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Business And Management Research Project

Devi Exports Corporation proposes to impart in-house training to its staff at all levels in order to increase efficiency and productivity. Devi Exports Corporation formulates new growth strategy on an annual basis after detailed analysis of the progress made in the previous financial years. The strategies are formulated and implemented as a growth strategy or a remedial strategy if there are weak areas of business which needs remedial measures. Devi Exports Corporation primarily being an export house is facing stiff competition from many of its competitors i.e. local, national and international. Devi Exports Corporation, though leading in business feels the...

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Business Ethic Issues In Developing Countries

In this Study will let us understand about what business ethic issues happen around the world especially rural country and developing country and understand why business ethic issue become so critical around the countries. This study will also show the relationship between the economic level of a country and the reason of business ethic issue occurs in those countries as well....

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Engagement Of Relationships By Various Organization

Organisations do not operate in isolation. They engage in relationships with the several other organisations that operate in the business environment. These relationships may involve organisations in a complementary line of business and/or a different line of business to the focal organisation. The totality of all the relationships that an organisation engages in constitutes its network. The interaction between organisations has been brought to the fore as a result of the sporadic and drastic changes that occur in the world of business. For an organisation to be able to develop its business activity and to maintain its competitive advantage, it...

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Evaluation Of Trade Promotion Activities

This research proposal proposes the research of trade promotion in a different context. While existing literature focuses trade promotions on a more internally oriented basis i.e. it focuses on promoting manufacturer / distributor relationship, the proposed research on trade promotion activities will be mostly externally oriented, though some of the activities provided by the trade promotion organisations do gear for internal purposes (Givovannucci, 2001)....

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Impact Of Globalisation On The Telecommunication Industry

What is the Impact of Globalisation on the telecommunication industry of Pakistan?...

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