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Building a Positive Workplace Environment

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The success of any organization is to create a positive workplace environment that encourages communication and commitment of all the employees. This begin by establishing a human resources management staff that is highly trained in recruiting the right employees and creating the business culture for a positive workplace environment. Some of the way’s organization create a positive workplace environment is through performance management, how to be a team player and creating positive workplace culture within the company.

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The main objective of the human resource department is to promote the company vision and create strategic ideas that will achieve the goals of the organization.  One of the methods to achieving the strategic goals of the organization is to established performance management team.  “The performance management will identify, measure, and develop the performance of each employees and line them up with the vision and goals of the organization.”  (Aguinis ,2009).  According to Guest (2011) some of the important question that need to be ask in order to increase the effectiveness of the human resources management, “How do we measure HRM practices; which practices or combination of  practices have the highest impact on performance; and under what condition do HRM practices makes a positive differences.?”  Guest (2011)   It is vital that all employees have a complete understanding of the goals and policy of the company, to increase the overall performance of the company. Most employees look to management team for assistance in following the objectives and rules of the company. 

The next step in creating the right atmosphere for teamwork amongst the employees and leadership staff. According to Matsudaira (2019)”. I have seen that the best teams have one thing in common: strong team culture.” “There is something special that happens when the team becomes greater than the sum of the individuals.” (Matsudaira, 2019, p.44)   When creating a positive culture, you need the right employees and management to build a safe and secure work environment. Some of the questions that can be ask when find the purpose of you team: “What are the advantages of being at team? “What we can do because we are working together? These questions can build the foundation of a positive workplace culture that values the input of all employees. (Matsudaira, 2019, p.44)

Another way to create a positive workplace is creating the connection amongst the employees. For example, “Force collaboration” when employees must complete a project or assignment as a team. It will make them communicate with each other’s directly in order to complete the assignments. Now sometimes it will cause a lot of frustrations and people being upset with others, however, the team will be able to share in success of the project as a team. The second way you can build stronger relationship with employees and managements is to offer activities that are outside of the workplace and it will help them to get to know each other better. (Matsudaira, 2019, p.43)

One of the building blocks of a successful organization is having employee and management that uphold the values of the company. According to Matsudaria (2019) “Team culture is not just wearing the same t-shirt at the company picnic. The way you are doing things every day is what builds your culture.” Most employees look to management team for assistance in following the objectives and rules of the company.  When you constantly enforce company objectives amongst all employees of the organization; it helps to create the standards for the organization that all employee will be treated fairly and with respect. For example, how employees talk to each other, how employee’s disputes are handled and how employees are treated when their values are not aligned with the organization. These are some of ever day issues in the workplace that must be dealt with fairness and with respect for all involved in the matter. When employees can see that they are valued and treated fairly, it will help build a more positive workplace environment.

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The human resources management is the heart of a successful organization; it helps to create a positive workplace environment. It all starts with recruiting the right employee and giving them the needed training to accomplish the objectives of the organization. In order to increase the performance of the company, one must take time to build the company image and valued their employees as necessary assets of the company.


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