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Citizen Satisfaction

According to the philosophical bases of marketing customer wants satisfaction. ...

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Terrorism is a premeditated and unlawful act in which groups or agents of some principal engage in a threatened or actual use of force or violence against human or property targets. ...

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The Theoretical Challenge Of Managed Environments

General works in the field of development studies or environmental management typically imitate structural, institutional and political economy analyses. ...

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Poverty Household Children

This paper explores the relationship between childhood well-being and poverty. Using structural equation modelling a multidimensional picture of child well-being is developed which is linked to previous work on multidimensional poverty... ...

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Qualidade De Vida Na Terceira Idade

Esta pesquisa, intitulada Qualidade de vida na terceira idade: a percepcao dos idosos do municipio de Ibiracu - ES teve como foco principal de que forma a populacao idosa de Ibiracu busca e pode alcancar a qualidade de vida na terceira idade ...

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Democracatisation And Democracy In India

Visions of political development demands/desires democracy and participation as innate to its discourse ...

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Stopping Global Land Grab

This report will specifically look at the backlash of the local population against land grab indicating the common elements and reasons behind these protests. ...

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Social Effect Of Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a common and infectious communicable disease that is caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis. ...

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Relationship Management Procurement

Current successes and failures of procurement strategies within central and local government. Future developments in procurement and threats to movement... ...

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Dutch Environmental Issues

Since the beginning of the 90s, the implementation of new infrastructural projects in The Netherlands became increasingly problematic. Related environmental issues had a lot of societal attention... ...

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In a 1988 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, an article titled It's Over Debbie describes how an anonymous doctor administers a fatal dose of morphine to a woman dying of ovarian cancer (Anonymous, 1988) ...

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