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"Just as UKEssays promised"

BBC Fake Britain - December 2015

"I'd see this as a mark of 65%, which is a 2:1. Just as UKEssays promised."

"The themes are well reviewed. An excellent writing style."

"We opt for a week-long turnaround.... In fact, it arrives in just three days."

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BBC Radio Nottingham - Thursday 3rd May 2012

"Here to help students struggling with any aspect of their studies"

"This must be something that students are requiring"

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BBC World Service - 21st June 2010

"An increasing number of universities are using special software which can detect cases of plagiarism. But there are companies which offer an essay-writing service and those cannot be picked up by such software."


BBC News - 3rd March 2008

"They provide model answers and study aids, which students should not attempt to copy or submit as their own."


Also available in Chinese on BBC News China花钱买论文 现代“方鸿渐

BBC - 14th January 2008

"But the says that its essays, up to PhD level, are sold as learning resources for students wanting inspiration for their own work."


"2:1 standard confirmed!"

The Sunday Times - 4th April 2010

"Students are being sold fool proof dissertations written for them with a cashback guarantee if they fail to get at least a 2:1 degree."

" promises to put the completed essay through its own anti-plagiarism scanner."


The Sunday Times - 27th July 2003

"Was independently assessed by a law professor at a leading university as of 2:1 standard."

"Many university degrees now award all marks — or nearly all — through coursework and dissertations rather than final exams"


"UKEssays, and its sheer efficiency makes me feel queasy"

Boris Johnson for The Guardian Higher Education - 17th October 2006

"UKEssays will supply you with a tailor-made essay, at £500 a pop, on any subject you are set, and teams of essay-writing graduates can calibrate their output to provide you with material worth a 2.1"

"If you consider that the difference between a 2.1 and a 2.2 can be thousands of pounds on your starting salary, the incentives are obvious."


The Guardian - 3rd April 2007

"We aim to highlight the flaws in a system that no longer works in this information-rich age. [Universities] must realise that the mass grading of intellect through essays and the promotion of academia, at the expense of teaching real practical skills that will help prepare students for the workplace in the UK."


The Guardian - 4th March 2008

" (according to its website the "UK's leading provider of essays, dissertations and coursework") even offers a free "plagiarism scan report" with each essay you care to purchase."


The Guardian - 17th April 2015

"If you have the means, there are even sites such as and, which provide pre-written work for a price."


"Increasingly popular with students"

The Daily Mail - 4th April 2010

"Students can buy essays guaranteed to achieve a 2:1 - or get their money back"

"Managing director Tony Eynon described his cashback guarantee as 'a real breakthrough in contemporary academia.'"


The Daily Mail - 4th April 2010

"A company is selling dissertations to students with a cashback guarantee if they are not up to a 2:1 standard."

"The firm also pledges compensation of £5,000 plus a full refund if plagiarism is detected in the work, as well as a free re-write."


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"Uses 4,000 serving lecturers, solicitors, retired doctors"

The Telegraph - 4th April 2010

", which uses 4,000 serving lecturers, solicitors, retired doctors and recent graduates to write students' coursework, insisted it did not encourage dishonesty"

"Any website can say they offer you a 2:1, but few really do. Nobody – until now – guarantees a 2.1 the first time."


The Telegraph - 28th March 2004

"The company boasts that essays bought from it will be "unique" pieces of work written to each student's requirements."

"Essays are fully referenced and scanned to ensure they are free of plagiarism."


The Telegraph - 7th December 2011

"Unlike other companies, we are happy to publish our address, and we are happy for students to visit us; we have got academics in-house."

"Nor do we condone plagiarism. It's made very clear to clients that we don't supply essays; we give model answers around which they frame their ideas."


"The analysis is superb, the writing style good"

The Times Higher Education - 10th October 2013

"The analysis is superb, the writing style good - but is it too good?"

"It has been through Turnitin, the academic plagiarism checker, and come back clean."


The Times Higher Education - 8th April 2005

The best essay was delivered by Degree Essays UK (, part of Academic Answers Ltd, which is registered at Companies House.


The Times Higher Education - 28th January 2005

While some of the more sophisticated websites offer essays to order, even they claim to have qualms about plagiarism. A spokesman for one of these, Degree Essays UK, says that it will not supply an essay that is blatantly going to be passed off as a client's own.


"UK Essays were considered to be one of the providers competing based on the 'quality of provision'"

Ofqual report - 30th September 2014

"In the case of UK was the only organisation to provide documentary evidence of the results of the plagiarism check."

"UK Essays were considered to be one of the providers competing based on the 'quality of provision' compared to the majority of providers competing primarily on price."


BBC article about Ofqual report - 30th September 2014

"The report says the essays were all delivered in time"


"Brilliant essay"

ITN News - 2006

"A brilliant essay"

"Tremendous range of reference"

ITN News took a look around our old offices after purchasing an essay undercover.

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