we're currently experiencing COVID-19 it's proven that most and or all, no matter how similar or different they are, pandemics will follow a certain pattern, one being that they spread through globalization two they bring xenophobia and, three the biggest burden always falls on the poor.

The Bubonic plague that caused the Black Death​ ​ started in China, similar to COVID-19 yet different do to COVID-19 having likely came from a bat to human relation while the Bubonic came from rats to humans, around the mid-1300s spread along shipping lanes toward the west to the Mediterranean and northern Africa (Black 2019).

Developing strength in Europe in the late medieval times made conceivable broad exchange among East and West and inside Europe itself. Italian cities had to exchange goods around the eastern ports near the Black ocean. An exchange that made these urban areas among the most well off urban communities in Europe. The Bubonic plague headed out from China because of this and toward the northwestern shores, overwhelmed cities to the illness in the west. Rodents conveying tainted insects boarded ships destined for Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire. By the fall of 1347, it had shown up at the French port and progressed both north and west (Black 2019). The illness spread along the dynamic shipping lanes that northern Italian and Flemish vendors had created. London and Bruges at that point imparted the sickness by means of catching up with delivery paths to the Nordic nations and the Baltic locale. Ships and trading through countries created the conditions for the global spread of the bubonic plague of the 1300s in Europe, China, and other countries.

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The Bubonic plague killed up to 15 million people and 30% to 60% of the population in Europe which is a clear difference between COVID-19. Another difference between the two pandemics is that during the middle ages of the Bubonic plague people used to live in feudal societies. There was no social mobility and the Bubonic plague changed the political and economic landscape of Europe, more specifically destroyed it. So many people died that there was basically a labor shortage and workers were able to demand higher salaries creating a new sort of middle class which means that they have more money to spend on consumer goods and as well as increasing trade networks which helps the economy (Scheidel and Nolan 2020). This isn't going to happen with COVID-19 because the only reason why wages were increased was because so many people died, there were literally no workers.

That being said these two pandemics both spread through globalization. The more connected the world is the more vulnerable the world is to the spread of disease. COVID-19 and the Bubonic plague both come from the far east through animal to human transmission, but growing globalization also spreads xenophobia. Both COVID-19 and the Bubonic plague have created a blaming on a specific group of people, this is proven by the President of the U.S calling COVID-19 the Chinese virus and in the middle-age wanted to point fingers at someone which were those were many women and Jews for supposedly causing the plague.

Free enterprise consistently gives the conditions to its own obliteration. Since benefit amplification remains a definitive objective of the entrepreneur. Work is the absolute first objective followed by a decrease in the nature of creation and rethinking of the whole creation cycle or part of it, in Capitalism. In any case, each technique is emergency loaded in light of their unforgiving impacts on the average person and the fierce responses of the individuals to such impacts. The current Middle East and North Africa changes are very much connected with the impacts of industrialist rentier economy simply like the democracy wave that blew across Africa somewhere in the range of 1980s and 1990s.

Part of the western entrepreneur countries' endeavors at supporting free enterprise was the improvement of the Welfarist framework however the hole between the rich and the helpless actually stays wide (Davis and Kouddous 2020). Joblessness rate, adolescent delinquency, medication, and liquor misuse are on the ascent. As a diversionary strategy, most progressive states give some social freebees to the individuals, and yet diminish the expense of liquor. They likewise siphon cash into amusement and sports enterprises and so forth All these are to consume the individuals' brains with simulations, redirect their consideration from genuine philosophical thinking, and give the impression of a mindful state when in reality, insurance of capital is the primary explanation .

Free enterprise in all consequences is a framework that solitary provides food for a couple, henceforth the chance of supporting itself amidst disturbing and ruined dominant part stays dicey. Our capitalist way of life is not sustainable due to the fact that there are empty homes and there are still people who live without homes.

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