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Adidas Competitive Environment Analysis

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Executive Summary



Adidas have four noteworthy brands that make up their solid portfolio - Reebok, Adidas, Rockport and Taylor Made which are altogether implied for different customer groups.

Adidas is the superior brand for competitive sports. Reebok is for easy-going sports and competitors. Rockport is their sports style brand. Taylor Made is their golf brand focused for older aged.

The accompanying political outer element decides a portion of Adidas' techniques: Stable political conditions in most significant market's present open doors for Adidas to develop its business in different territories.

On account of Adidas and its athletics shoes, clothing and hardware, the accompanying environmental outside element is noteworthy: Extending ecological law makes open doors for Adidas to improve its natural and maintainability programs, which are as of now perceived as among the best in the business.

For Adidas' situation, the accompanying legal outside element is significant in the sports shoes, clothing and hardware business: Constant changes in employment laws in Australia is a risk since it prompts an expansion in labor costs in zones where a significant number of Adidas' management offices are found.

Adidas Logo. (Photo: Adidas.com.au)

Mission/Key goals and core customer groups

Adidas strives to be the best sports organization on the planet. Some people may ask what does 'best' mean? All things considered, 'best' implies that they produce, fabricate and sell the best sports items on the planet, with the best administration and experience, and that they do as such in a reasonable manner. But it doesn't matter if they know they’re the 'best', most importantly they value what their shoppers, players, teams, associates, media and investors state about them.

“We are committed to continuously strengthening our brands and products to improve our competitive position.” ("Adidas Mission Statement 2019 | Adidas Mission & Vision Analysis", 2019)

They are focused on constantly reinforcing their brands and items to improve their aggressive position as being the best.

Adidas are advanced and experienced pioneers who look to help athletes of all ability levels accomplish their highest performances with every single item they advertise.

They are centered around their shoppers and thusly they constantly improve the quality, look, feel, and picture of their items and their management structures to coordinate and surpass buyers’ desires and to furnish them with the best bang for their buck possible.

Adidas are a worldwide association that is socially and accountable for the earth, that grasps innovativeness and variety, and is monetarily advantageous for their representatives and investors.

They are committed to reliably conveying remarkable monetary outcomes.

Adidas have three noteworthy brands that make up their solid portfolio – Reebok, Adidas and Rockport which are altogether implied for different customer groups.

  • Adidas is the superior brand for competitive sports
  • Reebok is for easy-going sports and competitors
  • Rockport is their sports style brand 


Meaning behind the logo. (Photo: slideshare.net)

Pestele Analysis


Adidas Australia’s sports shoe business is liable with the impacts of the political scene. The accompanying political outer elements decide a portion of Adidas' techniques:

Stable political conditions in most significant market’s present open doors for Adidas to develop its business in these territories. Additionally, growing organized commerce arrangements encourage better showcase infiltration outside of Australia. In addition, improving government support for framework, particularly in growing nations, gives Adidas more chances to grow its tasks in these business sections. In view of the political outside variables in this part Adidas encounters chances to improve its market nearness and worldwide extension in the sports footwear, clothing and hardware market.


Adidas' business execution relies upon the condition of economies where it sells its athletic footwear, hardware and apparel. The following monetary outside elements are noteworthy in deciding Adidas' presentation:

Established markets like Australia are moderately steady, in this manner demonstrating Adidas with the chance to proceed with its moderate yet stable development in different nations. The organization likewise has chances to quickly develop by expanding its activities in high development growing nations. Be that as it may, the quick development of growing markets additionally undermines Adidas by expanding work costs in the organization's store network and generation offices. What's more, the stoppage of the Chinese economy undermines Adidas Australia's presentation, which is currently fundamentally reliant on the Chinese market for sports shoes, attire and hardware. This demonstrates Adidas must accentuate worldwide extension procedures while formulating better approaches to catch development in growing nations.


Social issues sway the engaging quality of Adidas' sport shoes, clothing and gear. For Adidas' situation, the accompanying sociocultural outer elements are generally huge:

In expanding nations, Adidas has chances to tap purchasers with expanding exclusive money. Additionally, the organization has chances to create more secure items and use promoting efforts that feature the security of its athletic shoes, gear and clothing. Adidas can likewise embrace new item improvement approaches to address requirements for items for recreation exercises. In view of this, Adidas has significant open doors for item advancement and business development.


Adidas' business changes as indicated by technology accessible for business forms and athletic footwear, attire, and gear. The accompanying technological outer variables influence Adidas:

The expanding R&D venture among firms intimidates Adidas, as these contending firms plan to grow all the more innovatively propelled sports shoes, hardware and clothing. Growth in technological quality additionally pressures Adidas by putting weight on the organization to build its item improvement endeavors. In any case, this outer factor gives chances to Adidas to coordinate cutting edge innovations in its own items. In connection, the organization has chances to incorporate versatile advancements in its items to catch buyers who every now and again utilize mobile devices, for example, mobile applications and online websites. The outside components in this demonstrate Adidas faces significant dangers as well as opportunities dependent on new and evolving advancements.


