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Critical analysis on marketing and human resources jobs?

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Wordcount: 405 words Published: 22nd Jun 2020

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can you give me example of a critical analysis on marketing and human resources jobs?


The Marketing Officer The marketing manager is responsible for developing and implementing the organisation’s marketing strategy (Steimle, 2012). Usually, the job holder coordinates several other subordinates and liaises with other department leaders to ensure that the organisation’s marketing strategy is also supported by other functional departments of the organisation. The daily tasks include the creation and publication of marketing materials, managing the organisation’s marketing communication channels, monitoring the effectiveness of ongoing marketing campaigns and discovering new marketing opportunities for the organisation. The job holder should hold at least an undergraduate degree in marketing, possess excellent analytical and project management skills and have a confident and a dynamic personality (Cheverton, 2001). Human Resource manager The human resource manager is ultimately responsible for promoting and implementing human resource policies in the organisation that is consistent with the organisation’s long-term strategy (Sharma, 2012). Because HR managers are dealing with humans, it is essential for the job holder to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills (Lussier and Hendon, 2016). The HR manager’s main task is to ensure that at any given time, the organisation has enough qualified employees to support daily operations. The HR manager continuously monitors the organisation’s staffing needs and formulates staffing decisions, such as hiring new employees, training exiting employees and dismissing those employees who cannot meet their job requirements. Similarly, to the chief marketing officer, the HR manager also participates in cross-functional meetings with other department leaders (Sharma, 2012).


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