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Example Marketing Dissertations

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Ethical Issues of Advertising to Children

Children have become the key target for many advertisers. Children are vulnerable, easy to exploit consumers and they perceive things as advertisers…

Evaluating Derivatives Market in India

India’s financial market began its transformation path in the early 1990s. The banking sector witnessed sweeping changes, including the elimination of…

Customer Analysis of the Airline Industry

In the highly competitive airline industry, customers become the most important factor of the whole producing process. Besides flight safety, enhancing…

Contemporary Issues in Strategic Marketing

Nowadays, we need to set up strategies and tactics in a new way due to the huge changes happening in both consuming and marketing environment.

Consumer Shopping Decisions and Behaviour

This chapter which looks at the literature review will primarily center on why buyers behave the way they behave, their purchase decision process…

Effect of Branding on the Consumer

This research is done with the suitable research methods to describe how the people attempt to match their characteristics with a particular brand.

Commodity Futures and Markets

This decade is termed as Decade of Commodities. Prices of all commodities are heading northwards due to rapid increase in demand for commodities.

Business Potential of Data Solutions

The Telecom is a high volume industry in India with lot of competition. The Telecom industry in India is divided into 23 circles and around 14 telecom…