Environmental issues impact Adidas' remote or full-scale condition. On account of Adidas and its athletics shoes, clothing and hardware, the accompanying environmental outside elements are noteworthy:

Extending ecological law makes open doors for Adidas to improve its natural and maintainability programs, which are as of now perceived as among the best in the business. The organization additionally has the chance to utilize these projects to address environmental change, which influences supply chains and the fittingness of Adidas sports shoes and attire in Australia. The expanding renewable actions of firms undermine Adidas by forcing more weight for expanded renewable endeavors all through the business. Regardless, this outside factor gives the chance for Adidas to further improve its supportability standing. This shows Adidas' chances to improve the natural effect of its business.


Legal terms impact organizations like Adidas. For Adidas' situation, the accompanying legal outside elements are significant in the sports shoes, clothing and hardware business:

Constant changes in employment laws in Australia is a risk since it prompts an expansion in labor costs in zones where a significant number of Adidas' management offices are found. In any case, this outer factor likewise gives a chance to the organization to apply higher gauges for work and business. What's more, Adidas has the chance to improve its image picture by featuring consumer loyalty in promoting its sports shoes, attire and gear. Likewise, the organization has chances to improve its strength and security measures to address growing health and safety guidelines. In view of this Adidas has significant chances to improve its image picture and corporate notoriety.


Great ethics and the shoe industry are frequently not said in the same sentence. Indeed, when in doubt: the footwear business is damaged by genuine causes about, human rights and animal welfare groups.

Before the end of the 90s, shoe organizations had been blamed for an entire scope of corporate wrongdoings, from connection to youngster’s labor work to staff’s beverages being spiked with amphetamines to prop them up as the night progressed.

In that the business has especially been made up for lost time in the 'fast fashion' model, for a long time it was as a matter of fact hard to find real standard moral alternatives. Be that as it may, following serious changes things are evolving, and 'corporate social duty' is currently the expression on everybody's lips. With that, a move in principles and mindfulness is striking.

Shoe sales increasing. (photo: thegoodshoppingguide.com)

Competitive Environment

The shoe business is a full-grown industry; it comprises of mammoth players like Nike, Adidas, and New Balance on one hand and a huge number of little retailers in the disorderly segment on the other. This industry shows a heap of fascinating perceptions – there are exceptionally particular portions where high performance is the main goal – like running shoes, basketball shoes, and soccer shoes. Be that as it may, to others, an exceptionally 'fashioned' shoe is the need. Accordingly, the business is in an inventive stage where performance and design have now been converged to make a hybrid shoe with a combination of both, called a lifestyle shoe.

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The challenge in this industry is for the most part non-cost at least for the highly claimed unbelievable players like Nike and Adidas. They seek preferences out of the client and angles like retailing efforts, brand representatives, item multiplication and sponsors, spell achievement. Brand Stickiness is high, once a client has encountered a brand and has been fulfilled. This shows that cost stickiness is less of a factor. Which is likely because of people living wealthy lives and the power and control that clients are receiving today.

Nike and Adidas are the two mammoths of the business today. Nike is the world head with a nearby devotee as Adidas and Reebok joined (post Reebok's acquisition by Adidas in 2006).

Nike has a worth estimate of 14 billion dollars and is the market front runner, pursued intently by Adidas and Reebok joined at around 12 billion dollars (according to the 2006 measurements caught from their sites). Generally, the organizations contend on brand picture, web compositions, administration, publicizing and famous supporters and development. Nike has had a slight edge over its rivals from the time it propelled its items as it has extensively put resources into R&D and cutting-edge plans. Be that as it may, Adidas has continued to narrow this difference as of late.

It would be wise for close opponents to consider imaginative plans to build the general market for efficient and way of life shoes than simply contending available offer with one another.

Battle for brand dominance. (photo: footwearnews.com)

SWOT Analysis


  • Inheritance and legacy: With many years of legacy and heritage, Adidas has ventured out far to build up itself as an energetic brand. The brand begun in 1949 and has come far from that point forward.
  • Enhanced portfolio: The company has different item portfolio's with shifted scope of footwear and adornments under brand name Adidas (premium section) and Reebok (mid-range).
  • Solid budgetary position: With its 2400 stores universally adding up to $4.3billions, the organization is in a solid monetary position.
  • Circulation chain: By offering it from online stores to organization possessed stores to general stores, Adidas has a compelling dispersion framework for their items accessible through various channels.
  • Expanding by making contact focuses with the society: Celebrity supports and supporting significant games associations, for example, FIFA, UEFA, NBA and Olympics has expanded the consciousness of Adidas in the market and consequently it has also expanded the client base across the country.
  • Coordinated efforts and participations: Strong relationship inside the manageability territory with associations, for example, International Labor association, International Finance Corporation has given the organization an edge over contenders so they can have an economical business.


