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A Source Of Competitive Advantage

This study focuses the three key attributes which build the organizational culture to generate sustainable competitive edge in market. ...

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Impact Of Reward Management On Employee

In Today`s time, 21st century, one of the greatest challenges for any organization is to ensure their sustaibabiliy for a longer period of time in the dynamic business environment. ...

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Job Satisfaction Within The Hospitality Industry

This dissertation will discuss all the highlighted important aspect of job satisfaction within the hospitality industry and show the significance of the contended, dynamic and motivated staff. Every organisations responsibility is to give appropriate training for the development of the skills and attitudes to the new as well as active employees through various different strategies used within that organisation to accomplish organisational needs, to improve employee satisfaction and their output. In Hospitality Industry employees are the key asset to the productivity of the organisation for the guest satisfaction and guest's loyalty. “Sustained customer satisfaction over time leads to customer relationships...

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Motivation In The Workplace

Within the realm of economics, the notion that employer incentives or rewards based on employee performance and effort are a major means of obtaining and ensuring staff motivation and output, is widespread and unbridled. ...

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Problem Opportunity Or Research For Questions

The management of countdown suffering from some problems related to customer service, management and staff which are leading them to losing reputation in today's competitive market and bringing the sales level down. ...

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The Impact Of Leadership Styles

This study is about leadership styles and organizational performance. The main objective of this study is to explore the relationship between leadership styles and organizational performance by studying the moderating role of organizational culture. ...

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