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A Comparative Study Of Relative Impact Of Atmospherics

Today the Business thinking has changed; it has come closer to the customer or to be more apt to the consumer. It can be observed that the consumer's decision making for purchasing a product or service is not limited to the tangibility but to the whole product including the environment of delivery. Tangible products like mirror, a pair of jeans, a haircut or food served are only a small part of this total consumption, that are incomplete without services, packaging, warranties, advertising and images....

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An Investigation Into And Justification

An investigation into and justification of the marketing strategy adopted by Equity bank for its growth in the Kenyan market by reference to the work of P. Kotler...

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Barriers To Online Shopping In Hyderabad

This proposal is based on Barriers to online shopping in Hyderabad, India. It focus on customers can do shopping online from there home and what problems they face while doing there shopping online....

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Brand Image And Its Effect On Consumer Purchasing

Brand is a powerful tool to attract more consumers to buy particular products. In a developed country like UK, clothing industry is one of the major industries that substantially contribute to the economy. As consumer's decision making plays a big role in any market, it is vital to study how consumers make their choices when purchasing clothes to evaluate the impact of any particular brand in the market, especially due to the availability of various existing varieties and tough competition among different brands. Not all consumers are loyal to a single brand and many; often switch between different brands possibly...

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Creating New Product Development Strategy

Skopje Brewery, as a main player on domestic beer market with market share of over 75%, for many years was trying to create back up for its cash cow product, SKOPSKO beer. ...

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Customer Relationship Management Practices Among Banks

The objective of this paper is to propose a framework on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) practices among banks. The conceptual framework is design based on two marketing theories: (i) Relationship Marketing Theory and (ii) Customer Relationship Management Theory. In this study, the concept of CRM is based on six important dimensions. These dimensions are (i) customer acquisition, (ii) customer response, (iii) customer knowledge, (iv) customer information system, (v) customer value evaluation and (vi) customer information system. Review of the past literatures will be done to enable us to establish the theory and finally propose the conceptual framework to be...

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Fast Going Advertising Technological World

The aim of this research project is to now and examine that the advertisement get success or failure to all companies and whether customer always likes the way of advertisement as leaf late ( junk mail) and is it improve the wealth of the companies in economic crisis. ...

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Green Credentials In Advertising On Malaysian Consumers

In this research proposal we will understand how the research being explored by seeing the influencing factors of incorporating green credentials in their advertisement to gauge Malaysian consumer's commitments towards the green products or services....

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Launching New Generation Hybrid Laptop

New Hybrid Laptop is introduced with latest Intel's 2010 processor Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition and another AMD's processor AMD Athlon X521 GIXA is also added for unbeatable performance and these processors are switchable. ...

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The Contributions Of Relationship Marketing

The study seeks to establish the contributions of relationship marketing in attaining and retaining customers in the Kenya commercial banks, Specifically the study will seek to establish how increased competition among the commercial banks, pressure to increase profits or revenues, high cost of acquiring new customers and improving corporate image have contributed to the banks adopting on relationship marketing strategies. ...

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