  • Premium value chain: High value chain because of creative innovation and Production techniques have made the brand inexpensive to restricted clients alone, particularly in growing nations but not as much of an issue in Australia.
  • Redistributed assembling: Adidas has 93% of goods made by third parties (to a great extent in Asia) to benefit of low work

cost and simple accessibility of assets. They are running a danger of over reliance on re-appropriating particularly in Asian markets. Additionally, the general nature of items seen by the customers of created economies is a noteworthy worry to the extent that brand is concerned.

  • Constrained product offering: Adidas alongside the as of late Reebok brands, has just 2 brands under their gathering even though they have profound combinations inside these brands. In this manner, there is more extension for product offering development.


  • Evolving Lifestyle: With the immersion of created economies, changing taste and inclinations, learning and changing way of life of creating economies, there is a precarious ascent in the interest of premium merchandise and administrations.
  • Market advancement: Entering into new markets will be the best way to prevail later because created economies are as of now having high challenges.
  • Extension in product offering: Expanding its product offering will open another arrangement of chances while simultaneously it can separate itself from the contenders by following this procedure.
  • Expanding request of premium items: If we just consider the Australian market at that point there is a development pace of 33% popular of premium items. This discloses to us the future business opportunity and growing business sector size of creating economies.
  • In reverse incorporation: This will be an intelligent approach whenever pursued by Adidas as it will help Adidas to verify their patent rights and likewise coordinate their R&D with the operational group to work in an open organisation.


  • Rivalry: Although Adidas is a worldwide brand, however it is confronting wild challenges from different brands like Nike which is the No.1 brand and Adidas being in second Position in this superior industry. Other than this, there is ordinary challenge from nearby competitors, substitutes and market penetrators.
  • Provider Dominancy: Due to a larger part of its goods being re-appropriated; Suppliers have more bartering force than the organization.
  • Government Regulations: With its 35% items fabricated in China and 93% of creation occurring in Asia, import guidelines, obligation and taxes assumes a basic job in the evaluating and accomplishment of the organization.

New brand extension product line recommendations

With regards to Adidas and their item expansions they have Reebok which speaks to its very own image. They likewise sell antiperspirant which grows them into the personal hygiene and health industry. In 2014 Adidas connected with Kanye West to create a line extension called the "YEEZY 750 Boost". This was additionally a savvy thought to get together with a superstar as Kanye and hip-hop fans will now become intrigued by Adidas' items.

My first thought for another line extension would be for Adidas to make a sports drink in Australia. This would give them a competitive edge against their number 1 opponent Nike. This would also grow their market into the food and beverage industry. As per the most recent discoveries from Roy Morgan Research, 8% of Australia drink sports beverages, for example, Powerade, Gatorade and Staminade in the space of seven days. Twice the same number of men (10%) as ladies (5%) drink these refreshments, while younger Australians aged under 25 (14%) are at higher chance to drink them than some other age bracket. These following numbers give Adidas a decent understanding of which age groups and gender to target. Adidas have numerous prevalent Australian athletes who they support from Nat Fyfe to Lance Franklin. They could utilize athletes like them to begin their new expansion by advancing and promoting this beverage. Since there are as of now well-established brands in this industry, they should be innovative with their plans and flavours to set this new line of items off.

Another idea for Adidas to impel themselves to the highest point of its industry is by presenting a fitness tracker. Fitness trackers are developing innovation in a nation which is attempting its best to remain fit and healthy. Adidas being a sporting brand itself would exceed expectations by bringing out technology which is helping Australians stay fit every day. An overview directed by correspondences office Ansible demonstrates that about one of every five Australians possess a wearable gadget, with 18% saying they claimed gadgets from fitness trackers to smartwatches. Ownership of wearable devices has multiplied over the most recent a year, and an astounding 96% of those studied said they knew about the technology. Young Australians appear to pioneer the move, with proprietorship hopping to 24% in the 18-35-year-old section. More youthful customers are additionally increasingly mindful of brands: 76% of 18-35-year-olds had known about the Apple Watch.

This demonstrates the gathering of individuals Adidas should hope to target with this new line. Since Apple watches are beginning to rule the 'wearable gadget' industry, they could go above and beyond by joining with Apple to deliver a wearable gadget with one another. This would be difficult to draw off, yet the rewards would exceed the risks. As their slogan says “Impossible is Nothing”

Adidas athlete Nat Fyfe. (Photo: natfyfe7.com.au)


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